Friday, August 4, 2017

The World's ONLY Superpower, never mentioned.

Tom's Journal.

Retired Green Beret Warns: “North Korea Can Deliver A Warhead Containing An EMP Weapon Dead Center Over The Continental United States”
This obfuscation, orchestrated by Obama and parroted by those general officers who were about to retire in a couple of years was a precise and deliberate weakening of the United States’ defensive stance

Foreword in German: 

Hallo Freunde,
bitte, denken Sie daran: die einzige Supermacht der Welt sind die USA------- Amerika! ! Doch die KJV Bibel erwähnt nie diese Tatsache einmal in einer biblischen Prophetie! Für Smart, intelligente, gebildete Menschen auf der ganzen Welt, diese Tatsache sollte Ihnen Pause! Wie kann das sein, nach all den Dingen, die wir erfunden haben, geschützt, gebaut, erhöht, shared?? OK, man kann sagen, dass ich zu viel prahlen, aber ich weiß, dass die USA ist eine sehr großzügige Nation, die geholfen hat, und geliefert wird Weizen, Getreide, viele verschiedene Lebensmittel und andere Güter in die ganze Welt! Also, mit all diesem im Verstand, plus die Weitergabe des Evangeliums von Jesus Christus und das wahre Christentum, scheint es gerade seltsam, dass wir nie in der biblischen Prophetie erwähnt. Bitte den Rest meiner bescheidenen Blog lesen: TOM'S JOURNAL, heraus zu finden, warum das so ist.
Einen guten Tag haben.
e-Mail: Schuckman

Dear  Friends,
   The quote right below in this 'cut and pasted' great article that I really "identify with,"   about America being the world's ONLY Superpower.....  but the KJV BIBLE makes NO MENTION of the USA being a significant player in near future events, or anything else ---- must give most of us some pause ! !     It's just that crazy and incredible !!   If we Christians at least claim to be smart, and well educated,  we MUST arrive at the same logical, simple conclusion, that 'SOMETHING' will soon render the USA, helpless and impotent in the future.    I realize that my thoughts and words on this lowly Blog might be construed as being scary and frightening,   but please let your God-given LOGIC prevail,  friends and readers !   
       Well, another 'deep subject,'   I certainly have my own selfish reasons why I want my ambitions to fall my way -- to my plans and expectations, and status.    And I can tell you 'some of them, here and now...'   I really seek to get closer to the Lord and do His Will,  continue to work on my character flaws, also the fruits of the Spirit,  at Galatians 5: 22, etc.    I also want to help a few other people all around the world,  with my humble blog posts, if I can and also pass out great Bible literature and Bible tracts, etc.   I want to do more 'memory work' in being able to recite more prime Bible verses and also look up words that I don't yet understand, also study my German language, etc.    I want to lose 100 pounds,  please, Lord.  

I am so blessed that I have someone special who cares for me and wants to help me, also wants to marry me !   
     The old motorcycle wound on my left lower leg is almost healed again.    I need to keep compression on that part, too.   
      My personal advice is:    Don't suddenly take on a huge debt load right now, and certainly not on something stupid or frivolous.    Try to save some of your cash money at home.... also invest in some pure, fine, Silver  .9999, and keep it in a secret, strong, place at your home, and NOT IN SOME BANK !!   Just my personal opinion....  folks.     A great place to buy Silver from an honest professional is:   MMX 


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Please take/ make the small investment of READING the short article below.  It should change your life !   And pray hard tonight for the HOLY SPIRIT to warm your heart, strengthen it and clear your mind !  
        And here is a great place to buy a new, leather bound, KJV BIBLE, and ask for The DEFINED KJB Bible, in large print !

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       -- don't leave home without it !!   It should be part of your personal,  EDC  ---- Every Day Carry !   Things could get rough any time now, probably before this Fall/ Autumn comes in October, IMHO.    And did you know that 'toilet paper' in Venezuvala is a rare, much sought after commodity ???   That is what happens in Socialist Countries !   You won't see many dogs and cats left on the streets   in that country, either.     They are killing each other over small scraps of food !  

