Sunday, June 25, 2017

People Killed by our Medical System.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in French:

Bonjour les amis et lecteurs :
Nous avons trop de pluie dans le centre-nord des États-Unis, et certains endroits sont inondés avec des routes délavées. Mais je ne suis pas en danger, dans le grand Nord. Dieu merci ! Je compte mes bénédictions, et aussi très heureux que j'ai une gentille dame qui s'occupe de moi, et bientôt d'être engagé. Louez le Seigneur ! Mais je me considère comme une moyenne, retraité, cuisine américaine, avec un revenu suffisant pour payer toutes les factures et peut-être investir un peu... $$$. J'ai appris, l'étude de la finance, il y a de nombreuses années, que si une personne n'investit pas est quelque chose de bon, ils finiront par les pauvres et les nécessiteux. Avoir de l'argent donne simplement une personne plus "options" dans la vie, comme à l'endroit où vous vivez et ce que vous mangez, etc.
Je suis également sur Face book, bien que je ne fais pas confiance à ce site web, comme de mauvaises personnes peuvent essayer d'obtenir trop d'informations trop personnelles et avec vous. Il suffit de faire attention.
Avoir un grand jour.
Thomas G Schuckman
Email :

Hello  Friends and Readers:
      Ever since I got out of the Army on 30 March 70, for some reason I never liked hospitals and never trusted doctors too much, either.   I found out after studying healing Herbs for some 20 years, that most 'doctors' didn't know a THING about Healing Herbs, yet claimed they did, and I have caught many doctors lying to me and others.  Yes,  once you have a computer and the InterNet,  there is nothing you cannot learn on your own !!   Yet,  I admit that a few doctors have saved my life, and I am very thankful to them and laud their names to all, and also post them on my Blog.    So.... I have the capacity to change !   All I ever wanted was the truth.  
        I also know that the VA likes to hire many new, young doctors from other countries, including, Pakistan, India, and other 3rd world countries, and I only wish that they would learn ENGLISH,  please !    And honestly,  do I really want a Muslim operating on me, when his chief Holy Book tells him to kill all infidels ??   Ha!    Let's use some common sense here, please.   And I do prefer the older, doctors for their wisdom, experience, being more courteous and kind, who are Americans, whom I can trust.   Because of my Combat Veteran status and Service connected Disability  rating, the VAMC's all treat me, for Free $$$,  but I am   NOT LUCKY.... I earned that right, and I also know my rights !   I also worked over, 30.5 long, dangerous years, at Chrysler Corp., in Kenosha, Wisconsin, so I also had Health Benefits from them.   That wasn't "LUCK"  either,  I earned those Benefits !    

When I was young,  I follow most of the good advice and wisdom of my father, elders, and other mentors, so that I was blessed to make some good decisions that positively affected me later in life, and I think that God's Holy Spirit helped and protected me in life,  too.   Maybe the Lord had a special purpose for me later in life.   But I know that 'better men than me' fell on the "Field of Honor" over in Vietnam, who are now listed on the Vietnam War Memorial --- the Wall, in D.C.    It makes me wonder.    It also makes me spend more time talking and sharing the Gospel with others,  before my death, or Rapture.    PTL.   
       People live and people die, and what is 70 or 90 years on planet earth compared to ALL ETERNITY in either one place, or the other ??    Yet most of the people on earth will be 'Left Behind' on that special day when the Lord Jesus Christ comes back and the Trump sounds all over the earth, calling up all the Saints, Followers, and Servants of the Most High,  Father God !  

Now, please don't mid-read me, nor think that I dislike America....   because that is not true.   I am just saying that our Government is very corrupt, like a rotten apple -- to the core !   And we are just seeing the 'tip of the ice berg' exposed,  right now, friends and readers !  
       Now,  this is not to discourage you, make you fearful, depressed, nor burst your bubble --- but just to enlighten you, to see the LIGHT OF THE WORD  OF GOD !   But the KJV Bible is like a great big, pot of beef stew, or some other delicious food, full of nutrients and vitamins.   It looks good and smells good,  but if you don't put some in your bowl and eat it  --- it won't benefit you !  !    But you all know that simple illustration.   

Last night, at first having trouble sleeping in my comfortable, King size bed,  I started praying, for many things, but also asked the Father to put the desire into my heart,  to make a concerted effort to read, study and memorize more of the Bible Proverbs, now matter what happened today.    And so, I read the 3rd Chapter of Proverbs, and I plan to read it AGAIN, tomorrow, to make it sink into my brain and heart.   And then I will move on to some more chapters, etc.   And if I ever go blind [pray Lord, No !], or end up in some Federal Camp for practicing my Christian Faith,  I will at least KNOW from memory, some great parts of the KJV Bible to stimulate my mind and hearts, also to share with other, I pray.   
     I took several solemn Oaths in my life, and one of them was to try to follow Jesus Christ, as best as I can/ could.     And I now have the sublime, pleasure of teaching another good human being, the Bible, too.   When people do this --- they BOTH benefit, BIG TIME !   Smile.   I feel that Father God is blessing me now, and some of my close circle of friends know why.   I am just a happy old man, who knows that much harder times are ahead, and the American Dollar $$$$$  might crash in the near future, or maybe before Winter....  but those who trust in the Lord, will somehow be OK.  
       And real Christians don't go around cutting of other people's head when they don't agree with our mind set and Faith;   but we share our hope and trust with everyone we meet, and then let them make up their minds and hearts,  until the Lord comes back to Judge us all.   Simple ?    I think so.    So.... that is,  or should be our Christian mission in life.....  2 new laws given to us while Jesus Christ was still walking on Earth,  that we all love God with all of our strength, body, mind and heart,  and also love our neighbor as ourselves.   That doesn't include murdering others, cutting off their  heads, or blowing them up when they don't agree with us.   However,  we do have the U.S. Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, to arm ourselves to protect heart, home, and our loved ones.    We are men,  not mice.   We are not cowards, and neither is our Lord and Master.   In fact,  people of the earth will soon feel His power and strength. 

Please pray for the heavy rains to stop in certain parts of Michigan, and else where, as the roads are flooded and washed out, although not where I live, in the far wooded North.   

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

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