Friday, April 6, 2018

Look at the BIG Picture.

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in French:

Bonjour les amis et lecteurs :
Aujourd'hui, je sens que je suis l'affichage d'un point important au sujet de l'entrée la prophétie de la Bible à propos de la "Antéchrist" qui est maintenant en attente dans les ailes, maintenant sur terre, qui s'apprête à prendre le contrôle total de l'ensemble de l'humanité -- travailler avec Satan le diable. Nous avons besoin de connaître et de comprendre ce fait, froid et dur, mais encore, pas avoir peur, parce que Dieu le Père --Yahweh, peut et va rejeter ce lawless produit de Satan ! Prier, étudier, et obtenez votre vie, maintenant. Aussi, merci de partager mon Blog posts comme bon vous semble. Mon adresse e-mail :
"le fer aiguise le fer." ---Proverbes 27 : 17.
Tom Schuckman
au Michigan, aux États-Unis.

To Thomas
Thank you for being an Honest Patriot!
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Fellow Patriot,
Since the Florida and Texas shootings, a number of anti-gun laws have been greenlighted in Congress.

And while can't believe this is happening...police in one of the most beautiful states in the union have actually started seizing guns from law-abiding citizens.

As wrote, in the early days of December, Hawaiian police told a group of law-abiding gun owners taking a legal medication that they had a week to turn over their guns.

If they didn't, the police told these law-abiding citizens that they were going to come and take them away by force.

I guarantee you, based on congress's new proposed laws as well as what's happening in Hawaii, this guarantees there will be a flood of future gun seizures.

And while you can't change the laws Congress passes, you can stay one step ahead of them and keep your guns by using their own laws against them.

That's why I know you'll want the FREE Firearms Guide - the most authoritative guide for using Congress's own gun laws against them.

This is the best guide available for getting around Congress's dangerous and unconstitutional anti-gun laws.

And no, you cannot find this guide in stores.

As I mentioned, this Free Book is only available here and can't be purchased on Amazon (or anywhere else for that matter).

Supplies are limited, so claim yours before they're all gone.

To your survival,
Richard Marshall

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Good Day,  Friends,
Hal Lindsey hardly ever misses a stroke and he makes the Bible and reality ring true with the power of his pen, IMHO.   Hal always reinforces my solid belief, hope and trust in the KJV Bible prophecies and promises !   So you all know that I have to share his posts right here in my humble Blog, too.  
       The "Anti-Christ" is alive, healthy, and waiting in the wings right now,  ready to step into our world affairs and TAKE OVER the World....  so beware.   But the Rapture of Jesus Christ is also very real, and close.   So it's so important to remember why we are here on earth right now --- but we should not get caught up in all the tears for fears, as Satan 'roars like a mighty lion in the jungle, looking for another human to devour.'   If humans choose to do the works of Satan the devil,  what can we assume ?   That Satan is their 'father.'  
       I am so thankful and grateful to the Lord, Father God --Yahweh, that my wife really enjoys how I try to "make the KJV Bible come alive, almost every day !!"   Where as, too much News and Media only put fear into our hearts,  with no remedy.   And let us all understand that the world and Governments only want to totally disarm us --- so that they can CONTROL us !   Read and study the  facts,  even as I try my hardest to share them on my humble Blog:  TOM'S JOURNAL.

God bless all my dear sisters and brothers in Christ, all over the world.   The time is urgent and fleeting right now to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ,  by promoting one or all of the 4 Gospel accounts, and the book of Romans !   Pray to the Father for guidance, strength and organization,  plus the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.   Have a great day.

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman

April 6th, 2018
If you are even remotely paying attention to the myriad issues being loudly debated on social media and in the mainstream media, you have probably picked up on the underlying importance of the current gun control fracas.

It may be just me, but it seems the "gun control" factions in the United States were awfully well-prepared and primed to jump on any "gun incident" that might come along. When the horrific mass shooting occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in February, it was a tailor-made crisis for them.

And they hearkened to the Rahm Emanuel/Hillary Clinton credo: "Never let a crisis go to waste."

Their teams of professional handlers leapt to action and marshaled a small group of anti-gun activists from among the thousands of students that had been on campus at Stoneman Douglas the day of the shootings. They began a non-stop barrage of mainstream media appearances, even a hastily-arranged "townhall" meeting on CNN. All of which were overtly anti-gun-rights in nature and goal.

The organizers, funded largely by George Soros and Michael Bloomberg-backed groups, were able to throw together a massive march in Washington, D.C., just 38 days later. The promoters claimed that it was just one of 800 such rallies across the world that included millions of protesters. It was even reported that one of those rallies was held in Antarctica and included two marchers.

As a side note, the "March for Our Lives" organizers initially claimed that more than 800,000 marched in Washington. That made it the largest rally ever held in the nation's capital. Later, though, it was quietly announced that the march had, in fact, been attended by less than 250,000. Which still makes it a significant achievement, though not quite so impressive as originally proclaimed.

As a parent and grandparent, I can honestly say that I am horrified by the thought of even one child dying in any sort of violence while at school. We have always thought of America's schools as a safe harbor for our children, a place we could send them for the day without worrying about their safety or comfort.

Sadly, those may be halcyon days that we will never know again.

