Monday, March 12, 2018

Can this be True ?

Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends and avid Readers:
    If the short piece below that I am posting tonight is true ----  I shudder and also feel very betrayed !   I took a concealed carry seminar and shooting test to get my coveted license a few years ago, and so glad I did.   I learned so much, and I firmly believe that everyone taking such a training course and test like this becomes 'super couscous,' safer,  but more confident and law abiding than before.   Life is sacred with us !   "Use deadly power" only as the last resort ---  but always be diligent and ready to protect and defend your loved ones.   
       It was the same thing in the Army.   We had to check and verify our enemies BEFORE we had permission to open fire.   Really,  who wants innocent blood on their hands,  forever ?  
    I am an older man of age 69, Disabled, slower,  but I have experience.   I am also studied and well trained with tomahawks and knives,  too, and I teach good people how to throw them accurately.   I also read and study the KJV Bible almost every with my wife, and we continue to learn tons of great things, trying to better ourselves.   We think and believe that the Rapture could come now at ANY time,  but only Father God--Yahweh, and Jesus Christ know that precise time.   As much as so many thousands of good, Christian people are being persecuted and murdered in the world, right now, as I 'tickle the keyboard' of my PC --  Personal Computer!  
          We really don't know what will happen in the future, except what the KJV Bible tells us,  but I will bet that so many people will be turned off and incensed by what we read in this post today !
      But just look at all the things Mr. Obama promised as a candidate --- yet he did a 180 half circle to do the very things he promised NOT TO DO after he got into office, and hurt so many good, Christian people !    We hope that Mr. Trump is not another 'repeat' or one who would renege on his promises, too.....

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman


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