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A Friend's Response about Being Prepared.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Polish:

Witam przyjaciół z Polski,
mam tak wiele amerykański patriota przyjaciół, także byłych weteranów walki czytający moim skromnym blogu i zgadzam się z moich pomysłów i nastrojów. Wszyscy chrześcijanie powinni zrozumieć, że deptali, zło i nigdy nie przestanie na Ziemi do Boga Ojca--Yahweh, osobiście kuracja zatrzymać go w niedalekiej przyszłości ! Sorry do zaskakują pychą ci z tym "News". Ja nie próbują zafałszować ludzie ani nie obrażaj ich --- ale tylko powiedz im fakty i rozwaga. I, "Bóg nie może leżeć." - Tytus 1:2.
Nie wiem co twój przepisy krajowe są, ale teraz dni z bardzo agresywnym narodów otaczających nas, Polski i Ameryki, powinniśmy myśleć, planować i przygotować się na duże prawdopodobieństwo podwodnymi, przemocy i masowych mordów. Islamska najeźdźców wiele do zrobienia z tą przemocą, ale Polacy są wystarczająco inteligentny, aby zamknąć swoje granice !!! Wspaniałe !
Jeśli masz jakieś pomysły, chcesz dzielić ze mną..... proszę mnie e-mail:
ciepłe Pozdrowienia,
Thomas G. Schuckman
Michigan, USA.

Hi  Friends and avid Readers,
   My last blog post gain much attention from American Patriots,  and I had to agree with my friend,  David [Strong Horse].   But actually,  I have had this very subject on my mind for a few years already, and that is another reason why I got my Concealed Carry Permit, for handguns, etc.   I will never discuss what I have and own.... duh,  because that is just not good proper business,  friends.   I am not as free and agile at age 68, with plenty of war wounds and motorcycle accidents,  but I feel that I am still quick enough and well trained to get the job done.

My friend, David, has many good points on being prepared !   Please share with your friends and give this piece special consideration.   Thank You,  All.  

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

"Jesus is Lord."


You have the audience, not me. Therefore I wanted to share this with you, so that you can share it with your readers. This is in answer to the most recent shooting, and in my opinion, it is very good advice. I think you will agree.

