Friday, November 17, 2017

The "Black Death" is Back.

Tom's Journal.

Vater unser im Himmel, geheiligt werde Dein Name. Lass dein Reich komme, dein Wille geschehe. Wie im Himmel so auf Erden. Und vergib uns unsere Schuld, wie auch wir vergeben unsern Schuldigern. Und führe uns nicht in Versuchung, sondern erlöse uns von dem Bösen. Denn dein ist das Reich und die Kraft und die Herrlichkeit, in Ewigkeit. Amen.   {German}

Gotta love the NFL….pro Basketball players are even worse!!!!  but dumb people love to see this kind of stuff. I will never pay, go to or even watch on TV another NFL or Basketball game again.




NFL arrest record by team since 2000
Team # of Arrests Since 2000
Minnesota Vikings 42
Cincinnati Bengals 40
Denver Broncos 36
Tennessee Titans 33
Miami Dolphins 28
Kansas City Chiefs 28
Jacksonville Jaguars 27
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27
Cleveland Browns 26
San Diego Chargers 25
Indianapolis Colts 24
Chicago Bears 23
Seattle Seahawks 20
New Orleans Saints 20
Washington Redskins 18
Oakland Raiders 18
Baltimore Ravens 18
Carolina Panthers 18
Green Bay Packers 17
Pittsburgh Steelers 17
Atlanta Falcons 16
San Francisco 49ers 16
Detroit Lions 15
New England Patriots 15
Buffalo Bills 14
Dallas Cowboys 13
New York Giants 13
Arizona Cardinals 12
New York Jets 11
Philadelphia Eagles10
Houston Texans 9
St Louis Rams 8
Total 656

Doesn’t this make you want to run out and buy a ticket and watch the National Felon League ?  Doesn’t this make you want to help the owners buy a new stadium and retain their tax exemptions? 

Foreword in French:

Bonjour les amis en France,
comment est la météo dans votre terre/ pays, aujourd'hui ? C'est brumeux et enneigé où je vis, dans le nord de la péninsule du nord du Michigan, USA, et je me suis aventuré dehors pour obtenir une coupe ce matin, et qui a de moi pendant un mois et plus. Je veux être bien entretenues et l'assiette si je peux, donc ma jolie femme n'est pas honte de moi en public.
Mais aujourd'hui je parle d'une vieille, blessants, maladie, appelée la "Mort Noire", qui a refait surface à nouveau, mais cette fois-ci, nous sommes limités pour une guérison parce que cette horrible maladie n'a pas répondu à nos médicaments modernes et Anti-Biotics ! ! Personnes en France pourraient se souvenir de cette vieille maladie, livres d'histoire, il y a des siècles en arrière. Je ne voudrais pas que la maladie sur mon pire ennemi... désolé.
Oui, quand nous sommes malades ou mourants, nous avons tendance à saisir à pailles, aussi prier et supplier Dieu le Père - l'Éternel pour la miséricorde et le confort. Mieux vaut être du côté de Dieu dès le début de l'étude et sa Sainte Parole, la Bible KJV. L'enfer est un très mauvais, blessants place --- que je ne veux jamais voir.
Pouvez-vous honnêtement dire que "Vous avez le Saint-esprit en vous ?' Je n'aurais jamais bien, sans lui.... le H.S., un "don gratuit du Père, Dieu."
Thomas G. Schuckman
Email :
"Jésus est Seigneur".

Hi  Friends,
    'Tis the season to spend more than our budgets allow, on things and gifts for those we care about -- who don't really need nor want....  LOL !   But,  I see nothing wrong with families getting together for a great meal, or just a simple, informal meal !   Having said all that,  Thanksgiving time and family reunions can also cause stressed out people who are forced to tolerate each other, as they make fun, throw barbs and sidewinders at other relatives and friends,  and that is painful.   I would caution and advise:   "Been there --- done that, too."   But why not pray first and then TRY HARDER to be nice to everyone ? ?     "The LORD will give strength unto his people;   the LORD will bless his people with peace."  ---Psalm 29: 11.  
      I have the habit of periodically checking myself to see that I don't "drift" far from the KJV Bible [or the NASB] and Father God, too much,  because I once got caught up in false religion and strayed to far after I got home from the war in South East Asia.....     I can only WISH that I was 'raised with the KJV Bible when I was young...'  instead of having to learn it after I was in my mid-40's !   ...Duh.   Yet, the Heavenly Father--Yahweh, KNEW that I would be His follower and servant BEFORE I WAS BORN !!   What else should I believe after I was saved from death so many times...  AFTER I toured combat in Vietnam:  68-70 ??   Ha!  Now that severe injuries have crippled my old body, and taken the 'wind from my sails,' I have slowed down and relaxing a bit more.    "O LORD my God,  I cried unto thee,  and thou hast healed me."   --- Psalm 30: 2.  KJV Bible.   
     And I may have confided that most of my  younger life --- I prayed that the Lord might confer upon me,  "Balance" and 'Common Sense.'   Don't get the "Herd Mentality" and run wild as wild groups of animals in Africa do !   With the 'trash, false, News' loves to manipulate Americans so much in these last days --- but their punishment shall also come, soon enough.   The One World Gov't and World Elite OWNS them, too.   I would caution to 'be on God's side,' and take the  BALANCED Approach.   

