Monday, January 1, 2018

Monsanto GMO Spreads Poison.

Tom's Journal.

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Foreword in Russian:

Привет, христианские Друзья в России:
трудно доверять любой Gov't на Земле в эти дни, только из-за лжи, витые "Новости СМИ", мы все, в мире. Я думаю, что некоторые христианские служения и части Интернет остаются верны.
Верующие и последователи Господа Иисуса Христа есть сильная бонд в один огромный, прекрасный "BOOK", Русский Синодальный перевод Библии! Я чтения и изучения этой книги почти каждый день. Мы ниже нуля, холодный, температура там, где я живу, в центре, севере центральной части США. Таким образом, настало время, чтобы догнать нашего чтения.
Я желаю всем вам счастливого Нового года! Может вы все достаточно хорошее, здоровое питание, красное вино, здоровья, смеха, и здравым смыслом.
Мой email:
с наилучшими пожеланиями,
Томас Г. Schuckman

Happy New Year,  Friends and Readers !
    Hey!  We finally made it to another year, and pray that the Good Lord, Father God, blesses all of His servants, and followers of His only Son,  Jesus Christ.  

I became fond of a "new" scripture in the small book of, Titus, Chapter 1, verse 16,    "They profess that they know God;  but in works they deny Him,  being abominable,  and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate."    ---Titus 1: 16.   ---There are only THREE chapters in the book of Titus.   
   BTW,  Here is the definition to the term:  REPROBATE:




Ha!  Truly,  who else would take the time to look up older terms/ words  ??   I am a lazy old man,  too, but hope to push myself a bit harder this year --  2018.   I also aim to stay on my diet --- that works --with a target in mind.   Remember,  if you don't write things down--- it isn't a Plan !   And we all need a good plan to survive and also help others that we care for.  
However,  as much as I read and study,  I just can't help but wonder what tomorrow's Stock Market's report will look like !  Will I be rich or will I be poor....  LOL.    I treat it as a 'hobby' and not something that my whole life swings on and worries about every day and night.  
     I also want to try harder to look and make more new friends, who don't have a negative mood swing...   and who love the Lord, Jesus Christ.  
    My email is: 
Please pray for my dear Mom, who is in the Hospital with Pneumonia,  in Southern Wisconsin.  
Warm Regards,
Thomas G. Schuckman

To Congressman Diane Black

December 30, 2017
This is a most disgusting, but truthful article on the Monsanto GMO produce.  Notice the chem trailing is also picking up again.  Recall reading some country catching Monsanto people illegally strowing their GMO seeds against the country's wishes.  Seems they had outlawed them, but found they were sneaking in and planting.  Also recall reading that 1/3 of our eastern corn crop was GMO several years ago and that they planned it to be 100% GMO in 3 more years.  The same article said Monsanto was releasing their GMO grass seed the following year despite many complaints of health issues with the livestock that had been eating it.  Suspect that whatever the animals are eating will be passed on down to those who eat the animals.  Shame we aren't as smart as the carrion eaters who refuse to eat the poisoned dead kangaroos.
Suggest everyone send this link to your senators and representatives, the CDC and the FDA, maybe that will wake a few more of them up now that they are waking up to the corruption!

"Playing With God" Ignites Kangaroo Apocalypse In Australia As Death Toll Soars Over 21 Million
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers
Click HERE to view this report or put this link in your browser

On Sun, Dec 31, 2017 at 2:49 PM, David Simpkins <> wrote:
Read this, Monsanto is at it again with the potential to spread worldwide