Stewart Rhodes, (Founder and President of Oath Keepers), in a comment he made on our website, pointed out that it is our duty, as citizens, to always be armed and ready to confront evil.
I will wait to see final confirmation, but it does appear that this was a Christian hating leftist terrorist, who was attempting to kill but then survive to kill some more, rather than a typical suicidal mass shooter. And, unfortunately, that is something else I warned about in my Friday post about Nov 4 and the days to follow – that we may see hardcore leftists become discouraged by the failure of Nov 4 then decide to go full on Weather Underground style terrorist and target conservatives and anyone else they see as being on the political right. This church attack may be just such an incident. We will see, but I would not be at all surprised.
But whether he had planned this for some time or was reacting to the failure of the Nov 4 launch of a supposed mass movement to remove Trump, our response must be the same:
1. Go armed at all times, in all places, and be ready for it when (not if) the attack comes. That must be the physical practice and the mental state of all patriotic Americans. As I said in my Friday write up, expect it, and prepare for it, and that means a handgun and knife on your person, and a rifle or shotgun in your vehicle. It was a private citizen with a long gun who put a stop to this killing spree. You must be ready to do the same. It is a tragic shame that there was apparently nobody with a firearm among the victims in the church. I have heard nothing about anyone in that church returning fire, and it is most likely they were all unarmed.
2. Go armed in church! See #1. Be armed AT ALL TIMES, IN ALL PLACES. And especially while in church or at any gathering of people that can be attacked by some jihadist or leftist terrorist (who hate the same people). If your pastor has an idiotic “policy” of no guns in church, give him till this next Sunday to change that policy (and teach him why he must) or go find a new pastor and a new church. Do NOT let yourself be disarmed in church. How many fathers and husbands died unarmed in that church while they watched women and children slaughtered around them? How many mothers where helpless to stop their loved ones from being shot again and again? Do NOT be disarmed by anyone, anywhere. Just one gun in the hands of a good guy inside the church could have stopped the slaughter, just like a gun in the hands of a good guy outside the church prevented the terrorist from being able to get away and kill more people somewhere else (it now looks as if he had explosives in the vehicle as well as more guns and ammo, so he may have intended to carry out other attacks elsewhere).
3. Each of us needs to resolve that as a matter of duty, we will be armed and ready, and make that a solemn oath and pledge that we take deadly seriously, and then encourage others around us to do the same. Be the example of what must be done, and then help them do likewise. Show them how to do it, and train them so they are safe and effective in their use of their weapons.
4. Carry a long gun in your vehicle! Just like the hero on Sunday who used a close at hand rifle to put a stop to the killer’s plans, you may be called upon to do the same and it is much better to do it with a rifle or shotgun in hand than only a handgun. He was in a RIFLE FIGHT with the terrorist and drove him off with a rifle, then pursued him in a high speed chase with another citizen, and then ended the chase with that rifle in his hand. Try to avoid having no choice but to bring a handgun to a rifle fight. If you are away from your rifle when it goes down, you may have no choice but to engage handgun against rifle, but if you can, fight your way to your rifle. But you can’t do that if your rifle is at home. Have the option of a rifle or shotgun in your vehicle.
5. Every church needs a dedicated armed security team, and that must include at least two armed men on the outside of the church so they can see and then stop a shooter before he gets inside. This wack job was able to stage outside, get out of his vehicle, put on his gear, get out his rifle, and then walk into the church unopposed. It is better to stop a shooter on the outside rather than on the inside. Have armed teams inside and out, with radios, with all in two man buddy teams. A team outside, a team at the exterior door(s), teams inside the doors, up front at the alter, and then dispersed in the congregation is best. Every man needs to be armed, but they should rotate the full on duty of security. Security comes first! Then your convenience.
6. As I stated in my Friday piece, coordinate with local LEOs on some visual designator for you to wear, such as a certain color bandana or sash, that you let the local cops know about. It will help to cut down on the chance of your being shot by a well intentioned responding officer. With the church security, let the cops know how all church security personnel will be dressed (such as a certain color or style of suite jacket and pants). But also consider the sash, arm-band, or handkerchief/bandana that can be thrown on once the incident starts. This helps cut down the chance of terrorists dressing like your security element and fooling the police. And as you go about your day, that indicator needs to be with you, in a pocket or otherwise on your person. Change it every couple months for Op Sec.
7. Prepare for the worst – a wave of left wing terrorism targeting conservatives, libertarians, Christians, police, military, veterans, etc (anyone the left considers on the right or part of the system). Expect it. Prepare yourselves in case this does lead to a full blown civil war. Get your food storage and fuel storage built up, since there will be shortages, disruptions in service, and possibly economic collapse if a civil war kicks off. Look to the experiences in Bosnia and other such places where bloody civil war broke out. Prepare for power outages, disruption in water services, heat, etc. And prepare to defend your home and neighborhood against terrorist attack. A neighborhood watch with teeth (armed) is what you will need. Start one now, or at least be ready to start one when the time comes, and that will mean having enough hand held radios and vehicle radios (FRS, CB, HAM) to have effective grid-down communication with your neighbors, friends, and families. Have a way to recharge the radio batteries, such as solar charges and/or a generator. Have a way to purify water for your neighborhood. You should also store up medical supplies, ammunition, and a few spare guns to lend out to trusted neighbors to use on duty with the watch. Be the source of knowledge and critical supplies for that community defense and for clean water and you will be the one the others look to for leadership. Be ready to lead.
Never, ever, give up on the Constitution. It holds all the answers within it to any problem, including defeating a communist insurrection against it. Remember, it is the militia of the people that is specifically tasked in Article 1, Section 8 with repelling invasions, suppressing insurrections, and executing the laws of the Union. And that means you. And it means all of your family, friends, church members, and all your neighbors who are loyal to the Constitution. It will be up to you. Don’t count on the U.S. military or LEOS to do that vital task, since they cannot be everywhere at once. But the people can, and are.
The people are always present in every church. The people are always present in every movie theater. The people are always present in every school. The people are always present at every concert, at every ball game, at every rally or conference that may be attacked. The people will always be there, while the police usually will not.
“The people” are always, always present whenever a terrorist or insane madman goes on a shooting spree or carries out an attack. But are they ready to fulfill their duty as the militia? That is the question. You must answer it with YES, I AM READY. And when they ask “who shall we send?” Your answer must be “send me.”
Stewart Rhodes
As always brother Tom, take care of you and yours, keep your head on a swivel, and watch your six.
AKA: David