Have a great, safe, day !

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Jesus is Lord.

"Currently, the United States is the world's only Superpower. That's why it is alarming that Bible prophecy makes no mention of the United States as a significant player in the end-times scenario."    Just think about this ! !

August 4th, 2017
A few months ago, "experts" predicted the North Koreans were four years away from building an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) capable of striking the U.S. mainland.

On July 4, North Korea tested an ICBM that could reach Alaska or Hawaii, but not the mainland USA.

There was some concern among the national security experts, but not alarm. After all, it was only Alaska and Hawaii. And maybe Seattle and Portland. And still three or four years to go before the mainland was truly at risk.

24 days later, the North Koreans tested another ICBM. The concern has now become discomfort, perhaps approaching alarm.


Because this time, the North Korean test missile traveled 2,300 miles into space before returning to earth some 600 miles from its launch point. For those who know how to extrapolate range projections from this type of information, the concern is palpable.

The experts now say that the new test indicates a range of about 6,500 miles for a future North Korean ICBM -- one that would presumably be carrying a nuclear warhead.

That easily puts Los Angeles, Denver, and Chicago within Kim Jung-un's reach.

And at this rate of progress, the next test might prove that Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C. are within his range, too.

Now, that truly is a cause for alarm.

But, unfortunately, it's not America's greatest threat. Neither is the debt crisis, the drug epidemic, the rising cost of healthcare, man-made climate change, Islamic terrorism, or transgender bathrooms. America's greatest threat isn't even the Beltway Swamp we know as Washington.

The extreme dysfunction in our nation's capital is merely a symptom of the real problem.

The most dangerous threat facing our nation is us! We, the people.

You see, government "of the people" means it's a reflection of those people.

America is suffering from a disease of the heart. It causes, among other things, severe division and unreasoning anger.

The United States of America is more divided now than at any time since the Civil War. And like the days leading up to that horrible time, the threat of violence never seems far away.

I'm sure you recall the recent shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and three others at a Republican team practice for a charity baseball game. Now, prominent voices on the Left are calling for an escalation of the "expression of our outrage" against any government official who supports President Trump or his agenda.

I'm sure, too, that you recall the many protests and riots that accompanied President Trump's inauguration. And the entertainment celebrities who have made disgusting, murderous comments, threats, and suggestions about the President.

Now, Politico has gone on record calling Portland, Oregon, "...America's most politically violent city...." Portland is being torn apart by the violence of Leftist groups who are vowing to protect Portland from violence. Yes, you read that correctly.

"Antifa" is shorthand for 'anti-fascist.' But, trust me, it's a cynical misnomer. In Portland, antifa groups are threatening violence against anyone whom they deem "fascist." Mostly, that includes any conservative group or organization.

Here's an example of Rose City Antifa's determination to protect Portland. By threatening violence against the organizers, participants, and spectators, it recently forced the cancellation of a traditional parade called "The 82nd Avenue Parade of Roses." (Sounds ominous, doesn't it?)

The reason for the "anti-fascists'" concern? The parade's organizers had approved the inclusion of a floral float sponsored by Republicans.

Don't bother upping the prescription for your reading glasses. You read it right. A floral float sponsored by Republicans forced Rose City Antifa to threaten violence to protect Portland's hapless residents from horrible violence! Horrible horticultural violence, I suppose. Maybe horrible floral violence? Who knows!

Folks, I'm not making this stuff up! It's not just ironic, it's moronic!

Those who deceivingly claim their purpose is to stop "fascism" are actually the fascists!

While those on the Left are ratcheting up the talk of impeachment (even hinting at assassination) of a duly-elected President, some voices on the Right are warning that they fear another actual civil war may loom on the horizon.

That's how splintered America is right now.

I believe this extreme, inexplicable rage is placing America in real peril.

