Threats against President Trump seem to only be getting more and more violent.
Even elected officials are joining in.
And one Democrat Congressman who threatened President Trump with “elimination” just got put behind bars.
The violent rhetoric against President Trump has gone too far.
Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez of Illinois has been known as one of the most vocal critics of the President.
His latest act of defiance went too far.
While protesting Trump’s position on immigration, Gutierrez refused to listen to police orders and was arrested for blocking a sidewalk in front of the White House.
As reported by The Daily Caller:
“Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois was arrested along with roughly 30 fellow protesters outside the White House during a gathering commemorating the fifth anniversary of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.
The protesters were arrested for sitting on the sidewalk outside the White House after attending a rally in Lafayette Square across the street, according to The Hill. Gutierrez, a well-known immigration advocate, defended the protest shortly before his arrest.”
This is not Rep. Gutierrez’s first brush with the law.
He has been arrested three other times.
Two of those times were at immigration-related rallies.
It may have been a good call to keep Rep. Gutierrez away from President Trump.
He has become well known for his scathing rants against Trump, which often times include threats.
During a recent speech in a Chicago church that is known as a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants, Gutierrez went on an unhinged assault on Trump.
In his speech, Gutierrez called for Trump’s “elimination,” and stated the President was more of a criminal than illegal immigrants in the United States.
As reported by The Blaze:
“Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) gave a scathing speech against the immigration and environmental policies of President Donald Trump, and called for the community to fight against him to “eliminate” him from office.
Speaking Saturday from the sanctuary of the Lincoln United Methodist Church in Chicago, Gutierrez said that he would make sure a Democrat-controlled Congress would issue articles of impeachment against Trump to “eliminate him as the president of the United States of America.”
“You know what a criminal is?” he asked. “Someone who takes health care away from 33 million people is a criminal!”
“Someone who uses his executive authority to turn away people fleeing devastation,” he continued. “Devastation! Have you seen the children? Have you seen the faces of those fleeing Syria?”
“And he says no,” he continued, “you cannot come to this country and seek refuge. To me, that is a criminal.”
Gutierrez said Trump was more of a criminal than illegal immigrants who came to the United States, saying that they work miserable jobs.”
It is unclear as of yet what charges, if any, Rep. Gutierrez will face for his latest run in with the law.
All that is clear is the Democrats and anti-Trumpers are becoming more and more unhinged every day.
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