Saturday, July 8, 2017

Information -- The Scourge of Islam.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Hungarian:

Helló, barátom, Magyarország!
Én megfigyeltem, hogy te is az én szerény honfitársaim blog, és én szívesen e-mail, mert én nem akarom, hogy ismerje meg az országot, a hagyományok, a kultúra, és a lélek. 68 éves vagyok, és már szerte a világon, még akkor is, ha fiatal korban --
Németország, Vietnam, Mexikó, Kanada, Japán, Thaiföld, stb. szeretem megismerni az emberek és a kultúrák! Én is tanultam a nyelvet, de nem magyar... sajnálom. Nagyanyám jött Magyarországra, de ő is beszélt németül, angolul tanult, majd amikor magához tért, már régen.
Azt akarom tudni, hogy mit érez, a rettenetes az iszlám országban. Ezek csak a saját pályafutásomat, kedvesem, az USA-ban is. Ha úgy dönt, hogy egy bizonyos országban élünk, akkor engedelmeskedik a törvényeknek és próbáljunk meg együtt. Ismerje a nyelv, a szokások, a munka, és nem bánt másokat... vagy csak innen a francba....hahaha!
Meleg Üdvözlettel,
Thomas G. Schuckman e-mail:
Jézus Urunk

Good Day,  Friends and avid Readers !
     What another wonderful, sunny, day where I live, in the far  Northern region of the USA, not too far from Canada,  above Wisconsin, USA.   
      I am happy, near content, and joyful, to have many good friends who care about me, and I went out early to shop for fresh fruit, salad fixings, cat food, and had an early hot breakfast this Saturday morning.    I was even thanking  my GOD in the truck rolling down the highway, today !    As some of you folks already know,  I choose not to use the term,  "Lucky"  --- but I do use the term,  "Blessed by God."   I have also admitted, freely,  that I surely don't know everything,  but enough to get me into heaven, and I have read so many books from graded school on, and never stopped learning.   I have known some ladies who worked hard getting their college degrees,  and then hardly ever reading again....  LOL.   I am NOT judging anyone,  but I just have a serious THIRST for knowledge.   In the USA,  we are strapped for knowledge --- but we have too much "information" -- with some of it,  much of it,  FALSE INFORMATION !!   Beware !   Even 2000 years ago when Jesus Christ was walking the earth, He warned about 'false prophets,' and liars....   But we true Christians have a great 'measuring stick --document' that was written on a 5th grade reading level,  the KJV  BIBLE !    It is a very pure rendition written by some 40 men, from the beginning of time, starting with Moses,  yes,  40 selected men of God-- Jehovah, borne along by the Holy Spirit, to warn, prepare, instruct and make wise, any and all honest human beings, just what God knows we need to succeed in life and be happy,  also to serve and know Him.   And the Genesis account is very important because it sets the stage for God's Holy Promises [and He can NEVER tell a lie !  ---Titus 1: 2].    In fact, the First prophecy of the Bible at Genesis 2: 15, has not seen it's total fulfillment, yet !  

    People sometimes ask me,  'Where is this promised time the Bible talks about, Tom, that you have been pounding on your drum for so long ?    Just check out:  2nd Peter, Chapter 3, verse 4.   --- I just paraphrased it, already.   And a little bit farther in the same chapter, verse 8 says,  "---That one day is with the Lord as a thou8sand years, and a thousand years as one day."    The  point being that Almighty God --Jehovah, lives FOREVER.   And also,  God DOES HAVE A PERSONAL NAME,  so we can distinguish Him from other 'false gods'  with a "small g."   Just like "allah"  is the Arabian moon god of  Islam.   But those folks would gladly cut off my head, for speaking this Truth !   Well,  My God promises to take me up into heaven if something like that happens,  so.... it's not the end of the line, for True Christians.   Also, for that matter,  I seriously doubt that there are many Christians on the Democratic side of Congress in the USA, and the RINO's have also compromised their good name,  and nature in the past 100 years.    It usually all boils down to greed, money, and power.    2nd Peter, is a very small, but powerful book, with only 3 chapters.   Please take the 5 minutes to read it.  

