Saturday, August 26, 2017

Prepping for a Hurracane.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Dutch: 

Hallo lieve vrienden,
lijkt het erop dat de mensheid zo hulpeloos tegen een plotselinge, enorme storm en orkaan heeft het zwaar te verduren krijgen onze grote staat Texas right now. Ik noem een "Prepper" -- Naast een uitgeschakelde Vietnam veteraan: 68-70 en gepensioneerde Chrysler/ lasser, en woont nu in de grote Noordelijke Michigan [in het bovenste schiereiland -- met veel herten en beren zwerven rond in de uitgestrekte bossen], USA. Wij hebben ook ijzermijnindustrie en sommige landbouw. Veel mensen uit Noorwegen, Zweden, Denemarken en Duitsland hebben zich hier in de buurt van mijn nieuwe woning. Ik hoop dat de meesten van jullie fijne mensen kunnen ook lezen en schrijven, Engels.
Nu, de KJV Bible geeft me comfort, vreugde en gemoedsrust, maar actief deel te nemen aan de voorbereiding op noodsituaties en kwaad dat kan gaan, is prettig, met gemoedsrust. Ik hoop dat de suggesties hieronder, zijn van grote waarde voor u mensen, want ze waren voor mij. Ik hou van mensen te helpen, die weet al hoe hard te werken voor henzelf en hun kinderen. En God zegent eerlijk, godzalig, mensen die ook de liefde van zijn zoon, Jezus Christus.
Mijn Email:
Hartelijke groeten,
Thomas G. Schuckman

Hello  Folks, Friends, and avid Readers,
      I am sure that you don't have time to read about how great and knowledgeable Combat Veterans are in 'survival mode.'   But even in "Basic Training -- Boot Camp,' we all had to learn how to take care of ourselves and our fellow Soldiers in quick fashion,  to stop the bleeding and learn how to live in the 'Boondocks.'   No one can over strip that inner pride from us,  and extra training --- sometimes learned in the heat of combat for the first time !     Just like....  I first learned how to fire an M-60 --- [7.62  mm] machine gun IN aerial combat !!   And after the day was done,  how to break it down and clean it in a 'hog trough' filled with solvent, back at our post/ base, at Camp BearCat,  South Vietnam:  68-70.   The survival of the other crewmembers of our Huey Helicopter,  "H-model" hung in the balance of my professional conduct and head knowledge, making SURE that my 2-- M-60's would always work and fire !  That is, and was a heavy load for a young, 20 year old man to bear on his shoulders, IMHO  !!

----   I am the young, dark haired, Soldier on the far Left, at the 240th AHC, EM Club,  back in 1970, at Camp BearCat,   RVN.   --Tommy Schuckman, down below. 

I STILL find it so hard to believe and understand WHY to those 2 years in my life sticks out so much --- verses the rest of my long,  68 year old, life !!   I also worked in many places, went back to college twice,  passed my Investment- Securities Federal Exam, studied Finance, Life insurance, etc, helped a lot of people, taught and shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ --- found the Lord, worked at MANY places, including, Chrysler, in Kenosha, WI., and even had my own small Welding shop, now....  just a humble Blogger/ Writer, and servant of my Lord and Savior,  Jesus Christ.   
       I am NOT a rich man, although my Lord in Heaven does provide for me in a large way.    And every so-called,  'skill, talent, power, and endowment, all comes to me by the "Grace of Father God !"    I still have MUCH to work on, including personality flaws, bad habits, too prideful,  too full of myself, a wretched sinner man,  too pushy, and perhaps a tad, too aggressive.    And God's mercy is so profound and great !  
       A Comforter will Come:
         John 14: 26,   "But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name,  he shall teach you all things,  and being all things to your remembrance,  whatsoever I have said unto you.   Verse 27:    Peace I leave with you,  my peace I give to you:  not as the world giveth,  give I unto you.   Let not your heart be troubled,  neither let it be afraid."     ----Even Shawn Hannity, on Fox- TV, often quotes that last part on his News Show !    I don't really know how well he knows his Bible,  but that always makes me shine when I hear it.

