Monday, July 24, 2017

Banks --May Seize Accounts.

Tom's Journal.

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 Report: “There Is A Plot On Capitol Hill To Take The President Out… Will Be Suddenly Removed From Office”
A high-level Congressman reportedly said “there’s nothing we can do to stop it.”
Forward in Romanian:

Salut prieteni din Romania,
unele persoane din ţara dumneavoastră au arătat interes în umila meu blog: JURNALUL LUI TOM, in ultima vreme, şi aşa am unele meu de text în limba dvs. De asemenea, Am speranta ca unii dintre voi va/ Va rugăm să înapoi la mine şi împărtăşiţi gândurile pe orice număr de idei, gânduri şi diferite subiecte.
Am fost născut şi crescut în marea american de Stat din Wisconsin, dar mutat la nord în U.P. superioară Michigan acum câţiva ani, şi au acum un nou doamna care ii pasa de mine si planuri de a se casatori cu mine ! Eu sunt foarte fericit acum şi de conţinut.
Totuşi, lumea aşa cum o ştim, astăzi, este încărcat cu greu de provocari, foamea, foame, violenţa şi de mare anxietate ! De aceea am un "Special Helper" --- Spiritul sfânt, a dat de firma credincioşii Domnului Isus Hristos, care au incredere in promisiunile divine ca ne putem citi în KJV Biblia. Am studiat această carte pentru trecut de 40 de ani şi ştiţi foarte bine !
Referitor la cald,
Toma G Schuckman ---dezactivată de combatere a Vietnam Veteran: 68-70..... şi soldat al lui Hristos.
"Isus este Domnul."

Foreword in French:

Bonjour les amis,
le conjoint, travailleur, homme ou femme, connaître de bons, sains, les investissements de nos jours ? Il n'importe pas si vous êtes riche ou pauvre. Vous travaillez fort pour votre argent, maison et automobile, alors pourquoi ne pas vous protéger pour les temps plus difficiles à venir, et/ ou d'un effondrement financier/ économique ? Personne ne veut perdre leur pantalon ou être sans-abri, et le monde entier est peine à survivre à la solvabilité ! Grèce, Italie, Portugal, Espagne et d'autres parties de l'Europe vivent sur le bord, et ce n'est pas un secret.
Si vous pouvez lire le reste de mon blog, aujourd'hui, n, et aussi la partager avec certains de vos e-mails à des amis et à des parents. Je vous remercie beaucoup.
Et, que le Seigneur Jésus Christ et l'Esprit Saint dans votre cœur, pour toujours, et priez fort. "La vie est courte."
Thomas G Schuckman
Email :

Hi  Friends,
    I know that this article is just another advertisement.... and maybe you might also think that this is another 'scare tactic' to get your money, somehow.

But realistically,  having studied Finance, etc., at PFS Investments, etc., back in the early 1990's,   they would advise you/ us/,  to diversify our investments and ventures.   At that time when I worked for the company in a suit and tie all the time --- far different from my normal Welding jobs, quality Mutual Funds were the way to go, and usually good for the customer, IMHO [In My Humble Opinion...],   but now,  I would personally invest more % into "Metals,"   silver, gold, copper, platinum, palladium, and Rhodium, etc. ! !   I suppose that other folks would/ might tell you different, and that's OK.   I think that buying/ investing in a family house is another smart investment,  but not for "slipping/ selling."   Again,  this is only MY humble opinion,  friends.    I believe in have a few good, reliable firearms and ammo.,  canned and frozen food, goods, tools, and a few good skills, also.   
    But my "MAIN ACE" is a close relationship with Father God, and His only begotten Son,  Jesus Christ, as you all already know.   Smile.      "Receive my instruction, and not silver;   and knowledge rather than choice gold.  11.  For wisdom is better than rubies;    and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it."   --- Proverbs  8: 10-11.   
       In another part of the KJV BIBLE,  Ezekiel said that, 'men would be throwing their money in the streets !'   --because it will be worthless in the 'Last Days' when the Lord comes back to clean up the 'Swamp' of ungodly humankind, who have abandoned Him !     Will things get worse in the future all over the world ?   Sorry to say,  Yes.    But we can and should still be happy NOW !   Why?  Because those of us who KNOW and UNDERSTAND the Bible, realize that we are "Saved" and going to heaven !   Even though we continue to sin and 'fall short of the mark of perfection,'  we should understand that we are still,  "Saved"  right now, by accepting the ransom BLOOD  sacrifice of Jesus our Lord and Savior, on the cross,  some 1900 years ago, once and for all,  to redeem all mankind ---- but those who reach out, pray, bend knee, confess their sins to God Almighty [who also has a PERSONAL name....  but NOT allah !] --   the Anglicized  name of Jehovah, or Yahweh.... [YHWH --called the Tetragrammaton.]    See:  Psalm 83: 18,  KJV Bible.   But, without the blood sacrifice of Jesus our Lord,  there can be no forgiveness nor salvation,  folks,  so you need to learn that, for sure !  

