Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Why has America Declined?

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Uncle Joe is Busted! Former Biden Bodyguard: ‘We had to Protect Women from Him’

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Foreword in Danish:

Hej venner,
den berømte forfatter William Shakespeare selv skrev et skuespil om en dansk konge, dommedagsstemning i 1500-tallet, som også var tilpasset TV-kigning. Danskerne er kendt for deres høje IQ's, kløgt og hårde arbejdsmoral, når mange af dem udvandrede til Amerika. Det siges at deres større vener og arterier er dobbelt så stort som 'normale' mænd, af andre nationaliteter.
Men hvem ønsker at leve evigt, hvis man er fattig... Ha! Jeg studerede "regel" om 72, 15 år siden, da jeg arbejdede for Primerica Financial Services/ Investeringer, og nu - bare se på hvad smart og stabilt investeringer kan gøre for en mand ! Men nøglen til smarte investeringer er snart at begynde, og de unge, og fortsat kan øge puljen af sølv og guld, yderligere mindst $2K pr. år.
Men mig synes, at det smarteste investering i hele dit liv --- er at investere i en god kopi af Bibelen Bibelen - og derefter læse/studere den dagligt. Fordi, kære venner, den dag vil komme, hvor 'mænd vil begynde at smide deres penge i gaderne," når de lærer at penge aldrig kunne købe sig vej ind i himlen.
Venlig hilsen
Thomas G. Schuckman
Email: Tschuckman@aol.com

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Foreword in Spanish: 

Buen día, el Pueblo Español,
entiendo sólo un poco de español, y creo que es un hermoso idioma. Cuando un país alcanza su "Edad de Oro", también comparten su religión, cultura, ideas y lenguaje. Así que queremos llegar en amistad a nuestros hermanos y primos que viven en otros países. Si yo tuviera que trasladarse a otro país, quiero esperar a aprender el nuevo idioma del país actualmente vivo en. Período. También las diferentes leyes, costumbres, historia y cultura. Yo estaba en Alemania cuando tenía 19 años, Vietnam, Japón, Tailandia, cuando tenía un año de edad. Así, me dieron todo el mundo a tierna edad, cuando estaba en el ejército americano, como un helicóptero "puerta" el artillero, soldado, etc. y las ñoras probé en Vietnam y Tailandia eran mucho más caliente/ más picante de sus primos mexicanos !! Ja! Yo comía unos 20 pimientos con mi comida mexicana en el almuerzo -- pero ahora sólo 10 días. Puedo disfrutar de sabrosa comida picante.
Y saben también que la Palabra de Dios, la Biblia RV está escrito en prácticamente todos los idiomas y la lengua en el mundo de hoy. También comparto en regalar porciones de la Biblia que explican la salvación a través de la fe en el sacrificio de sangre de Jesucristo en la cruz... Para todos los hombres ! Es sólo a través de esa muerte de Jesús podemos llegar al cielo. Leer el Evangelio de Cristo, pronto, y permitimos que el Espíritu Santo venga a tu corazón.
Mi correo electrónico: Tschuckman@aol.com
cálidos saludos,
Thomas G Schuckman
el Norte de Michigan, Estados Unidos.

Good Day,  Dear Friends and Readers,
       My wife, Loretta, just gave me half a glass of pink lemonade to sip while I beat on my PC --keyboard right now, and she said that it has,  "Pucker Power !"   She is correct and I love her lemonade -- also her fine cooking and baking !
      We also got my 2-- thermal Winter insulated pants in the mail, today, so now I won't freeze.    PTL !   [Praise the Lord]   
      So....  next we will be looking for a Bible teaching Gospel church very soon as I ask the Holy Spirit to direct me toward that goal.   I figure that I know the "Good Book" well enough to spot any phony, false churches, or those who only want my money... with all my experience, etc.   I am not too worried.  

On the flip side of the coin, so many wise men are now predicting the downfall of the USA,  also our American Dollar/ Financial system.    Unfortunately,  most governments lie and spread false Information.   And you can bet that most stores, banks, and governments brag and say grandiose things about how well our economy is now doing  ---- that is when the 'rats will all jump ship-- and abandon ship !'      Yes,  even the rats know when it's time to abandon ship.    We all do well to keep a searching hand on the 'pulse of the nation.'   And watch what the 'other hand is doing.'   Where do the big, rich, guys invest their money and resources ?  