Jeff Warner jeffwarner101@gmail.comHide
To Thomas G. Schuckman
I am proud to be moving to the number 1 rated gun friendly state in our country! Arizona!
After my three tours in Vietnam, where I left half of my foot, several chunks of my flesh, lots of blood, and many heartaches, as well as a lifelong friendships and thoughts of great happy times and much sad time. 
I served in combat, in the Marines, had six bullets that were removed from my carcass, shrapnel, some pieces were still coming out years later, and lots of good American blood spilled defending our nation, only to return to fools cussing me out, spitting on me, and teachers in college ordering me to attend protests!
I am a lifetime member of the NRA! Proud of it! I am a Marine, and proud of it! I served my country, and I am proud of it.
I attended college in Arizona, where I earned a BSEE degree and an MSME degree. I went further and received a PhD in Quantum Mechanics, and love it when cupcakes, Fruitcakes or Snowflakes say Conservatives are stupid, or when they say anyone who served in the military is a murderer or some such crap!
I am a Constitution lover! I am a total believer in our Bill of Rights! I love my country! I will never surrender to those who disparage or hate our country! I will uphold my oath and offer my life to defend and protect this country from foreign and DOMESTIC enemies! 
I submit Obama as an example of someone who is a domestic enemy!
I presently reside in the worst state in our Union, California, but we are moving to Arizona, where my wife has many relatives, and where I can carry concealed, carry open, own and carry knives, including switchblades, and enjoy going out to the desert and target practicing, as well as live within 20 minutes of one of the largest ranges in the country.
At 70 years old, I am going back to college, Yavapai, where one of the top Gunsmithing schools is taught! I look forward to once again getting my hands on real hardware, new and old, and learning welding, machining, design and use of guns! 
I intend to open a shop while attending school, and begin a simple business! 
I hope all of Tom's friends find solace in their endeavors, and enjoy my years dealing with guns the idiots in our country do not appreciate! thanks, Jeff

Tom, I was at the VAMC Loma Linda, California, today! I discussed your issues with several Doctors and three advocates! All agreed that going to other Doctors is the way to get what you require. 
All stated they would never argue with an outside MD about a diagnosis or prescription. Most said they would enjoy seeing you as a patient, being treated properly for your issues!
One disabled vet who was with our group, stated he was not getting his VA doctor to sign his Disabled papers for 100% which would give him free vehicle registration. In California, registration is hundreds if dollars each year for a standard car. Thousands for luxury cars.
If you get a doctor to sign that you are 100% disabled, it is free! My vehicles are all free.
The vet asked me some weeks ago, what to do. I told him to go to CalVets, which works alongside the VA advocates, in helping vets. They are not part of the VA and not paid by the VA, but are recognized as equal to the VA. 
He did as I suggested, and told me today, he was referred to a VA Doctor, who read his papers, and gave his signature.
He said it saves him $350 a year!

I have learned that getting upset is easy, but getting revenge is better! I love throwing it in the faces of the less than poor VA doctor, by showing him/her the signature, the prescription, the results of a highly qualified Doctor who agrees with me!

I have changed my doctor's minds at the VA several times, by going back with a diagnosis that they said no to, but an outside professional said yes to.
The VA Opthalmologists said I was borderline Glaucoma! The top Opthamologist at the Loma Linda University Hospital said it was just "dry eye"!
He put me on some wet eye drops, and everything was okay! They disagreed, but after six months, found he was correct! They now listen to me and ask me what the outside Doctors say.

The same thing occurred with the Cardiologists! I have three specialists. One is rated the top Thoracic Cardiologist in Southern California, he performed open heart surgery on me. Another is rated one of the top five Electro-physio Cardiologist in the Western U.S. and the third is my primary Cardiologist, who is highly respected, and known throughout Southern California. 
The VA Cardiologist argued about my treatment, until I got letters from all three, directed to him, outlining their treatment, their diagnosis, their reasons etc. The VA Cardiologist backed off, and has not argued once in the past three years with their treatment. I actually think he learned from them! I know only that I died twice on the OR table, but they saved me, and brought me back! 19 direct hits on my heart at 200+ joules! 
Ten years ago!
I have V-fib. Ventricular Fibrillation! The bad one!
---David  [Strong Horse}  ---Disabled combat Vietnam Veteran -- Marine.

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"Iron sharpens Iron."  --Proverbs 27: 17  CrazyLoyal
Disabled Vietnam Combat Veteran: 68-70
   Thomas G. Schuckman


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Subject: [TOM'S JOURNAL.---"The Man in the Door“.] Texas Church Killings... Shame.