Currently, the United States is the world's only Superpower. That's why it is alarming that Bible prophecy makes no mention of the United States as a significant player in the end-times scenario.

That means that between now and the beginning of the Tribulation, America must be crippled so thoroughly that it can play no part. I pray that that weakening comes as a result of the Rapture removing so many Americans from this earth, but right now, the USA is doing a very effective job of destroying itself even before the Rapture.

I believe America's most dangerous problem is its crumbling moral foundation. On this week's program, I will discuss with you what I believe "spiritual renewal" in America would look like.

I will also show you how Jesus was a man like no other before Him.

Don't miss this week's Report on TBN, Daystar, CPM Network, various local stations, or Check your local listings.

God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

mail: HLMM, P.O. Box 470470, Tulsa, OK 74147

"If it be possible..." --Romans 12: 18.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Romanian: 

Salut prieteni,
- Dacă este posibil, încercaţi să obţineţi împreună cu toţi oamenii..." --din cartea Romani 12: 18. Prieteni, cu toate acţiunile ostile, razboaie, lupta constantă peste tot în lume chiar acum, in luna de la inceputul lunii august, această scriptură în KJV Biblia este atât de important ! Cum facem noi - obţineţi împreună" Cu toate ura islamice, executii, crime şi violuri, în Europa în aceste zile, ca socialismul castiga o ţineţi piciorul pe continent din Europa ? America este in pragul prea mult de violenţă acum prea. Avem un lider mare, dar atat de multi oameni rai, democratii si socialisti, împingând impotriva lui ! Ce pacat, dar chiar trebuie să aşteptaţi ca toate astea, deoarece Biblia ne spune aşa. În orice caz, toţi avem bune pentru a se pregăti pentru viitor şi încîntarea.
Referitor la cald,
Tom Schuckman e-mail:

Retired Green Beret Warns: “North Korea Can Deliver A Warhead Containing An EMP Weapon Dead Center Over The Continental United States”
This obfuscation, orchestrated by Obama and parroted by those general officers who were about to retire in a couple of years was a precise and deliberate weakening of the United States’ defensive stance
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    You all know that I prefer the KJV Bible,  because I feel that after comparing all other Bibles for the last 40 some years,  the KJV is the most pure, poetic, closest to the  real truth of what God wants us all to know !    However,  I have learned so much from other lesser translations of the Bible in the past,  so I don't want to be too ridged.    But my personal opinion from years of study --- is to learn from the highest source on any set subject matter.... go to the expert to learn !    That goes for anything and everything.
       Example:    My Dad taught me t0 play the guitar when I was in my early teens,  and I was thankful.   I tried t0 teach my brother,  Albert,  but he just didn't show enough desire or interest, IMHO.   Not everyone can be an artist, musician, carpenter, plumber or Soldier.    From what I know,  Father God dishes out skills, talents, brains, etc., to most people --- but there are varying degrees, and it's up to us and our parents to excel in different  areas of interest to perfect our  particular skills to the best of our natural ability,  IF we have the opportunity and resources.   Yet,  Father God and His Son,  Jesus, love ALL MANKIND, and would like to see EVERYONE "Saved,"  if possible.   But we all know that just will not happen,  because so many people just will not accept God's simple, easy, conditions ---- of bending knee to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior,  for what ever selfish, prideful, goofy, reason.... and Satan the devil makes things on earth even worse !
      Another example is:   Many women go to college to learn, study, and help others with Medicine, Law, Nursing, Care Takers, Business Women, etc., and all are good, well  intentioned Ladies.   But I have seen many other females that go to college who never learn a thing,  never even tried,  but their sole reason for being in college is to find a marriage mate and 'hook up. !'  
    In my case,  I HAD TO find and learn a good, well paying skill to support my wife and 3 children after over 6000 got laid off from a huge company in Kenosha, Wisconsin,  and I had to do it as fast as possible,  so I chose Welding and Print Reading, to pull myself up by my boot straps at a bad time in my life, during a recession, in hard times.    It was,  "Sink or Swim,"  --- Learn or starve.    At the same time these learned, new skills gave me some inner strength and purpose in life, that I was NOT a loser,  but a skilled, hard worker, doing the best I could in a short span of time,  and I survived.    Of course,  I give Father God ALL THE CREDIT, and big THANKS for all of His help, kindness,   and Grace !    PTL.
        By the way.....   I am  truly sorry if I ever put someone down in my blog posts, and apologize if I hurt anyone's feelings.   Please,  let us all start afresh and try to get along with each other.

