Saturday, September 16, 2017

'Let not your heart be troubled...'

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in French: 

Bonne journée, les amis en France,
Ma dame et je fait des achats à l'épicerie locale ce matin -- aussi beaucoup de travail, payer les factures, à l'écart, alors maintenant, nous sommes chez lui pour se reposer, et heureux ! Pour nous, prêt sur salaire est un jour spécial, et nous célébrons à la fois par payer nos factures/ dettes, shopping et détente. Mais d'autres gens ne sont pas tellement béni et heureux parce que les grandes tempêtes dans le sud-est de l'USA ont détruit tant de maisons et d'entreprises, de sorte que les familles qui ont survécu doivent maintenant commencer plus d'encore. Matthieu, chapitre 24, et le verset 7, parle de la "Last Days" de ce système méchant sur terre, avec 'les tremblements de terre, guerres, famines, et des pestes, etc." Oui, Jésus lui-même, nous a parlé de ces choses que N/ va arriver ! ! Dans la langue allemande : "Gott kann nicht Schrecken 453." ---Tite 1 : 2., "Dieu ne peut pas mentir."
Et ainsi, au milieu de tant de fausses informations, et 'faux' Actualité --- nous pouvons vraiment faire confiance au Seigneur, l'Éternel, et son fils unique, Jésus. Mais s'il vous plaît lisez la suite pour : le verset 29, et rendez-vous figure que 'ces choses' ne sont que le début de la tristesse ! Wow !
Dans mon esprit, et d'après ma longue, intense, d'études, nous avons besoin de préparer de deux façons, spirituellement et physiquement. Lire mon modeste blog : "TOM'S JOURNAL." Email :
ce qui est chaud.
Thomas G. Schuckman
---Disabled vétéran du Vietnam : 68-70. Hélicoptère Huey, "porte gunner.'

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  • Foreword in German:  

    Hallo deutscher Freund und Leser, Es
    tut uns Leid, aber ich kann kaum Schritt halten mit den Nachrichten, die, wie so viele Akte der islamischen Gewalt auftreten, fast jeden Tag irgendwo auf der Welt! Ich hörte gerade etwas über, London, England, wieder bombardiert, aber ich will nicht zu viel mehr über ihn hören. Wir in Amerika haben auch unsere Hände voll von gefährlichen, Unwetter, Überschwemmungen und Wirbelstürme. Der goofy Obama Gov't haben so viel unserer nationalen Einkommen/Steuern auf eine Torheit, und erlaubt der Islam eine feste Stellung in unserem einst große Land, vor allem diejenigen, die nicht funktionieren, aber unsere nationalen Reichtum und Schatz, vor allem die hart arbeitenden Mittelschicht Amerikaner absaugen.
    Wer mich kennt weiß, ich habe mein ganzes Leben lang und 30,5 Jahre bei der Chrysler Corporation in Kenosha, Wisconsin, nachdem ich 6 Monate in dem großen Land von Deutschland verbracht, und dann 2 Jahre in der Schlacht -- Vietnam: 68-70. Ja, ich bin stolz auf meine Leistung, aber dennoch ist es mir nicht ganz definieren. Wie jetzt, ich habe vom Schweißen eingeschaltet -- zu Bloggen/Schreiben, und auch die Wahrheit des Evangeliums von Jesus Christus zu teilen.
    Meine E-Mail Adresse:
    Herzliche Grüße,
    Thomas G Schuckman
    Upper Michigan, USA.

    Hello  Friends,
       Somethings never change --- like the Word and Promises of Yahweh,  Father God.   Well, Folks,  That's a reassuring thought,  when most of the world is so excited and scared of their own shadow, and a Nuclear- EMP War, with only 30 minutes notice, if that !  
           Some people might say of me --- that I have my feet in "Both Places"  --- and betting on the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers, at the same time....Ha!     But I was raised on a farm in S.E. Wisconsin, and we all inherited the "Old Style" farming traditions of butchering beef and hogs in the Fall [Autumn Harvest time] along with all the other crops that we planted in the Spring.   This was all handed down for many generations through the ages.    I also traced my good name all the way back to the 1500's with the same spelling.     I am not bragging nor getting 'puffed up with pride,'  as I had nothing to say about my birth, gender, or linage.    But I do wonder about when my native people in Germany finally got to hear about the Bible, and the Salvation though Jesus Christ.   -- Or however they pronounced that good Name.  
          I believe it was in my 5th grade in a Catholic graded school in Milwaukee [St. Francis],  Wisconsin, when I first got interested in Ancient History....  but it took many years later, when I finally read and studied the KJV Bible, and the Gospel of Salvation.    And I thought to myself....  It just CANNOT BE TO EASY AND SIMPLE TO know and understand the Truth of Salvation !!   But it IS the simple truth of the Bible, written on a 5th grade reading level, so that ALL mankind can learn the simple, truth, and take a side ---for either Yahweh--Our Eternal Father, and the Christ --- or the side of STD  --Satan the Devil, and his followers and demons !   Jesus said, 'Be you hot or cold, but be you luke warm, I shall vomit you out of my mouth.'   