Texas Church Killings... Shame.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in French:

Bonjour les amis,
nous sommes tous attristés par la récente prise de masse de l'Église baptiste au Texas, USA, mais c'est la même vieille histoire de les mauvaises personnes à travers le système "douce" pour obtenir des armes à feu lorsqu'ils sont dérangés mentalement et démoniaque ! Je suppose que des mesures plus strictes devront être mises en vigueur. Personnellement, je suis 100 % Pro- 2ème Amendements fusil de l'homme et de notre grande Constitution des États-Unis, et également d'un "pistolet caché effectuer le permettent." Mais je suis une personne saine, normale, formés, gentilhomme, soldat et Christian ! J'ai passé 2 ans combattent dans le sud du Vietnam : 68-70, hélicoptère 'door gunner.' Oui, je sais que les Français sont là d'abord... LOL. Sourire.
La France et l'Allemagne ont des problèmes avec les meurtriers islamiques, aussi.
Je sais que beaucoup de Français et les dames sont smart/ intelligent, et j'espère que certains vous enverra par e-mail/ écrivez-moi, s'il vous plaît.
Thomas G. Schuckman
Email :
"Jésus est Seigneur".

Good Day,  Friends,
     The story I want to share with you is important to me, and many other Christians.  I don't know if there is an answer at this point on planet Earth....  but I totally believe that there will be one in the near future, according to the KJV Bible that I have been seriously studying these past 40 some years !   It's not just "blind faith" -- brothers and friends !   "Gott kann nicht Lugen."  --Titus Chapter One, Verse two.  [German].   --- "God can not lie."   
        God-haters, demons,   and the heathen/ pagan, want so much to tell gullible people that the Bible is filled with lies and untruths,  but I would hate to be in their shoes with the Lord comes back to deal with them....  !   Folks,  it won't be pretty.   And, Satan and his demons will also be dealt with,  too:

  1. Revelation 20:3 He threw him into the Abyss, and locked ...

  3. The angel threw him into the bottomless pit, which he then shut and locked so Satan could not ... to go into the abyss. Revelation ... pit,.... Or deep, into which ...
  4. HOW WILL SATAN BE CHAINED? - Revelation of Jesus
    HOW WILL SATAN BE CHAINED? ... and he cast him into the bottomless pit, ... But the Great White Throne will appear and Satan will be judged, ...
Yahweh--Father God, and Lord Jesus Christ [Yahshua] are totally in control, and they also have a "time Table" as to when they will launch the 'clean up job' to remove all wickedness and evil from Earth!!   The people who survive Armageddon probably won't be "perfect" right away,  but the people that are 'transformed' into Spiritual Beings WILL be perfect after the Rapture, and we will help the people on Earth attain perfection as time goes on... for 1000 years.    But why not READ the facts for yourselves ???   If I can do it --- you fine fellows certainly can !   Smile.   And all of us Christians on Earth now, indeed,  have a special command to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with as many other people as we possibly can,  right now !!   So,  if you read the Gospel accounts and the book of Romans,  you are well on your way to understanding the GOSPEL !!   Go for it now !   OK,  it's true that we can never "earn our way into heaven..."   But this IS our assigned work right now on Earth,  dear friends.   
       Think:   How much TV, InterNet, FaceBook and other baloney do we waste our time on every single day??   Ha!  I know some folks who are on their cell phones MOST OF THE DAY,  EVERY DAY.   And I have my faults, too.   I am only trying to use logic, here, friends,  not pointing fingers or tearing people down.  I have admitted my own sins many times on this humble blog site.   

And now for the pasted page about the horrible church murders in Texas,  USA.... AND AT LEAST HALF OF THEM WERE CHILDREN !!   What can we all do to be more aware, prudent, and try to prevent these things from happening ?   I have a CCW hand gun permit, after taking the training course where I live,  plus my Army training and experiences, to help me protect my loved ones, and one pastor told me it was OK for me to 'carry in church, to protect the congregation.'   I loved the pastor as a close brother and loved his great sermons...   Pastor Kevin Sullivan, a good man, in Upper Michigan.   But I see that he as aged too fast, by his 'burning himself up for the Lord, and his ministry, IMHO.'   Please pray for him and his fine family.

Warm Regards,
Thomas G. Schuckman

"For to me to lie is Christ,  and to die is gain."  ---Philippians 1: 21.  