But just because those times are apparently past does not mean that the narrative being promoted is entirely accurate, either. When the speakers at the "March for Our Lives" rally declared that all schoolchildren are targets now and that they are now fighting for their lives, I believe they were engaging in more than a little hyperbole.

The sheer facts confirm that they were.

According to such a reputable source as The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), a school child is far more likely to lose his or her life on the way to school or on the way home than they are while at school.

In fact, a student is hundreds of times more likely to lose his or her life by suicide than by a school shooting.

According to the CDC, in 2015, almost 40,000 young people under the age of 24 lost their lives. By far, the largest percentage of deaths were in accidents, many of which were caused by drug or alcohol-impaired driving or by distracted driving from things like texting.

Unbelievably, the second leading cause of death among young people is suicide. The CDC says that an average of 4,600 young people (aged 10-24) commit suicide every year.

According to the CDC, in 2015, almost 40,000 young people died in the United States. That same year, 18 students died in school shootings.

In 2016, five students died in school shootings.

In 2017, seven students died.

So far in 2018, because of Parkland, the number is higher, 23.

Don't misunderstand me. The five dead in 2016 were five too many. No one, neither students nor teachers, should be shot at school. But they shouldn't FEAR being shot, either. In the big picture, school shootings kill very, very few young people.

School shootings are tragic and alarming, but, in reality, they are minuscule compared to even suicides among the young!

I don't intend to demean the students who marched or those who fear they may be shot at school. I am simply trying to put those fears into perspective -- for both students and parents. Danger lurks in more places than just our schools. In truth, our schools still remain one of the safest places for our children to be.

The CDC statistics emphasize that we all need to be more aware of what is going on in our children's lives. What are they watching on TV? What games are they playing? What are their friends urging them to do? What are their other influences?

Nearly 40,000 young people die every year. Each one is precious. Each one is important. Not just the few who die in tragic school shootings, but all of them.

The gun control debate illustrates a conundrum of our day. When many of us were young, we rarely locked the doors of our cars or our houses. Today, many children must pass through metal detectors just to get into school.

The real problem, though, is that people are out of control. We live in an age of intensifying lawlessness, just as the Bible predicted.

Today, the quest for "safety" pushes some to call for stricter gun laws -- or the confiscation of all guns. At the same time, it pushes others to buy more guns.

Are there some commonsense gun laws that can help make us safer? I'm sure. But, in fact, most of those laws already exist. The problem is that many of them are not uniformly or rigorously enforced (as Parkland glaringly illustrates).

Another problem is that various advocacy groups cherry-pick the information to press their point. Though we all understand that the abolition of the Second Amendment is the ultimate goal of the "gun control" advocates, the poster child of their complaints is the "assault rifle." That is a nebulous term that is almost universally misunderstood and misused. In most cases, true "assault rifles" are already illegal for consumer purchase.

The impression they give is that "assault rifles" are used to slaughter thousands of Americans every year. But the truth is that five times more victims are murdered by knives and machetes than by rifles of any sort. Almost twice as many people are killed by fists and feet -- being beaten to death -- than by rifles in the U.S.

But no amount of government restriction will solve the real problem. That problem is something the Bible calls "sin." People cannot be controlled completely. If a killer can't find a gun, he will use a knife, a club, even his fists and feet. The only hope against rampant sin is a return to the message of Jesus Christ.

The search for peace and safety grows more desperate every day. A few days ago, children marched in the streets. They said they were marching for their very lives.

One day, that same desperation will fuel the rise of the coming, ultimate archvillain, the Antichrist.

Now don't roll your eyes when I say this. It seems far-fetched now, but the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, just may have some prophetic significance.

I believe it has given those who want to deprive all Americans of their individual means of self-defense an extraordinary impetus for action. And though many anti-gun activists may be absolutely genuine in their concerns and goals, the sad truth is that it all plays into the plans of those who want to enable government to rule our lives without opposition.

The Bible prophets describe a coming government that will have unprecedented, unfettered control over every aspect of life.

Most of us already have a credit score. In the future, people may also have a productivity score, a loyalty score, and a sanity score. China is implementing an early version of such a system right now.

For the Antichrist to succeed in his quest to control the world, he must be able to control all individuals. That means he must eliminate all means of opposition and have methods available for eliminating people who don't cooperate.

Anything that diminishes our individual liberty and autonomy today, will make it easier for him tomorrow.

On this week's program, I will also discuss another disturbing development in Russia: the return of "The Jewish Question."

When NBC's Meghan Kelly recently asked Russian president Vladimir Putin about Russia's interference in U.S. elections, he deflected by suggesting that it could have been the Ukrainians or Tatars or Jews who have Russian citizenship.

The implications of his inclusion of Jews in his suggestion are confirmed by pro-Putin websites that have begun proposing that many of Russia's and the world's problems are caused by Jews.

Also, some Russian analysts are warning that Israel is actively practicing for war against Russia.

The "official" impugning of Jews and the suggestion that Israel is preparing to fight Russia may be telltale signs that Russia is laying the groundwork for invading Israel to address these supposed grievances.

If so, Israel's developing ability to relieve Europe of its dependence on Russia for natural gas may be the trigger that sparks a coming Russian invasion of Israel. Just as the prophet Ezekiel predicted.

Finally, on this week's program I will again remind you of the source of our great hope for the future -- The Great Snatch!

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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