Tuesday, April 3, 2018

WorldView Weekend.

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Hello  Kind Folks and Readers,
     I thought I would float this nice web site by so you might have more choice now days, and it seems to be a good Christian web site, so let's give it a fair chance,  please.   In my humble opinion [IMHO] it's hard to find many Conservative outlooks and places to go these days.   And although Prez. Donald Trump is trying his best to 'even out the playing field,'  the Bible tells us for sure that things "MUST GET WORSE,"  ---  sorry, folks.   So we just have to live with it, sort of, while still drawing closer to the Lord, Jesus Christ.   And I have seen and fought along side combat Soldiers in battle, 7 days a week, month after month in South East Asia:  68-70,  who had a positive mental attitude on life who came out of that fray unscathed.   Those are the kind of people that you keep in your heart and your vest pocket !   I have always wanted, and tried to rub elbows with great men and women who build me up and teach me ---  but also tried to emulate them and carrying the ball,  too.  What a grand, Christian Army we Soldiers of Christ serve in right now in a most troubled world under the thumb of Satan ! !   Yes,  once upon a time when I was at the end of my rope,  God put some mighty fine, strong, positive people in my life when I needed them most  --- and so I feel the need to "pay back" and share the Gospel.   "Christians are certainly not PERFECT ---  but they are FORGIVEN."   And that is all the 'edge' that we need to make it up to heaven.   Remember that, always.

We got more snow last night U.P. here and the air temp is:  25 degrees F.   We plan to take it easy today and relax.   The VAMC near me finally sent me a weight scale in the mail yesterday,  so I will have fun checking out my progress....  LOL.   My dear wife did some fancy sewing for me yesterday, and she is very talented in that area, and worth her weight in gold.   Thank you, dear Lori.   We will continue reading and studying the great Bible book of Esther today, and I am grateful and happy that my wife enjoys my way of Bible study, and I think that it brings us closer together.   We both watch too much TV, and Bible study is a great way to take a break and learn something positive.  

Have a great day, folks.

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman
Email:   tschuckman@aol.com 


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Worldview Weekend Foundation
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Dear Ministry Partner,

The Marxists and Muslims are working together right here in America through a red-green alliance. Muslim groups are already working on legislation on Capital Hill that would make it a crime to speak truth about Islam.

In addition, the FBI is working with Islamists to confront what it calls Islamophobia through a program they call BRIDGES. Islamophobia is a term that was created by the Muslim Brotherhood front group known as the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT). The entire purpose of the term, according to Muslim Brotherhood, is to portray as racists and mentally unstable those who are critical of Islam. The goal is to stop all criticism of Islam. How sad that our FBI is engaged with and advancing the Muslim Brotherhood agenda, although we should not be shocked. Former FBI Director, James Comey, and Former FBI Director, Robert Mueller, both gave FBI awards to known Muslim Brotherhood Jihadis. 
Former FBI agent, John Guandolo, reports:
“On February 8, 2012, FBI leaders – including FBI Director, Robert Mueller – joined a number of Muslim Brotherhood groups (ISNA, MPAC, Muflehun) to discuss “inflammatory training” that “offends Muslims.” The FBI leadership ensured the jihadis the FBI would do all they could to appease them – and they did. The FBI no longer teaches anything about sharia, the MB networks, or the Global Islamic Movement.
In April 2016, the FBI’s Washington Field Office presented the “Director’s Award” to the Muslim Brotherhood’s ADAMS Center (VA). On the same day, FBI Director James Comey presented the Director’s Award to jihadi Imam, Mohamed Magid, at FBI headquarters.”
A huge percentage of the American people are now awake and realize that something is tragically wrong inside once highly respected law enforcement agencies like the FBI.
It is vital that the revolutionary tacts of the Muslim Brotherhood and their front organizations are exposed. It is imperative that local law enforcement, sheriff departments, police departments, city council members and state officials understand that many of their state and local law enforcement agencies are being infiltrated by Islamists. The Muslim Brotherhood and their front groups are among us and they want to shut down religious liberty and free speech so their agenda and tactics are not exposed until it is too late. 
We can complain about the problem or we can offer education to the American people and particularly Christians who are specifically targeted by Jihadis along with our Jewish friends.  
This is why in January of this year, we launched a brand new TV program with former FBI agent, John Guandolo, and Chris Gaubatz. You can watch the first three new programs now at wvwtv.com, or through our free app at wvwtv.com/app, or through our free Roku channel with details about that at wvwtv.com/roku.
Shortly after 9/11, Mr. Guandolo began an assignment to the Counterterrorism Division of the FBI’s Washington Field Office developing an expertise in the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Doctrine, the global Islamic Movement, and terrorist organizations including Hamas, Al Qaeda, and others.
In 2007, Chris began researching the threat of jihadi organizations in the United States by posing as a Muslim convert and attending Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas conferences, gaining access as an intern with the Hamas organization Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Virginia. While working at the CAIR MD/VA office, Chris uncovered a fraud scheme being perpetrated by CAIR’s “immigration attorney” who was defrauding Muslims in the community and lying about handling their immigration proceedings. In fact, he was not even a licensed attorney. When that office was shut down by CAIR in an effort to conceal this criminal activity, Chris was invited by Hamas/CAIR leaders to work at their headquarters office in Washington, D.C. During his time there, Chris obtained over 12,000 pages of documents from Hamas/CAIR. 
We are also sponsoring five, free, national security briefings featuring John and Chris in April in 5 cities. We will be in Des Moines, Iowa, La Crosse, Wisconsin, Green Bay, Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. We want to offer an evening in which parents and grandparents can bring their students so they might learn the truth about the Muslim Brotherhood that is now operating on over 600 college campuses. We want individuals to bring their local police officers, sheriff deputies, city council members, pastors, and state senator and state representative. These five nights are free thanks to people like you who partner with us in our vital work. Please let your family and friends know they can register for the free national security conferences at wvwtv.com/conferences.