One balanced gentleman who writes a weekly piece that is certainly balanced, is:   Hal  Lindsey,  and I never mess his writings.   I also 'invest in'  Bible Tracts, Inc.,  and I send them a humble amount of money to further their fine, brave work in so many distant lands that are really dangerous,  and they send me more Bible Tracts, to hand out to everyone I run into --- as I always carry a few in my wallet.  

Have a great day!

Warm Regards,
Thomas G. Schuckman
"Jesus is Lord."

November 17th, 2017
In the 14th century, the bubonic plague -- or Black Death, as it is known in history -- wiped out 60% of the entire population of Europe.

Modern medicine, particularly antibiotics, effectively defeated bubonic plague and relegated it to occasional, relatively minor outbreaks.

Well, the Black Death is back.

Several nations are once again experiencing outbreaks of bubonic plague. This outbreak began in Madagascar, an island off the east coast of Africa.

It has now spread to at least ten African nations. The death toll, thus far, is in the hundreds. Thousands have been infected, including many healthcare workers.

With the ready availability of antibiotics and the quick response of the world's medical community, a massive bubonic plague outbreak seems unlikely. But no one knows. After all, Jesus predicted that in the time just before His return, the world would see an alarming increase in "pestilences." And bubonic plague can certainly be classified as a pestilence.

But I think we're facing an even greater problem: antibiotic-resistant diseases.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in the United States alone, approximately two million people each year become infected with bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics. The CDC estimates that 23,000 die from those infections each year.

Sadly, this may be only the beginning. Colistin is often referred to as "the antibiotic of last resort." It's the powerful, last-gasp alternative reserved for those cases that don't respond to anything else.

According to The Guardian of London, "Scientists attending a recent meeting of the American Society for Microbiology reported... that bacteria containing a gene... which confers resistance to the antibiotic colistin... had spread round the world at an alarming rate since its original discovery 18 months earlier."

It has gotten so bad that England's Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies recently told a conference, "The world is facing an antibiotic apocalypse."

Precisely as Jesus warned for these days in which we are living.

Wow, strange things are happening in the Middle East.

After accepting Hezbollah as a "partner" in Lebanon's government during the past year, Saad Hariri, the Prime Minister of Lebanon, flew to Saudi Arabia and briefly disappeared. Last week, he appeared on Saudi television and announced his resignation as Prime Minister of Lebanon.

Hariri blamed Hezbollah, which is internationally recognized as a terror group, and its master, Iran, which is internationally recognized as the greatest state sponsor of terrorism. He said he feared for his life.

Even now, Hariri insists he is not being detained against his will. But Lebanon -- and Hezbollah -- accuse the Saudis of "kidnapping" their Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, the Houthis of Yemen launched a ballistic missile at Saudi Arabia. The Saudi air force intercepted it and destroyed it mid-flight.

The Houthis are a radical Yemeni group funded by Iran -- which also founded and funds Hezbollah.

Since Iran funds the Houthis and supplied the missile that was fired at Saudi Arabia, and since Hezbollah is, likewise, a proxy of Iran and is a full partner in Lebanon's official government, the Saudis have drawn an interesting conclusion.

Saudi Arabia is accusing Lebanon of committing an "act of war" against it.

So the Saudis accuse Lebanon of an "act of war" and the Lebanese accuse the Saudis of kidnapping their Prime Minister. The whole affair has the Middle East on edge.

Some analysts believe the Saudis accuse the nation of Lebanon of this aggression in order to fan sectarian conflict in Lebanon. The thinking is that if the Saudis can cause the 40% of Lebanon's population that is Christian, and the 30% that is Sunni Muslim (as opposed to Shi'ite Muslim like Hezbollah and Iran) to rise up against Hezbollah, they may be able to stop the takeover of Lebanon by Iran.

The Saudis may be setting the stage for a possible intervention in Lebanon. If that happens, Iran won't respond nicely and the region could explode.

The human suffering caused by the Syrian civil war (in which Iran and Hezbollah are allies of Assad), has been surprising and tragic. It has changed the character of the Middle East and, because of the mass "refugee" migration, of Europe.

But it may be just the beginning.

Finally, as we prepare to celebrate this Thanksgiving season, I want to share with you why I think it's more important than ever to understand the power of praise in thanksgiving to God. Our nation faces real and present dangers. As I report weekly on "The Hal Lindsey Report," the threats are mounting and the odds appear to be impossible. But it's precisely at those moments of darkness that the power of praise and gratitude to God can be our pathway to victory.

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Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.

God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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