Tuesday, February 27, 2018

'Assault Rifles,' and the High Court.

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Hi  Friends,
   I only wanted to home in on the article about the "Federal Court quietly rules,  'Assault Rifles' not protected by our U.S. 2nd Amendment."   It's a good, warm, fuzzy,  thought that the KJV Bible says a lot about Jesus Christ, our dear Lord and Savior effecting -- bringing on and calling the Rapture at the right time....  and soon !    Because it seems like too many 'higher up' politicians sowing seeds of discontent [of the Global Elite,  The 'One World Gov't turkeys'] and tearing down our U.S. Constitution !   Ha!   America just might crumble from 'non-Patriots goofs' working against our own nation, after all.     OK,  I know that History is a dull, stale subject to many young people these days,  'but those who know not their history are condemned to repeat it !'    Conceder the ancient Israelites who even had God's Promise/ Contract of Protection,  as they routinely broke all the covenants made with the Lord Father  Yahweh, so that the Jews ended up being scattered to the 4 winds until right before WW-2 when they got most of their original country back !   'God is not one to be mocked.'

But the way I see it and figure.... it's so painfully Logical and with Common Sense,  that if you read that one article down below here today,  a nation disarmed, or having  only LESSOR, less powerful, arms,  less ammunition in their clips/ magazines for self defense --- are in serious risk to become 'Slaves of the State !'   And break ins by heavily armed criminals and robberies, rapes, etc., we would all be at the mercy of those who have the better weapons.   Really !    Flash !!  The Criminals do NOT obey our Laws !  They never did and never will.   Go figure:  If a criminal kills someone and gets the death penalty,  what's the difference if some goofy punk kills 17 ??   Same penalty !   Ha!   I know that you smart readers will understand the obvious.   Yep,  when we kick God out of our lives --- you can bet that things in general will go South, and then crash.  

I am not "Chicken Little."   In fact I am so good with "edged-weapons," etc., that I have taught a number of nice gentlemen and younger guys and gals how to throw Cold Steel.com tomahawks accurately.   Knives, etc., too.   But us older guys and the infirm don't have those same talents and skills !   And young, stronger men can easily over power a lady or girl to commit nasty crimes against them.   Shame !   But do you realty think the politicians and higher courts care about our hard ships and dilemmas ?   I just purchased a Vietnam Veteran sew on patch that says:   "God help us  --- the Gov't won't."   It sounds funny, if it were not true.   Other good Veterans also get a laugh when I wear my "Vet's Vest" to the VAMC up here, as I like to cheer up the guys and make more great friends.    

Well,  the furnace went out 2 days and nights ago, so the landlord is trying to fix it himself, and I hope he does.... LOL.   I invested in a nice, Kerosene Heater a year ago --- just for emergencies like this, and so glad I did that smart thing.   But this is a short term thing and kerosene costs plenty of money per gallon.   I also bought a huge cast iron wood stove, but it's setting in the garage, in case I buy a different house this coming Spring time.   I pray about these concerns all the time, so I can make the right move, as I ask for the Holy Spirit to  give me wisdom and guidance.    Yes,  it's great to have money/ income,  but our first source of real HELP is Father God- Yahweh, and His Son,  Jesus !   Our real future rides on THEM.  

Stay Warm, and thank God if you are married --- to snuggle warmly.   Even the Bible book of Eccl.,  wise old King Solomon wrote about that good stuff.  ----->   Ecclesiastes 4: 11,   "Again,  if two lie down together, than they have heat:  but how can one be warm alone?"   

After dumping off our Taxes today,  I took my pretty wife out for a cheese burger, French fried onions, etc., and it sure tasted good !   I think that most ladies enjoy going out to eat, once in a while. 

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman  

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