My family plans for the long term future, but also the short term future, and in between.    First,  I try to teach people about:  Priorities in Life.    When a nation goes down the tubes, it's usually the very young and the older, infirm people who die first.   As for me,  being disabled means that I just cannot get around too well these days,  but I also invest in smart things that will insure my der wife has something to fall back on, after I am gone.   That is one reason why I got married.   How did those who claimed to be my "friend" or relative treat me all my life ??   You see,  if not about being stingy or mean,  but about mere "lip service" vs.  real love and care !!     My eyes have seen and experienced so many strange, also horrible things in my life,  so hardly nothing surprises me at this point in my life.  
        I realize that I have been giving this same warning for many years,  but it's the Lord's Will and Command that will set the whole world in motion --- as the stink hits the fan !   The Bible says that the world WILL NOT BLOW ITSELF UP with a nuclear holocaust --- although there might be a limited regional nuke exchange.   The real day of Armageddon is reserved for God Almighty - Yahweh....  see:  Revelation 16: 16.   But before that the Rapture and then the 'Great Tribulation' must happen.   In the meantime, all true Christians are obliged to continue in sharing the Gospel, until the Holy Spirit says,  Stop.   I also know that I worry too much and should put more trust in the Lord and His Word, the Bible.   We all must be humble and trust in the Lord.

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman
email:   tschuckman@aol.com  

From: John Porter
To: Americans everywhere
November 13, 2017

 Kathleen Dynan has nailed one of the major reasons we are witnessing the rampant ugly behavior in our country today. Read carefully and hear her words. What she is describing is exactly what happened in Germany in the 1930's. She is sounding the alarm clock. I pray America doesn't sleep in until it's too late to go to work. Here's Kathleen.......

Why Has America Declined?
        The recent Veteran’s Day celebrations remind us of America’s greatness, her citizens’ love of Country and when we acted as “One nation under God, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all.” But, today Americans live with hatred and ugliness. What has happened?

        The major change and the basis for many problems today is our education system.

       Our schools at all levels are now managed by Liberals and Progressives. They have rewritten our glorious history to present America as an evil, selfish country; lies that could not be further from the truth. They are trying to eradicate much of our past by destroying monuments to our Founding Fathers. Look at Russia to understand the danger of rewriting history.

         While statues of Confederate icons are illegally torn down in the United States, Russia is erecting new monuments honoring a truly evil, Soviet Union dictator who killed millions, Josef Stalin. This monster is blamed for the deaths of 20 to 25 million people. One Historian, Khlevniuk, says that “Under Stalin's regime at least 60 million people faced some form of repression or discrimination”. But, when lies replace truth in education, our youth will admire and pattern themselves after the wrong individuals.

       Today, America’s educators omit facts and substitute lies but, do not teach the most important life skill, problem solving. Liberals and Progressives do not want young Americans to learn to collect facts, to evaluate them and to apply what they learn to real problems. They want them to need to fit in with others, so our education system cultivates a herd mentality. Why would people pay more money to buy clothes that have been ripped and damaged than for the same items in new, intact shape? Because everyone else is wearing them and they have to look like everyone else. That is why far too many Americans hate Donald Trump, all their friends do. Instead of analyzing the many good things this President has done and wants to do for all Americans, these dangerous sheep go along so that their friends won’t dislike them.

        Liberals and Progressives not only want to control Americans with lies and defective decision-making skills, they want them to act based solely on emotion. This is why so many non-profits abuse children and impaired adults by using them in advertising to raise money. If donors asked the right questions first, they may find that other groups serving those populations have better outcomes. They may also find that those advertisers spend only a small percentage of the funds raised to help the sick and impaired. Americans have also become non-thinking sheep in their civic responsibilities. Too many blindly vote “Party”, not researching the office seekers based on their values, ethics, beliefs and experience.

        Teaching lies while not teaching problem solving combined with encouraging taking action based solely on emotions led to the creation of the terrorist group, Black Lives Matter. There was no “hands up, don’t shoot” moment, its cornerstone. Court testimony by witnesses, blacks and whites, proved that. It has also led to “Sanctuary” cities and states. Pity for illegal, criminal immigrants is presented as paramount, not the real needs of many Americans. In the murder capital of America, Mayor Emanuel, Obama’s former Chief of Staff, wants to help violent criminals in America illegally, instead of dealing with the horror Chicago has become.

        Take back our education system from bottom to top. That will weaken and eventually end the control Liberals and Progressives have over Americans. Instead, America will flourish with well-educated, problem-solving citizens who work together to make and keep America great and continue to do what Americans have always done, reach out to help those in need.

John Porter
118 Approach Drive
Harrison, Arkansas