Friday, December 22, 2017

EMP: Facts vs: Fiction.

Tom's Journal.

Hello  Friends,
     In my humble opinion,  even though I like President Trump and support most of his agenda,  I have always found it best to 'think for myself,'  and do the extra research and personal study.   In other words,  "Anything can happen at anytime !"   And Murphy's Law, in alive and in force.   BTW, that fine book is out of print.... sorry.  
      My father and the Army taught me a lot about being self sufficient.   I wanted to be a 'Master of ONE trade' and went to college for more welding study,  but then all the big companies wanted a 'Jack of all Trades !'   But now it makes sense to be multi-skilled.   I just never thought this sad state of affairs would be here so soon ---  but the KJV BIBLE is always right and correct.   It is of much power and might right now as it was 20 Centuries ago !   Study and read it every day,  and try your hand at memorizing some of it, as I do.... NOT to show off,  but to increase your knowledge and grow closer to God and His Son !  

As for the EMP business,  it does,  and has made me more aware of my situation in 2017, and I am prepared.   But again,  "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart;   and lean not unto thine own understanding.."  ---Proverbs 3: 5.  
         I have bandages on both thumbs, etc., so it's hard to turn pages in my Bible.   The dry Winter air makes my finger tips crack open, every season.  
        My dear wife, Lori,  told me last night:   'that she was glad and happy to be married to me.'   And that almost made me cry...   Fact is,  we do argue and disagree sometimes,  but it's up to me, the husband, to heal things up and explain why things need to be a certain way.   But my wife acknowledges that my common sense, age, and experience is precious,  and I usually give her what ever she wants, and plenty of resources.  
    She is also trying to support me in my recent new diet [way of life style], as I recognize that I will die SOON, if I don't lose a lot of weight !!   I believe that it's important to take all my vitamins and healing herbs,  as I don't really eat very much now days.   I read and study that subject often, too.    I am staying away from "legumes" and wheat products, and drinking more water, instead of soda pop.   And I think that those who 'celebrate' TOO MUCH with too much booze will end up at the hospital this season, with a huge headache.   I think it's best to be moderate and humble.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my dear friends and readers  ! !~

Warm Regards,
Thomas G.  Schuckman


There is a great deal of information out there regarding electromagnetic pulses (EMPs), manmade or naturally generated, and their potential effects on civilization. The notion of EMPs knocking out the power grid and subsequently sending the world as we know it into chaos is a solid fixture in American pop culture. There are plenty of Hollywood flicks out there that use EMPs as catalysts for end-of-the-world scenarios. While that makes for good cinema, and most die-hard survivalist love a good EMP-end-of-the-world movie now and then, these fictional portrayals of EMPs can spread some harmful disinformation. Disinformation regarding a topic that is dead-serious in a very nonfictional way, can get people killed. Below, we’ve taken the liberty of dispelling a few quick EMP myths. Let’s set the record straight. Time for some EMP fact vs fiction.

Fact or Fiction- An EMP will render all phones/tablets completely useless.

This is only partially true and depends both what you use your phone for, as well as your definition of the word “useless.” The large majority of these devices such as iPhones and iPads have internal EMI shielding. Manufacturers have this already put in place, in order to protect the device components from affecting each other. What this means, is that you have a decent chance of using your iPhone or iPad after the event of an EMP, however using it to call anyone or check the internet will not be possible. This is because telecommunication antennas will be out. The exception to all of this, is that if your phone is charging, it will be fried because of its attachment to the larger power grid.

Fact or Fiction- An EMP will cause planes to fall from the sky.

This true. However, it is a little dramatic to state that planes will “fall” from the sky. First off, old planes will be just fine. This is because they use hydraulics that are actually attached to the pilot controls. These planes will still have somewhat functional flight controls. Newer planes will have their electronics fried and therefor rendered inoperable, which basically makes them giant gliders. Sure, it will be incredibly stressful and borderline impossible for a pilot to find a way to land a 747-sized glider someplace below him in a world without runway lights (or anywhere that doesn’t have enough space), but planes will not tailspin and hurtle to the earth.

Fact or Fiction- EMPs will fry batteries.

This is false. Batteries will not be damaged by EMPs. This is because they do not contain a diode junction, which is the electronic part that allow EMPs to fry electronics. But don’t get all hopeful yet, keep in mind that anything you will need a battery for will be effected by the EMP.

Fact or Fiction- The US government has a congressional committee specifically tasked with protecting America from the threat of EMPs.

True. In 2001, congress did in fact establish the EMP Commission under the National Defense Authorization Act of 2001. The goal of this bi-partisan committee was to reach an independent assessment of EMP threat level, pertaining to the United States. But don’t start feeling too safe yet, on September 30, 2017, The Congressional Commission to Assess the Threat of Electromagnetic Pulse to the United States of America was shut down indefinitely.