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To tschuckman

Tactical and Preparedness Newsletter

By: Ox and David Morris

This morning, people across the country have a mix of sadness and anger after the senseless mass murder at the First Baptist Church in Southerland Springs, Texas.
Sadness at the loss of life.
And anger that the shooter was able to hurt and kill as many people as he did before someone was finally able to stop him.
I’m asking the 2 questions I ask after every mass murder…
1. What can I do to keep it from happening when I’m around? How do I stop violence before it starts, and how do I stop a murderer before they become a mass murderer?
2. What can I do to help others do the same.
We're going to cover those 2 questions today on the blog, as well as 2 other mass murders at churches that happened late last month that killed 89 and wounded 65. They didn't involve guns and you probably didn't hear about them, but you should have.
Read more now by going over to the blog by clicking >HERE<

If you're open about your preps, please feel free to share the link on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media and "like" us on Facebook. If not, I get it :)
Stay safe and God Bless,
Ox & David Morris


WATCH: Judge Jeanine Makes Heartbreaking Announcement

November 6, 2017

WATCH: Judge Jeanine Makes Heartbreaking AnnouncementMichael Vadon / CCL
The scandal involving top Democrats in the Obama administration regarding the sale of American uranium assets to Russia has gotten a lot of media attention lately. Now, Judge Jeanine Pirro is pointing out one horrible effect of the shady uranium deals that hasn’t been heavily discussed yet — and it has nothing to do with politics.
In the “Opening Statement” segment of her self-titled Fox News show, Pirro pointed out that the uranium deal will have an adverse effect on the ability of the U.S. medical community to diagnose cancer patients through nuclear imaging technology – and as a former cancer patient, she takes that personally.

Watch her entire segment here:

“Uranium is key”

Pirro revealed that she was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, and that her diagnosis was made possible because of nuclear imaging. And “uranium,” she stated, “is key to nuclear imaging.”
She continued:
You know it all makes sense now. Obama dancing with the devil, so keen on making the Iran deal with our sworn enemy, that Iran deal allowing them to develop the capability to create Molly 99 in their country from uranium and sell it back to us. Molly 99, of course, is the medical ingredient that’s used to diagnose heart disease and cancer in over 40 million Americans a year.
It cannot be made without uranium.
Not only is it a national security issue, says Pirro, but it’s also a personal one, as many patients rely on uranium — whether they know it or not — to confirm their diagnoses.

No Charges, No Justice

Pirro also stated that Hillary Clinton’s State Department, under Obama, personally benefited from making deals with Russia that not only gave the Kremlin control over many American uranium assets, but also filled the Clinton Foundation’s coffers with cash.

She went on:
It’s bad enough for people like me who get that cancer diagnosis, who go through the treatment not knowing what’s going to happen at the other end. We don’t need to be vulnerable to Russia, Iran, or even North Korea.
Pirro finally stated that countries “committed to our destruction” shouldn’t have access to our uranium. According to the judge, the deal forces American dependency on foreign governments who want to see the United States destroyed.
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She said:
We don’t need to give billions of dollars to other countries so that they can develop their nuclear programs and then sell it to us at a profit. We don’t need need Russia, Iran, or anyone else in control of our medical testing or imaging.
I, for one, don’t want to give anyone but Americans leverage over that.


Judy D.
To Thomas G. Schuckman
Isaiah 5:14 talks about how God has enlarged the mouth of hell.  Many more are going to the place that God had originally designed for Satan and his demons.  But, in the last days, many will follow after anything other than the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.  God has placed scales on their eyes and they will reject the Lord Jesus Christ.  But, when Jesus returns as Lord of Lord and King of Kings, the scales will fall from their eyes and they will see who they rejected.  How sad for them.
I cannot imagine how anyone could choose hell over Jesus.  Blindness and a hardened heart and rebellion make people believe they can go to heaven because they are 'good' people.   How astonishing that anyone would believe that nonsense. 
We are called to be 'light' and 'salt' and if the salt looses it's flavor we are good for nothing.  You are right.  We are commanded to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and to take the witness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the world.  Even so, there will be many who will continue to reject the Word.  Even more importantly, we are to Love our God with all of our heart and all of our minds and all of our souls.  That is the first command, to 'Love'.  
When the shooter in Texas died, he was not absent from the body and present with the Lord.  But, those who were in the church, who were saved, are present with the Lord.  That is great news.
Now, I need to get some sleep.  I was up all night comforting our 12 year old mini long hair Dachshund.  He passed away at 6:15 a.m.  We loved him for 12 years and miss him greatly.  His name was Andy.  He was a real treasure and our other Dachshund, BoBo is walking around like he has lost something.  Thankfully, animals seems to get past death much faster than we humans.