And I have noticed that no matter what type of Government a country has,  there are good Christian living in them, and recently the good Russian people have started reading my humble blog more so, lately.   Great !     There are also millions of real, true Christians living "underground" in China, and we should all be glad in that fact !  

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman


 Today's Top Stories

Howlin’ On An Open Thread

Led Zeppelin ripped off this song shamelessly in their "Lemon Song," but -- as is so often the case -- the original is much better.

JIHAD MANHUNT: Attack ‘IMMINENT’ as suspects on run after Belgian police raids

Every day -- the war rages on. And the Islamic supremacists dictate policy in the West. Madness.

Murdering 22 children is heroic, says “Palestinian” Authority TV

'Palestinian" - the marketing term, the euphemism, for the jihad against the Jews. Savages.

Christian 3-Year-Old Baby Girl RAPED by Muslim Neighbor

Christians living under Muslim rule have no recourse. It's monstrous, inhumane -- and savage mirrored by the silence of the West.
According to Muslim law, the man did nothing wrong.

Trudeau has ALREADY PAID $10,500,000 to jihad murderer Omar Khadr

The Trudeau government has quietly paid a $10.5-million settlement to Omar Khadr in a move that circumvents legal efforts by two Americans to prevent him from receiving compensation for abuses he suffered as a teenager at the U.S. military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Trump’s Official Portrait Still Absent From Federal Office Walls

President Donald Trump's official portrait has yet to be hung in the 7,000 or so federal offices and courthouses around the nation.

Maine: Eight Females, Including Two Children, Treated for Female Genital Mutilation

Eight females in Maine, including two little girls, were treated for female genital mutilation operations -- and now the ACLU wants to fight a law to ban the horrific practice.

Robert Spencer: Linda Sarsour Declares Jihad on Trump, Left In Damage Control Mode — But Yes, She IS Inciting Violence

If jihad is simply a a word of truth spoken in front of a tyrant, why have thousands upon thousands of Muslims worldwide joined violent jihad groups? Why are there any violent jihad groups at all? Why is this misunderstanding of jihad so widespread?

Quran teacher jailed for sex attacks on little girls during 10-year reign of abuse

Girls as young as five? How dare he. Aisha was six when Muhammad married her.

Mosque Founder Under 24/7 Police Guard After Allowing Gays and Women Without Veils

Seyran Ates tried to open up a mosque that welcomed Islam believers of all sects, and that allowed in gays and women without veils -- but now she needs police protection, around the clock, because of threats on her life.

Canada’s Trudeau at Toronto Gay Pride Parade: “Pride Mubarak…Happy Pride to Allah”

What is this blind leftist fool going to say when Canada's Muslims start treating gays the way they do back in their home countries?

Trump Administration Hit With at Least One Illicit National Security Leak a Day

President Donald Trump's administration is hit by national security leaks at least once each day -- a vastly larger amount than that suffered by the previous two administrations.

Britain ‘so worried about Jihadis in Ireland they have sent MI5 agents to monitor them’

The UK's domestic intelligence agency have spies deployed in Ireland to watch any devout Muslims in the country.

House Dem IT Suspects Wanted Untraceable Payments — and Sure Enough, Millions Disappeared

What a shocker -- Pakistanis under investigation for the unauthorized sharing of IT information with Democrats wanted all their private business dealings conducted in cash only.

Red Bill de Blasio Skips Police Ceremony, Flies to Germany to Protest Trump, “As the city mourns, its leader flees”

What is really horrifying is that Red Bill is up for re-election and appears to be a shoo-in. The Democrat machine has a chokehold on this city that goes back to Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall. Mayor Giuliani was an aberration -- a blip made possible by Mayor Dinkins, who very nearly singlehandedly destroyed this thriving metropolis.

FBI Investigating 1,000 Islamic State Threats in All 50 States

Trump's ban is a beginning, but is hardly enough.

The Trump Doctrine: The West is Best

"We write symphonies. We pursue innovation. We celebrate our ancient heroes, embrace our timeless traditions and customs, and always seek to explore and discover brand-new frontiers. We reward brilliance. We strive for excellence, and cherish inspiring works of art that honor God. We treasure the rule of law and protect the right to free speech and free expression."