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Pro-Christian Legislation --Mississippi.

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Здравствуйте друзья и читатели,
это не до man для судьи и кто будет наследовать земли, также небес, но Бога Отца, Всевышнему. Высокие духовные качества имеют свои границы в Библии дает нам всем нам необходимо знать, на рисунке вещи, и Библия также записывается на 5-й класс чтения уровень. "Man доминирует/ постановил man --- для его травмы !" нашего отца на небесах хотел бы всех нас, чтобы получить вместе друг с другом и рассматривать все мужчины как "братьев". Но всегда алчности и жаждой власти, эгоизм, плюс махинации дьявола. Дух Святой охранников и защищает нас от тех зло желаний и вещи, и это бесплатно ! Все мы должны сделать будет скромным, и попросить Святого Духа и Господа Иисуса, вступить в наших сердцах. Вскоре после этого восторга, а затем те, кто "слева сзади" будет на милость зла мужчины и их Господь.... дьявола. Мой адрес электронной почты: tschuckman@aol.com
теплый привет,
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Every year,  this date in time is sort of a bitter- sweet day for me, and I suspect many other Combat Veterans, as we just reminisce about our youthful years serving this Country in the Armed Forces.

I know.... that ignorant people just don't understand this Motto:

"For those who fight for it ---Freedom has a flavor that the Protected shall NEVER taste !"  

Friends,  it's  not that we Veterans are some special class of Greek War Heroes ---  but we do belong to a special "Brotherhood" or 'Club' where the bondage is strong and deep.   When the powerful, Gov't sinks a lot of money into training and shaping a different breed of men and women in the Military, who put their lives on the line, for every free American in the USA !   And then someday we end up in a violent war, dodging bullets, rockets and mortars, and hand to hand combat, with knives, bayonets, etc., in the fight of our lives, hoping, praying, that our skill sets and training will pay off at the enemy's expense  --- and regretting our actions later in life, sometimes.   Sometimes we are even sad and remorseful that we even SURVIVED while better men died, and got killed in battle.   Many of us come home from war with some residual  amount of PTSD ---Post Traumatic Stress Disorder    ---->

       Ways To Treat Ptsd - Search for Ways To Treat Ptsd.
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  • A good thing to remember is,   some things, disorders, diseases, injuries can be cured and healed.... and others cannot.   But most of the time we can learn to live with a condition, and just DEAL with it.   It's  hard for me to talk about it or explain it,  yet I do seek to reach out and touch someone, and help them, IF I CAN.   I do know one thing for sure....  if we accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our Lord [Master]  and Savior, and His blood sacrifice on the cross for all of our sins, past, present and future,   we are assured a place in heaven ! !  That is a solemn promise from Jesus, Himself !   You can also email me for additional Bible scriptures and explanations if you like and I will even give you my phone number to talk about it !  My Email:   tschuckman@aol.com     --I believe that this is one reason that Father God still keeps me alive.  

    The ancient Israelites had a great system/ mechanism to fight PTSD after each battle--- written down for us in the KJV Bible, and I can share that with you, too.     We still need strong bonds with good men who have the Holy Spirit in them.   And we surely need a Christian environment to heal ourselves,  and congregate frequently in a Christian congregation.   However,  good, straight,  churches and Congregations are somewhat hard to find now days,  where the KJV Bible is taught, read, and explained the correct way!
          Obama did a great job at trying to strip away our religious freedoms by various means,  but now in the year 2017,  our good President Trump is trying hard to keep his campaign promises to ensure the CHRISTIAN right to worship according to our Faith and Beliefs !   
           I keep saying over and over,  that President Trump is just a "short reprieve"  before the Rapture, and the cleansing of the world of failed mankind,  high treason and sin.    If you have read this blog before --- you all know what you should be doing now.

    Warm Regards,
    Tom  Schuckman
    Email:   tschuckman@aol.com 

    Mississippi Government Passes Sweeping Pro-Christian Legislation

    Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed a law that has the potential to change the atmosphere in an increasingly pro-LGBT era.
    The sweeping law codifies three things: it defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman, that sex should only take place in such a union, and that gender is determined at birth and cannot be changed.
    Aided by the Alliance Defending Freedom legal team, this law focuses on protecting Christians with sincerely held beliefs. This Mississippian law is the country’s first law specifically aimed at protecting Christians who believe marriage is a heterosexual union.

    This Law Isn’t New

    HB 1523, referred to as the Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act, has received the attention from both conservative and liberal populations; albeit, the reactions that follow couldn’t be more dissimilar.
    However, this isn’t the first time this topic or even this law has made the press. This law almost passed in April 2016, but was blocked in July of that year by District Judge Carlton Reeves – who argued that the law was unconstitutional. However, because on June 15, 2017, a three-judge panel of 5th Circuit lifted the injunction, this law actually might see the light of day.

    Events Leading to the Creation of the Bill

    While Mississippi has been labeled “the most hateful state” since its governor signed this bill, it should be no surprise that Christians were fighting for legal protection. Multiple legal cases have surfaced over the past few years in which steadfast Christians sought help from the justice system to protect their right to religious freedom.
    In 2013, Colorado cake baker Jack Phillips made headlines when he refused to bake a cake for a gay couple. Phillips was not alone. In 2013, the owners of Oregon bakery, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, lost a legal battle and were forced to pay up to $150K to the couple.
    Since then, teachers and state workers alike have lost jobs over their beliefs regarding marriage.
    The issue of discriminating against Christians has been a major point of contention for the past few years. The Little Sisters of the Poor, a group of Catholic nuns, took to the courts and sued then-President Barack Obama because they too felt their religious beliefs were threatened. There is no denying this law was a long time coming.

    What Does the Law Protect Against?

    While liberals say this is “the worst law in America”, this law protects those with genuinely held religious beliefs. Simply put, the Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act prevents the state from impeding on the constitutional right of individuals to hold their own religious beliefs. Christians may not be forced by the government to act against their conscience in the following situations:
    • Religious-based organizations (seminaries, convents, schools, social services) may implement policies influenced by religious beliefs. This includes religious adoption agencies that hold the right to place children only with a married heterosexual couple.
    • Wedding vendors (florists, bakers, videographers, caterers, photographers) may refuse service to a homosexual couple on the grounds of sincerely held religious beliefs
    • State clerks do not have to administer licenses to gay couples (Think back to the Arkansan county clerk who resigned over this issue).
    • Therapists and doctors (including surgeons) may opt out of any sex reassignment therapies and/or surgeries. (Emergent care, however, must still be given.)
    • As for bathroom policies, any private business and school may create their own bathroom and /or locker room policies.

    The Backlash

    Almost immediately, liberal groups and news outlets took a stance, labeling this bill as the “most discriminatory […] law in the country – was rooted in hate.” However, the bill is not meant to be discriminatory. In fact, its goal is the opposite: it prevents discrimination of Christians with traditional views of marriage
    HB 1523 does not say that gay couples cannot adopt children; it says that a Christian adoption agency cannot be forced to act against their conscience and place children into their care. A gay couple will still be free to seek adoption in any other agency.
    Admittedly, this act does raise questions. What is discrimination and where are the boundaries? Anti-discrimination laws should never violate the rights of another because then that would also be discrimination.
    The Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act does not exist to stamp out the dreams of gay couples. This law exists solely to protect Christians, and in today’s society, that is something to celebrate.
    ~ 1776 Christian