       Revelation 3:15-16 - Lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, spit ...

    Revelation 3:15-17 NIV I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! 16 So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot ...

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    Is that how our proud Military trains it's Soldiers and Marines ? ?   No !   Soldiers need to be trained right, and with a solid back bone when facing the enemies of our USA --America !   Obama did his best to lower and destroy our Country and Military.   His 'shadow Gov't' is still vexing the new, good, Trump Administration.   But whether America perishes in ashes or not --Father God is in control and His Will should always be our goal, too.   Bend knee to His Son.

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    Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
    Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled!
    Let not your heart be troubled!
    Let not your heart be troubled
  • Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled | The Reason For Our Hope ...
    In this presentation, Fr. Larry will give you the hope you need to be set free from a troubled heart and a heart filled with fear. The remedy to fear and worry is trust.

    It's 80 degrees, F., where I live in the great, green, North, and what a lovely day !
    Warm Regards,
    Tom  Schuckman

    Sept. 15, 2017- North Korea Fires Another Missile Over Japan
    Posted: 15 Sep 2017 02:31 PM PDT

     1coverThe Last Chronicles of Planet Earth Sept. 6, 2017 Edition written by Frank DiMora
    How to Add the Last Chronicles to your Electronic Device
    ~Scroll down for all the news; be sure to CLICK on the photos next to the prophecy sign for all Bible verses & videos ~
    Headline: Moscow rejects Israeli request for buffer zone in Syria
    Headline: Israeli official denies Moscow rebuffed plea to keep Iran away from border
    Russia rejected a request from Jerusalem for a 60-kilometer buffer zone between the Golan Heights and any Iranian-backed militias in Syria, and is only promising that the Shi’ite fighters would not come any closer to Israel than 5 kilometers, according to media reports late on Thursday night. The news of the Kremlin’s rejection broke in advance of Netanyahu’s meeting with Trump in New York on Monday. It also came as a senior Russian negotiator said that Russia, Turkey and Iran are close to finalizing an agreement on creating four de-escalation zones in Syria. The prime minister has repeatedly warned about Iran’s expanding influence in Syria. In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, he said, “Aside from trying to build atomic bombs,” Tehran is “trying to place the Iranian Army in Syria. They want to colonize Syria the way they colonized Lebanon.”
    Sept. 15, 2017
    Saudi Arabia

    Headline: Yemeni forces oust Al-Qaeda from Hadi’s home district
    Yemeni forces backed by the UAE have driven Al-Qaeda militants from a southern district that is the birthplace of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, security sources said Thursday.
    Wadea is located in Abyan province, which for months was a no-go zone for pro-government troops and where Al-Qaeda fighters fled after a similar offensive in the neighboring province of Shabwa last month. Seven suspected Al-Qaeda members were arrested during the Wadea operation, which began on Wednesday, including an alleged explosives expert known as Abu Abdallah, according to the sources.