We will also be holding a Worldview Weekend Rally in St. Paul-Minneapolis and Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the month of April. Full details and to register are at wvwtv.com/conferences.
In November of 2017 we added a new, live, Sunday night program that starts at 8pm CT. Each Sunday night we interview a variety of experts. In the past few months we have had on a former FBI agent, 2 former CIA officers, a former DHS officer, the father of a Navy Seal who was killed in the line of duty, Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, and John Loeffler. You can watch these programs live at wvwtv.com/briefing. If you need a reminder, then please text wvw to 88202 as we send out a link to each live program about 30 minutes before we start. 
We also just launched the new TV program by Jason Pratt, who is a Commander in the U.S. Navy and a literal rocket scientist. Jason is a former evolutionist and atheist. You can watch this new WVW-TV program now at wvwtv.com. Jason has just started a series on refuting evolution. 
Dr. Andy Woods just finished up an entire series on Babylon in the Bible that you can watch now at wvwtv.com. Dr. Woods is now beginning a series on Gog and Magog from Ezekiel 38 & 39. 
Dr. Tommy Ice continues teaching through the book of Revelation verse by verse at wvwtv.com
Former Muslim Shahram Hadian is currently talking about the dangers of interfaith dialogue on his program at wvwtv.com. Arabic speaking Egyptian and expert on the Quran, Usama Dakdok is in a series on revealing the truth about ISIS at wvwtv.com.

Mike Gendron has new programs on understanding the true gospel from a false gospel at wvwtv.com
In December of 2017, we took our entire TV studio and set it up in Dallas, Texas at a Bible conference. We spent two days filming eleven, one-hour interviews with such guests as Dr. Ed Hindson, Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Dr. Robbie Dean, Dr. Andy Woods, Jewish believer Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Richard Schmidt–acting sheriff of Milwaukee County,  and many more. You can watch all these programs now at wvwtv.com
Thank you so much for partnering with us in ministry so all these ministry projects can carry on. We continue to see a need for regular monthly donors. We are so thankful for those who contribute all at once at the end of the year and we understand that for many business owners, this is necessary. But if you can be a consistent, monthly supporter of our ministry, we would be most thankful. 
Whether you support our work monthly, occasionally, or with a once a year donation—I personally want to thank you for partnering with us.
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Brannon Howse
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