So,  somewhere in between now  ---- and the Rapture, as I have posted here so many times in the past,  my opinion is to save a little, store a little, to get thru the hard times, and pray often.    Also, please pray for me and my new relationship with a Christian lady that I care for so much, and hope to soon tie the knot,  God Willing and the  river don't rise.  

American Liberty Report

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Banks Get Approval to Seize Your Bank Account Without Your Permission!

A Little-Known Rule Lets the Government and Banks Steal Money from People Who Haven't Been Convicted - or Even Accused - of a Crime!

In the United States, the government gave the green light to banks to seize cash from bank accounts under certain conditions. Aside from its abuse of civil liberties, this bail-in regime is another weapon in the government's arsenal of capital controls meant to reward banks to separate people from the money they worked hard for.
We've long been familiar with capital controls, such as daily limits on bank withdrawals. Add that to seven years of microscopic interest rates cannibalizing retirement savings combined with planned inflation, which some prefer to call theft. But unlike the drip-drip we're used to, the bail-in will come upon you quickly, harshly, and with finality.
The financial system is predominantly comprised of digital money. Actual physical Dollars bills and coins only amount to $1.36 trillion. This is only a little over 10% of the $10 trillion sitting in bank accounts. And it s a tiny fraction of the $20 trillion in stocks, $38 trillion in bonds and $58 trillion in credit instruments floating around the system.
If a large percentage of people actually moved their funds into something physical and tangible, it could very quickly become a systemic problem.
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IRS Approves Alternative Investment Option For Americans

The U.S. dollar, Trump says, is not being sustained by proper policy and proper thinking. Accepting the gold is an opportunity& to show people what s happening with the dollar so we can do something about it. Read more

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As banks in the US faced a complete financial meltdown in 2008 due to nearly 24% of the assets in Money Market funds were liquidated in the course of four weeks. The ensuing liquidity crush nearly imploded the system, Congress ponied up fresh taxpayer money $800 billion and trillions since to bail-out favored banks and industries.
That tactic took on a new name: the bail-in. The easy part the laws they needed had been in place for decades. But for added cover, they passed a specific act in 2010, a 1930's-styled, bank heist blueprint with a feel-good name. In the last 24 months, Canada, Cyprus, New Zealand, the UK, and now Germany have all implemented legislation that would allow them to first FREEZE and then SEIZE bank assets during the next crisis
Unlike the 1930's, there will be no point standing in long lines with hat in hand to ask for your money. By the time you hear the news, your money in the bank will already be gone. All to ensure your bank is allowed to remain open and fully operational. Such a measure is in line with international efforts to address the potential risks to the financial system and broader economy of institutions perceived as "too-big-to-fail".
How can you avoid this criminal theft and keep your money safe? You have options.
Learn how others are taking necessary steps to protect their money and retirement savings with assets like gold.
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New Law Cracks Down
on Right to Use Cash

Government Lays Groundwork to Confiscate Your Retirement
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