Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Financial System -- Broke.

Tom's Journal.

Hello  Dear Friends and Readers:
    I think we got a lot done today,  but I spent my whole wad...  more/less,  by giving it all to my trusted wife,  Lori, to train her to function after I am gone....  to heaven.   Smile.   I guess part of my 'mission in life' was to train, instruct, and help others get ready to take over and seek leadership roles --- also learn the KJV Bible well and draw near to Father- Yahweh, and His Son,  Jesus.  
I also sent two fine, well reputed Bible study books to my grandson, far away, today, with lots of pix of me in them.... and a pure wool Winter scarf.   The books are kind of "heavy" but he is gifted.   See,  I don't need to wait for some holiday to gift gifts.  

I remember back so vividly when I was working in a 'Sweat Shop' in Racine, Wisconsin, about 20 years ago for slave wages, welding and fabricating Craftsman snow blower parts, for $6.50/ hour !   At that point in my life I thought that I would surely die in poverty....  but then in 1995 Chrysler called me back to Kenosha, WI., to finish out my 30.5 years and retire with some dignity.   But at that time,  I had already accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior -- however,  I had to relearn the entire Bible...  the RIGHT way.   That wasn't too hard for me,  as I enjoyed Bible study and reading a lot.  

As for my recent new diet [way of life],  it is working,  but I am searching for a staple food that I can eat every single day, and also cut down on bread and Carbs.   I don't need to eat a lot,  but I need SOMETHING to cushion my stomach from all the harsh Meds that the VA gives me.  I want to fill up --without filling out, and still be happy.   But as I have stated many times in the past:   "Happiness is really a bi-product of serving GOD."   That is exactly the opposite of what STD --Satan the devil tries to push on all mankind.   Don't listen to him.  

I been having a very sore back ever since I fell down on the ice about 3 weeks ago near my truck, and landed on my back.... BOOM !   So today we went to Home Depot and bought 2-- 2 inch by 12 inch by 6 feet wood planks to place between the bed spring and the mattress on our bed.   Time will tell.  
     And we finally made it to RH church in I.M., and everyone dressed very casual there !   Even the preacher wore blue jeans and had a long beard.   

I hope that you all have a great day.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

The Financial System Is Broken! Here’s Proof…

Broken System
The global financial system broke on September 15, 2008.
That’s the day Lehman Brothers failed, and the U.S. Federal Reserve unleashed the most massive money printing of all time.
That’s shocking enough. What’s even more shocking, though, is that, in the nine years and seven months since the system cracked, nothing has been done to fix it.
Instead, the U.S. and every major country of the world have been trapped in an endless cycle of government deficits and money printing to finance them.
Hard to believe? It shouldn’t be.

An Unsustainable Financial System

The proof is at your fingertips. You can find it almost everywhere.
Broken System
Consider our first chart, for example. It’s readily available on every Bloomberg terminal in the world. It shows exactly how and when the Fed unleashed unbridled money printing. And it’s exhibit No. 1 of a broken financial system.
Like I said, it began on September 15, 2008. It continued year after year. And there has been zero progress so far in reversing it.
In all of history, the Fed never even came close to printing this much money
The second chart (below) shows the logical consequence of the Fed’s unprecedented behavior, the natural corollary to the prior chart:
Never before in all history did the Fed keep interest rates this low for this long!
Broken System
This broken system is obviously unsustainable, and yet the authorities have perpetuated it for over nine years.

It’s Just a Matter of Time

This broken system could crack at almost any time, and yet, so far, it has not.
What will shatter the magic spell? When will the primary stakeholders — owners of U.S. Treasurys, U.S. dollars and trillions in other assets — rebel?
The quick answer could be: As soon as today, when they see what the new Fed chairman has done with interest rates and hear what he says about his next steps still to come.
The more thoughtful answer, however, is to recognize it’s just a matter of time.
It takes time for mega trends of this great magnitude to lose momentum, come to a complete stop, shift gears, turn around and then take off in an entirely different direction.
But it will happen. That’s just the nature of the beast, the pattern of the cycle. It will happen.
As we get closer to that fateful turning point, we’ll tell you more about what to expect, how to respond and even how to use the change as a major wealth-building opportunity.
For now, just be sure to play it safer. Avoid overinvesting in high-risk investments. Continue to build cash reserves. Then wait for our next update.
Best wishes,

Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D., and Mike Larson