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Hard Times are Coming.

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Out Of Ideas On How To Handle Your Strong-Willed Child? Try These Tips

Strong-willed children are often painted as stubborn and hard to please. Many parents don’t know how to handle such a domineering personality type.
Always one to challenge the status-quo, strong-willed children are often seen as pushing past every boundary with sheer force.
But while raising a strong-willed child has many challenges, if done right you may just realize the incredible opportunity to raise a future leader who can truly change the world.
Strong-willed children are resilient and they often grow up to be innovators and leaders in the workforce.
Not afraid to take on a challenge, they crush through perceived social limitations and pave the way for their peers to follow.
But in order to set up your strong-willed child for success, you’ll need to teach them critical skills to manage their “larger than life” personality.
If not checked at an early age, they’ll be seen as difficult to work with or bossy, which will limit their ability to be successful later in life.
It can be tough raising a strong-willed child, but with these few tips you’ll be able hone and strengthen their gifts.
The trick to raising strong-willed children is setting the proper dynamic early on while their young.
While most children don’t like being told what to do, strong-willed children loathe it.
If they feel their integrity or judgment is being questioned, they’ll often rebel just to prove a point.
You are still the parent and in charge, but there is a way to get your child to do what needs to get done, without causing a scene.
By giving your child choices (just be sure you’re ok with either choice), you are teaching your child to be independent, but with guidelines.
It’s essential while raising a strong-willed child to create a culture of trust. If your child trusts you, they’ll know you have their best interest at heart.
Since they trust you, when you set a rule or boundary, while they might not like it, they’ll respect you enough to know it’s for their own good.
Strong-willed children need to experience life for themselves.
Sometimes it’s better to choose your battles, and as long as your child isn’t in any serious danger, allow them to experience life firsthand and learn as they go.
You can also use the experience to teach them there are consequences to each decision, and show them how to make wise choices.
The most important tip while raising a strong-willed child is to avoid the power struggle.
If you find yourself going toe-to-toe with your child, you’ve already lost the battle.
Strong-willed children love to test boundaries, but knowing this ahead of time can allow you to remain calm, and not lose your cool when your child tests your limits, which they will.
Whenever possible, strive to have a win/win outcome.
A forceful parenting “Because I told you so, that’s why” style will only drive your child to rebel even further.
However, while your child may be strong-willed, they still need a parent who disciplines them with love, and teaches them they can’t always get everything they want.
The trick is to harness their energy towards pursuing their passions, while helping them to cultivate and grow their interests.
Raising a strong-willed child can be tough, but the rewards far exceed its challenges.
Do you have a strong-willed child?
What are some tactics you’ve implemented in your household that have helped you manage your strong-willed child?
Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.
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Foreword in Polish:

Witam znajomych i czytelników,
dzisiaj, wcześnie rano, wstałem i zacząłem się pożaru poza moim podwórku i grillowanym dobre steki z wołowiny i niektóre włoski kiełbaski, dla mojego śniadania i kolacje. Ja tylko jadłem 2--kiełbasy i była pełna, a włożyli reszta dala w lodówce na później, lub jutro. Cóż, teraz chciałbym może mieć również trochę opiekane marchew na Weber grill ! Nasza pogoda dziś będzie pochmurny i deszczowy dzień i noc, ale w weekend może być słonecznie i miło.
Pisałam dziś na temat głodu, Trudne czasy, głodzenie, w niedalekiej przyszłości. Widziałem wielkiego głodu i cierpienia, kiedy służyłem w Armii Amerykańskiej, w Południowym Wietnamie: 68-70, kiedy miałem zaledwie 19 lat. Przyznaję, że zbyt wielu Amerykanów i odpady wyrzucaj zbyt dużo pożywienia -- i że wrócisz gryzły je w pośladki, Chcecie spróbować ! Dziękuję Bogu Ojcu za wszystko co mam, w wieku lat 68, a niepełnosprawnych weteran Wietnamu, również na emeryturze z pracy w firmie Chrysler Motors: 30,5 lat ciężkiej pracy. Byłem szczęśliwy, że miałem dobrą pracę większość mojego dorosłego życia !
Dziękujemy za odwiedziny w moim skromnym blogu: Tom's journal.
Z serdecznymi pozdrowieniami,
Thomas G Schuckman\
"Jezus jest panem".