    Sept. 14, 2017
    Headline: Russia, Iran, Turkey to police Syria Idlib safe zone
    Russia, Iran and Turkey on Friday agreed a deal to jointly police a fourth safe zone around Syria’s Idlib province as part of a Moscow-led plan to ease the six-year conflict. In a joint statement after two days of talks in Kazakhstan the three powers said they agreed “to allocate” their forces to patrol the zone covering rebel-held Idlib province and parts of the neighboring Latakia, Hama and Aleppo regions. The talks in Astana are the sixth round of negotiations Moscow has spearheaded since the start of the year as it seeks to pacify Syria after its game-changing intervention on the side of leader Bashar al-Assad.
    Sept. 15, 2017
    Headline: Iraq: At least 60 die in twin attacks near Nasiriya
    At least 60 people have been killed in two attacks in southern Iraq, police and health officials say. A suicide bomber detonated a vest and gunmen opened fire inside a restaurant near Nasiriya, capital of Dhiqar province, security sources said. Soon afterwards, a car bomb exploded at a nearby checkpoint. So-called Islamic State said it carried out the attacks. Shia Muslim pilgrims including Iranians were killed by the suspected militants. According to news agency AFP, one report said the attackers were disguised as members of Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilisation) - a mainly Shia group that has fought alongside Iraqi forces against IS. The attackers struck at midday local time (09:00 GMT) in stolen army vehicles. "One attacker blew up his suicide vest inside the crowded restaurant while a group of other gunmen started to throw grenades and fire at diners," said police colonel Ali Abdul Hussain, quoted by Reuters. At least seven Iranians were among the dead, health officials said, adding that more than 90 people were injured.
    Sept. 14, 2017
    Headline: Togo Protesters Press Demands for Constitutional Reform
    Lawmakers in Togo began debating presidential term limits Friday, after days of protests calling for constitutional reform and the departure of the ruling family. The West African nation has been ruled by one family for 50 years, and its current president, Faure Gnassingbé, has held power since 2005. Gnassingbé’s opponents are demanding a two-term limit for presidents, two rounds of voting in elections and the right of the Togolese diaspora to vote. The demonstrations began on September 6, and security forces have used tear gas and physical force, most recently on Wednesday, to disperse the crowds. Government supporters have organized counter protests to voice support for the ruling party. Opposition leaders organized a walkout from parliament earlier this week after participating in a special session to address the constitutional crisis. That session ended abruptly following heated debate. During the September 6 protests, Amnesty International reported that the leader of an opposition party was confined to his house, which was surrounded by security forces. During earlier protests in August, two were killed and 28 people sentenced to prison terms, Amnesty said. The government also shut down internet access.
    Sept. 15, 2017
    Headline: Home-made bomb injures 22 on packed London commuter train
    Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a blast on Friday that injured 22 people on a packed commuter train on the London underground network, the militant group's Amaq news agency said. A home-made bomb on a packed rush-hour commuter train in London engulfed a carriage in flames and injured 22 people on Friday in Britain's fifth major terrorism incident this year, but apparently failed to fully explode. Passengers heading into the British capital fled in panic after the blast as the train was about to depart Parsons Green underground station in West London at 8.20 a.m. (0720 GMT). Some suffered burns and others were injured in a stampede to escape but health officials said none were thought to be in a serious condition. "We now assess that this was a detonation of an improvised explosive device," Britain's top counter-terrorism officer Mark Rowley told reporters. Police said a hunt involving hundreds of detectives backed by the intelligence services was underway to find out who was responsible. Rowley declined to say if the suspected bomber had been on the train, saying it was a live investigation.
    Sept. 15, 2017
    Headline: North Korea Fires Another Missile Over Japan
    Headline: U.N. Security Council to meet after North Korea fires another missile over Japan
    Sirens in Japan went off on Friday after North Korea fired what is believed to be a medium-range ballistic missile over the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido on Friday. The missile was fired from the district of Sunan in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang, home to the country’s main airport. In what was the longest recorded flight by a North Korean missile, Friday’s launch flew a total of about 2,300 miles, reaching an altitude of 480 miles before falling into the Pacific Ocean. This indicates that the US military base on Guam at a distance of 2,100 miles from North Korea, is within striking distance. A second North Korean missile launched at the same time landed in the sea in the initial stages. The act of aggression came one day after the North Korean government issued a statement threatening to “sink” the Japan and turn the US “into ashes and darkness”. The Korea Asia-Pacific peace committee, which oversees North Korea’s relations with the outside world, issued a statement on Thursday saying, “The four islands of the [Japanese] archipelago should be sunken into the sea by the nuclear bomb of [North Korea],” the committee said in a statement carried by the official KCNA news agency, adding, “Japan is no longer needed to exist near us.” South Korea y responded by launching two missiles into the sea as a show of force while the North Korean missile was still in the air. Though the South Korean missile was not aimed at North Korea, the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said to the media that it was capable of striking the Sunan airport launch site near Pyongyang used for today’s launch.
    Sept. 15, 2017,7340,L-5017118,00.html
    Headline: Venezuela Stops Accepting Dollars For Oil Payments
    Apparently confirming what President Maduro had warned following the recent US sanctions, The Wall Street Journal reports that Venezuela has officially stopped accepting US Dollars as payment for its crude oil exports. As we previously noted, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said last Thursday that Venezuela will be looking to “free” itself from the U.S. dollar next week. According to Reuters, “Venezuela is going to implement a new system of international payments and will create a basket of currencies to free us from the dollar,” Maduro said in a multi-hour address to a new legislative “superbody.” He reportedly did not provide details of this new proposal. Maduro hinted further that the South American country would look to using the yuan instead, among other currencies.“If they pursue us with the dollar, we’ll use the Russian ruble, the yuan, yen, the Indian rupee, the euro,” Maduro also said. And today, as The Wall Street Journal reports, in an effort to circumvent U.S. sanctions, Venezuela is telling oil traders that it will no longer receive or send payments in dollars, people familiar with the new policy said. Oil traders who export Venezuelan crude or import oil products into the country have begun converting their invoices to euros. The state oil company Petróleos de Venezuela SA, known as PdVSA, has told its private joint venture partners to open accounts in euros and to convert existing cash holdings into Europe’s main currency, said one project partner.The new payment policy hasn’t been publicly announced, but Vice President Tareck El Aissami, who has been blacklisted by the U.S., said Friday, "To fight against the economic blockade there will be a basket of currencies to liberate us from the dollar." There is no major market reaction for now - a modest bid to Bitcoin and some weakness in EUR and Gold (seems someone wants this to look like nothing).
    Sept. 14, 2017
    Sept 11, 2017–Over 100 dead sea birds found on a beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales
    Sept 12, 2017–Hippos dead due to outbreak of disease in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania
    Sept 12, 2017–Over 800 dead sea birds found on islands in the Bering Sea
    Sept 13, 2017–Hundreds of Pink Flamingos dead from Hurricane Irma in Cuba
    Sept 14, 2017–Mass die off of fish in the Baltic Sea, Germany
    Sept 14, 2017–Dead turtles found on beaches in Carazo, Nicaragua
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