Friends,   I like to think that I am a Prepper -- of sorts, and have tried to take the 'middle ground' or preparing,   just in case of emergencies.   And when you sit down at the kitchen table to do the math,  most every one can begin right now to start saving coupons, money, cash, and even invest in the basics !    Just think of the big money you could save if we all ceased and desisted from SMOKING, too much drinking, going out to eat at restaurants too often ??   If a person smokes 2 packs of cigarettes per day, and quits,  he/ she could save about an extra,  $200/ month !   That money could be saved or invested in a safe place,  but not a bank.....LOL, that could go for a new house, down payment, or a new, better,  4 by 4 vehicle !   And the kids at home wouldn't have to choke and get upper respiratory infections every Winter !    Even your dog would smile more often and thank you....

       The finest precious Metals, Investment company I have found is:  


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                    Holy Cow !   I didn't know that Copper went up that high $$$ in value !!   I just might invest is some of that, if I can,  next time I invest.

But please remember that anything you place in a lock box at any Bank or Credit Union  is not the best idea.....  sorry.  When the SHTF,  our own Government of the USA, can and will TAKE, SIEZE, and Steal your goods and cash !  Other countries have already done this to it's own citizens.   

You know friends, it's also a good idea to shop for a good, firearm, and learn how to use it, clean it, and be taught by a professional.   I think that good shotguns, also pistols are great for self defense.   Quit smoking and save your money for a great firearm, also a great knife, for EDC  --- Every Day Carry.   See:    --- for some of the best sharp knives in the World !    But remember one thing,  please,  'Only a stupid person carried a DULL, blunted,   knife !'

My Email:

Warm Regards,
Thomas G. Schuckman

Money Metals Exchange Logo
FREE Expert Consultation: 800.800.1865
  • Gold: $1,292.20 0.00 |
  • Silver: $17.12  0.00 |
  • Platinum: $978.85  0.00 |
  • Palladium: $930.20  0.00 |
  • Rhodium: $1,080.00  0.00 |


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It’s being called “the worst hurricane to hit the U.S. in over a decade”

Nearly 3 ft. of rain is expected to hit land, causing major flooding in many towns and cities.

In fact, as I write this email to you, I’m being torn into by Hurricane Harvey even though I’m pretty far from the gulf coast (near Austin, TX).

You may be watching it on the news from far, far away… but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re “safe” from Harvey’s effects either and…

Here Are 3 Unexpected Dangers Of Hurricane Harvey You Probably Don’t Know…

1. Transplanted Gangs

We saw this when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans…

Gang members who made a living at robbery, home invasions, drug-dealing, and other victimizing crimes were uprooted and placed (by the government) in “safe zones” outside of the affected area - mostly Houston, TX and other cities.

With no home to go back to, they simply planted new roots in these towns… and with no jobs available for the influx of new residents, they just moved their criminal operations to their new home.

Violent and predatory crimes surged dramatically in these areas… and you may see this again with Houston expecting major flooding as well as other cities affected by Harvey.

If you live in an area taking in “Harvey refugees”, be cautious about your new visitors… secure your home… and carry a concealed weapon if you’re of that mind-set.

It’s not about paranoia… it’s about being prepared based on real past events we should learn from.

2. Nation-Wide Fuel Shortage

The Houston, TX area is our country’s largest oil and fuel industry hot zone.

As I’ve said in our “Survival Gear Secrets” guide (you can get it for free right here), a major hurricane hitting this area could shut down fuel production and destroy refinery support systems that service the entire country for a long, long time.
The result will be much higher fuel prices and an increase in cost of all goods (since supply transportation requires fuel), causing a major downturn in our economy - potentially even the straw that breaks the camel’s back, forcing collapse.

3. Power Outage "Ripple Effect"

Estimates for Harvey predict that it will leave about 1.5 million residents and businesses without power - potentially for weeks.

Again, this area is a robust center of supply-line support systems, from vehicle parts for 18-wheeler trucks to food supplies coming from nearby ports.

A disruption in our supply chain due to major power outages could mean scarcity of resources and higher prices for all.

As you can see, natural disasters aren’t always just localized dangers.

They have far-reaching abilities of hitting the average Joe & Jane right in their living room far across the country.

Most people don’t even think about these types of dangers.

Even fewer are prepared for them.

To help YOU be one of the few who are ready for everything from a local disaster to a nation-wide complete “collapse”, I recommend you read about the “5 No B.S. Dangers Of A Collapse” I write about in this free guide…

Not only will it open your eyes to the very REAL threats (not fantasy!) we all face that could change life as we know it overnight…

… but it also reveals the simple steps you need to take to be ready for anything.

Prepare. Train. Survive.

Jeff Anderson  
MCS Magazine