Friends and Readers,
     I am sure that my generation of 'Baby Boomers' were scolded and admonished by my father's generation of hard times... and my father's family lived on a 240 acre Wheat and Beef farm,  but they ate a lot of noodles and beans.    They certainly knew hard times.  
     And I really saw some half starved Vietnamese people while in the Army, over there in:  1968-70.   The Army didn't have the best food,  but it was "food."  
     "Don't t always seem to go,  that you don't know what you've got till it's gone."   ---Sonny and Cher's song.     
       I admit that I am too spoiled, with having enough income to stock away enough food and frozen stuff,  but I like to go out to the grocery store several times a week to get some fresh fruit, etc.    When my kids were young, we always had enough  wholesome food on the kitchen table, or the dinning room table, and good, clothes on their backs,  as I worked for American Motors Corp., and after Chrysler bought them out, in Kenosha, Wisconsin,  USA.    
    My parents and grandparents were good, generous people, and that also rubbed off on me.   But I will not support lazy people who don't even try to keep their houses clean and orderly !   The apostle Paul wrote the Christian congregation in Thessalonia [Greece]:   "And even when we were with you,  this we commanded you,  that if any would not work,  neither should he eat."    So,  I know that I am on solid ground.     But,  I am quite sure that we've 'plowed this ground,' before,  too.    Never the less,  History ALWAYS repeats itself, and History is my favorite hobbies.   The KJV Bible is PURE HISTORY.  
     I just opened a package of old pictures and glad of it --- for I will send some of them to my grandkids, soon.   My favorites will get taped into my fav. large print,  Bible, that sits on my Oak Easel that I made,   on the Kitchen table next to my PC -- Personal Computer, for constant reference.  

Today is my "Happy Day," because the Power Scooter Lift repairman came to my humble hovel at 0900 just as he said he would [ a minor miracle... LOL], and fixed the Lift in the back of my pick up truck, that was broke for a MONTH ---taking away my mobility !!   It sure helps my poor, messed up back, knees and feet, when I go to the VAMC or the store, etc. !!   PTL.    Frankly,  I do pretty well all by myself when everything is working in the house, truck 4 by 4, and I can scoot around on the power scooter with lots of power and speed that the VA bought for me.   But the rules are so strict that many Disabled Vets get screwed out of their rightful benefits, and they struggle in their 80's and 90's to walk into the front entrance of the VAMC 's.    Just telling the truth, and most of the Veterans are true blue, courteous, respectful, and helpful to others.    They are, indeed,  my  Brothers, and many of them are also 'Brothers in the Lord.'

I talk to my Fiancé quite often, even text her at work, as we stay in contact and care deeply about each other, all the time.     
    But it's amazing that I earn a good retirement pension --- however, right now,  I am limited as to how much more I can spend without OVER SPENDING before my next paycheck !!   And I found out in my Finance job years ago,   that it really doesn't matter how much you earn and take home.    But how much can you save and invest !    Millions of Americans will soon realize these cold hard facts, and I for one, am not looking forward to those times of poverty and famine !    I bet most of my readers think that I am joking.....LOL !   It is easy for a man to give out of his abundance... as Jesus once said, in the book of Matthew.   But for a poor, old, woman,  just 25 cents could be A LOT ~!    In America,  we throw away and waste so much good food, while other countries like Venezuvala is starving and people dying for lack of food !
      Pray Hard  --- Life is Short.

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

And here is a picture of my wife, Sharon, who passed away about 8 years ago.   She really enjoyed the grilled steaks that I made for her !   I am sure that she is in a far better place,  than I am now, and free from pain and suffering.

think how fortunate we really are . . . and who knows when the "gravy train" that we're riding today will abruptly stop?

This was a mere 80 years ago....
Makes complaining about no cell service, high gasoline prices, not enough cable channels, seem a bit ludicrous. And.  No credit cards to buy what you want, but don't need!
Forward this to remind others of what really tough times are like. They don't have a clue.
If you don't know what the Great Depression was, here's the motto:
           "Use it up -- wear it out", make it do or do without!!!!!
This reminds me to be grateful for what I do have. Start each day with a smile & pass them along