Sunday, November 26, 2017

Prepared for the Unknown...

Tom's Journal.

Forward in Ukrainian: 

Добрі люди України:
Скільки ви працелюбних співробітників зрозуміти, англійською? Я провчився ще декілька мов, начебто, латина, французькою та німецькою, англійською - моя рідна мова, як я народилася в Америці. Я також історія проти іспанського фалообміну і любов до культурами та подорожував по всьому світу, коли я був молодший.
Я знайшла справжніх Господа нашого Ісуса Христа після я повернулась від 2- роки В'єтнаму --американських відносин. Армія, гелікоптер 'door канонірів'. Я твердо вірю, що батько Бога - яхве збережений і захищав мене від суттєвої шкоди здоров'ю, стільки разів, коли я повинен був убитий. Тому зараз я вже серйозний студент KJV Біблії протягом 40 років, а також написати скромний, але стимулювання блог: ТОМА журнал. Мій Email:
Біблія також погоджується з тим, що розумні люди кажуть про чітку можливість нових і жахливий війнах, що може прийти в найближчому майбутньому, як з боку Ірану і Північної Кореї ! Кращі підготувати та запастися з деякими консерви, свічки, зброя, боєприпаси, про всяк випадок, Імхо [в мою скромну думку...]. Так, ми хочемо довіри до батька Бога, але й використовувати наш Бог дав мізки надіти убік мнс та катастроф. Але хто знає, навіть якщо американська $$$ долар навіть вижити, або будуть замінені щось інше.
Теплий побажаннями,
Томас G. Schuckman
"Ісус є Господь'.

Foreword in Swedish:

Bra dag, fina svenskar:
Jag har alltid velat besöka ditt vackra land och även tillbringat 6 månader i Tyskland-- amerikanska armén, helikoptrar. Jag alltid lära så mycket när jag besöker andra länder, även min 2-år i södra Vietnam: jämställdhetsprogrammet hade. Jag försöker alltid att lära sig språk och kultur människor och försöker få vänner, om jag kan.
Jag hoppas att några av er smarta människor kan läsa engelska, och min anspråkslösa blogg: TOM'S JOURNAL. Och min e-postadress är:
som ni alla förmodligen vet redan, världen blir att vara en mycket farlig krutdurk som kan explodera när som helst under 2018 ! Många smarta människor i Sverige tror att förbereda är klok sak att göra nu också investera i guld och silver, och dölja den hemma. Och om du verkligen älskar din make/maka och barn, kanske du kan investera i en förnuftig, bra pistol och ammunition, förutom mer mat och öl/vatten.
Kom ihåg att "Gud kan inte ljuga," ---Titus 1: 2. KJV Bibel.
Varma hälsningar,
Thomas G. Schuckman
"Jesus är Herre".

Iran threatens Europe with WW3 MISSILE rocket attack

"We are following a strategic doctrine." Did Europe really think that appeasing, aiding, and arming the Islamic Republic of Iran, the world's largest state sponsor of terror, would keep them safe?

Hello  Friends and avid Readers:

     I am now in the midst of contacting this gentleman, to thank him and also talk to him --- that his life was so similar to mine, with many mishaps, action, injuries and combat....  LOL.   And I figure that I can learn a lot from him, and perhaps make a new friend !   Smile.  
      That we both were in a war, survived, broke too many bones, suffered and now write blogs to share our true stories.   For instance, a past 'doctor' --- [Carlos Medina],  from Puerto Rico once prescribed a 'medicine' to help me sleep and not get up to pee so often --- also make me pass out and break my Left ankle in FOUR PLACES, so that the local VAMC ['Hospital'] in Iron Mountain, Michigan, saw that they were just ill-equipped to help me in any way --- even NO PAIN MEDS !   So they shipped me to the fine highly educated surgeon in Green Bay --St. Mary's, did put me back together again, and reinforced my bones with good steel, or titanium, and shortly retired, so I can't even email or contact him anymore !  

But I know that you all are not interested in my Litany of injuries,  plus many of you probably have it worse than I do.   All I can do is Pray for You....    And I believe that many combat Veterans now believe that Father God --Yahweh had something to do with their survival,  besides their Military survival training, and "spirit de corp."   Indeed, We Vet's usually "take care of our own."   And it's common knowledge that very FEW 'humans' will even bother to help us, in any way !!    And then people wonder why so many of us are, "Preppers."    If these words sound 'sour'  --- some of it is,  but it's the bare truth.

And here is the true story of another combat Veteran who has some special, very interesting words that will help all of us, today.   I highly respect and admire guys like this, and the rest of us can honestly "identify"  with him and LEARN !!
     Folks may THINK that we Vets have quirks about our EDC ---Every Day Carry.  that might also include ALWAYS carrying a fully charged Cell Phone, and perhaps a good, sharp Swiss Army Knife, or another kind/ type --- maybe a small "neck knife,"  and I highly recommend:   -- and/ or "Buck knives," etc.    Durable Flash Lights, now days are small and compact, but powerful !   
        So when my fine wife goes out after dark, I always ask her if she has her,  "EDC"  stuff with her, on her.   Because I CARE FOR HER WELFARE,  and good ladies are so hard to find !   
       So,  YES,  we do put our lives and souls in the hands of the Lord, and rely on Him -- Jesus Christ --Yeshua,   but God also gave us a brain and intelligence, to prepare, beware, and just don't ever rely on so-called, 'friends', neighbors, even relatives to 'do the right thing, in times of disaster and emergencies.... as Satan is in the air, and he has poisoned the minds of millions of his followers.   Jesus said, in the book of,  John 8:  42 --44,   "42.   Jesus said unto them,  If God were your Father, ye would love me:  for I proceeded forth and came from God;   neither came I of myself,  but he sent me.   43.   Why do you not understand my speech?  Even because ye cannot hear my word.   44.  Ye are of your father the devil,  and the lusts of your father the devil,  and the lusts of your father ye will do.  He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth,  because there is no truth in him.  When he speaketh a lie,  he speaketh of his own, for he is a liar, and the father of it."     Yes,  a liar's words can also make him a "Murderer," and cause another man to lose his life !!   Just look at our American Left Wing Politics and how innocent men just disappear  after they 'spill the beans,' or become a liability to the "Powers that Be"  --- and we are just about ready to see how many "Swamp Things" will be exposed.   Ha!   This is only the Beginning,  folks.  
      So,  when things get to be too stressful and scary, I like to bury my face in the wonderful Psalms and Proverbs, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit HEALS ME.   And just by some bacon and lots of good pork,  and beans, candles, more ammo for your shot gun, and love your loved ones, especially your spouse and children.   Teach them the most important promises of the KJV Bible [or the NASB], hug them, and teach them well !

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman


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