      Back at the ranch...  the Scripture I cited at:  Romans 12: 18, is very important to me,  as I was trying to teach a special loved one [and pound this subject matter into my OWN head...],  that I MUST try harder to 'get along with all men, and women,  IF POSSIBLE !!'  
      As we all get older, our bodies break down with Arthritis, pain, aching joints, poor vision, forgetfulness,  dementia, and just all the other symptoms of old age,  we all need to look for legal ways of coping with our new problems.   Hey!   It's EASY to get along with everyone we meet when we are younger, well fed, have a nice wad of cash and "plastic"  in our wallets/ purses, with nice, comfortable clothes,  good, trustworthy friends, a good means of transportation/  Dodge 4 by 4 pickup truck, etc.   But just like the story of Job in the Bible,  take away most of a man's comfort levels, like running water, central heat and A/ C,   fresh, delicious food, ice cream, medicines that cost so much, or a woman's hand held cell phone, or cell phone games and email.....  things can get tense and ugly !  !   !    I understand that these simple things that I mentioned,  most of us take for granted, and the younger people were raised in this atmosphere of technical devices and "toys"  that were only invented,  in the  past 20--30 years ago !    Do our kids camp out in the wilderness anymore ??   Can they build a fire without matches or a  lighter these days ?   Can they plant, weed, and harvest a garden -- also hunt for meat, fish, cook, roast, prepare the meals and butcher animals ?  

But how will the people of the earth really 'GET ALONG WITH MOST PEOPLE... AS FAR OR BEST AS YOU CAN ?'   
     "Well"  -- a deep,  I know after many relationships and some Combat PTSD, etc., that I really NEED to practice what this special Scripture in Romans  is all about and quick !!          ----  'the Apostle Paul's letter to the Roman congregation in Italy, about 1900 years ago from today,  August 4th,  2017,'  is more important than ever,  friends!     The KJV Bible is the closest direct route to knowing the Lord God,  Father in Heaven, and also Jesus Christ -- thru His 4 Gospel accounts:  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.    And the book of Romans is a very important book that needs to be read a few times over,  because it set the facts clear as to what God really wants of us.     And you all can get the entire KJV Bible on audio tapes and DVD's,  too !!    So this is why I ALWAYS say:   Please read all  the Bible accounts of the Gospel FIRST, and than the book of Romans.   You are then pouring a concrete FOUNDATION, level, proper, FIRST, so you can build your house or  shed the right way, level, plumb and square !    If you do all of this FIRST, right now in your lives,  chances are that you will have less trouble and get along better.    It is finally working slowly, for me !   
        And I am so blessed to have a fiancé who is slow to anger, loving, open minded, who loves and cares for me --- and I sure don't want to blow it.   I am also seeking other kinds of help from some friends, and others.    After Jesus, Heaven,  my important business is to work ever harder on my relationship with my Lady, and plan to get hitched, ASAP.   Please, always continue to pray for me.  Obviously, my small ministry of sorts is not done yet on earth,  or the Lord would have already allowed me to die and expire.   Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ is important to me.    I will share and teach what I know as much as I can, also make more trusted friends along the way.   Believe me..... ANYTHING would happen to the USA and the world at any times.   Do you still want to gamble with heaven and Salvation ?

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

King James Bible
If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men

Romans 12:18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on ...
Romans 12:18 Verse (Click for ... if possible of you, living at peace with all men; New American Standard Bible If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace ...