Saturday, April 7, 2018

'Know the Law.'

Tom's Journal.

Foreword in Norwegian: 

Hei kjære norske venner:
Jeg bare håper jeg kan henge på dandy, flotte webområde som kan oversette min opprinnelig engelsk inn i fine språk! Jeg tror at jeg prøver å legge ut noen betimelige nyheter og kunnskap til å hjelpe mine andre menneske --- å binde oss alle sammen, sammen med ekte hilsener av vennlighet og vel ønsker. Det sted hvor jeg bor, i det nordlige sentrale status på den øvre halvøya i Michigan, USA, er fortsatt veldig kaldt, snødekte og mye vind. Vår somre er som et paradis, men !
Jeg er veldig takknemlig for at fine folk i landet du tenker så mye på meg, ved å lese min beskjedne bloggen så ofte, og i store antall. Takk ! Jeg er en god skribent, men trenger fortsatt å prøve hardere og bli bedre. Jeg ser det som en "gave fra Gud." Dessverre, jeg er ikke noe deaktivert etter en super hardt, veldig aktivt liv, arbeider hardt på Chrysler Corporation for over 30,5 år, og mange andre steder, inkludert den amerikanske hæren, som et helikopter på innlastingsanimasjonen for gunner' i Vietnam: 1968- 70. Jeg var en god sveiser, og også gjorde mye snekring, og elsker å lage og bygge ting, som stoler, krakker, bord og også treskjæring skriftene i tre, osv. Jeg er lykkelig gift med en bra dame som jeg liker veldig mye, og hun tar seg av meg, veldig godt.
Ha en flott dag.
Varm hilsen
Tommy Schuckman

Dear Friends and avid Readers around the World:
   Unfortunately,  the bottom article that I have posted today [for good reason] is true and factual.   When I had to attend the CCW [Concealed Carry--Firearms] all day seminar about 7 years ago,  they also taught us about the Law of the Land,  besides Safety and accurate shooting techniques.   It doesn't really matter what we may THINK --- but what the Laws on the books actually say !!   Ignorance of the Law is no excuse and the "good people" who are only protecting their families might end up in prison, instead of the worthless gangs that hurt and destroy !   Please share this timely article with all you care about--  if you think it has merit.  
       Even when we were in combat in Vietnam:  68-70, we had our "Rules of Engagement."   Yes,  they were changed from time to time, as the brass also had to pay attention to the Chief in D.C. -- the President and Congress, etc.   Obama, in later times, really switched to protect the bad guys in the Middle East, IMHO, so that our troops had to fight the enemy with one hand tied to their back side.... LOL, so we had to suffer more casualties,  the way many combat Veterans see things.   We older combat Veterans already "paid our dues" so we have some say-so, and can therefore pontificate.   We also 'invented the wheel' and broke new ground when we came back home to the USA ---  but not too many 'new guys' fighting in the Middle East could or would LEARN from out victories and instructions !   That is so unfortunate,  brothers and sister....    Think:   If a man or woman gets drunk and drives their car --- and kills some innocent party or themselves,  cannot we other on-lookers LEARN from that horrible experience,  rather than repeat the same stupid act ? ?   We don't need to experience the same scenario to learn.   The KJV Bible certainly helps us see this fact, so just read the Psalms and Proverbs.   "Iron sharpens Iron."  ---Proverbs 27: 17.     "A whip for the horse,  a bridle for the ass, and a rod for the fool's back."  ---Proverbs 26: 3.      And one of my favorites:   "Answer not a fool according to his folly,  lest thou  also be like unto him."   --Proverbs 26: 4. 
       The Gov't might even ban all guns from the populace --- but also our Bibles !   So why not try harder to memorize as many Scriptures as possible, now ?   The 'Lefty-Losers--Dems' never miss an opportunity to take away more of our Freedoms, and the Anti-Christ [Man of Lawlessness] sponsored by Satan the devil, is now waiting in the wings,  ready to jump into the spotlight -- center stage and RULE THE WORLD, according to the KJV Bible !   This is no scare tactic or fairy tale,  dear friends,  so prepare diligently NOW.     However,  true, faithful Christians need not fear,  because Father God-- Yahweh has promised to Save us with the Rapture which will come in the nick of time, before the Great Tribulation.   And even if we die or get killed,  we have the promise of the resurrection.   See:  1st Thessalonians 4:  16, 17,   "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout,  with the voice of the archangel,  and with the trump of God:  and the dead in Christ shall rise first:  17.   Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught us together with them in the clouds,  to meet the Lord in the air:  and so we shall ever be with the Lord."   But there are only 5 Chapters in that book of the Bible, so why not spend some productive time and read it all,  so you know for sure that I am not just "cherry picking" some 'proof Scripture',  friends.   Never depend on me, nor any other human for the 'Truth that will set you free !'   Beware,  sadly,  too many churches now days don't even teach what I do, and also water down the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

And again,  the VA is totally stripping all pain meds, opiates from ALL the Veterans in the USA, with no mercy, not even a case by case evaluation !   Of course we are always going to have a small percentage of Vet's who might abuse the use of pain meds.,  but by in large,  most honorable Veterans do NOT !!   What a shame, how the Gov't/ Veterans Administration paints all Veterans with a 'Wide Brush !'   Sadly,  I predict that many Veterans who suffer terrible physical pain on a daily basis will take their own lives, and some might even take punitive action upon the staff and hard hearted doctors and staff at various VAMC's in the USA.   While I never would condone violence --- I can certainly understand their frustration.   As for me,  I am just not a violent person,  because I have the Holy Spirit in my heart and love Jesus Christ so much.   Ha!   What else is there in the whole universe to help humankind ?
    Thanks for reading my rant, today,  and we still have a cold Winter where I live in the far North Central USA.

Warm Regards,
Tom  Schuckman


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It was a Sunday night when George Grier went to his car only to find 5 gang members of the dreaded "MS13" in front of his house, allegedly ready to invade his Uniondale, NY home.

He quickly ran into his home, told his wife to call the police, and grabbed a legally-owned AK-47 to confront the gang members, telling them to leave.

Instead, the gang dared him to use his gun - and their shouts brought another larger group of 20 more thugs to his home, threatening...

"You're dead! I'm gonna kill your family
​and your babies! You're DEAD!"

Grier fired 4 warning shots into the grass of his front yard to scare them off and the shooting tripped off the local P.D.'s "ShotSpotter" technology and within minutes, they were there to save the day...

... and arrested Grier for defending his family and his home!


Not because he owned an AK-47.

He was arrested for a "D-Felony Reckless Endangerment" for firing warning shots at 25 of the most feared gang members threatening to kill his children!

This is a travesty of justice, wouldn't you agree?

But as I often say, your first battle may be in your front yard or in your home... but your second battle will be in COURT after you pull the trigger!

The fact is, most people who own a gun have no clue what their legal responsibility is to use that gun.

Notice I didn't say your "legal RIGHTS" - I said "responsibility"!

There's a huge difference.

The laws (unfortunately) protect criminals just as much as they protect you - and sometimes it seems even MORE than you!

You would think a "warning shot" - even shots fired into a dirt front yard - would be seen as the right thing to do, rather than begin plucking off worthless trolls like the MS13 gangbangers, but not in the eyes of the law.

Here are 3 lessons you can learn from this...

1. NEVER fire a warning shot.  

Even if you shoot into the ground, the bullet can ricochet up and kill an innocent bystander - even a child inside a nearby house!

2. Shoot to stop the threat!  

There's no other reason to shoot someone and trying to "scare" or "wound" an attacker only shows the court that you didn't feel your very life was in immediate danger.

3. Know your legal responsibility!  

You don't want to go to prison just because you thought you were right - only to find out you missed one of the "legal tests" the court will use to determine if you acted responsibly.

Our "Bulletproof Defense" DVD shows you the real-life scenarios you must be able to respond to AND how to legally defend your life with a firearm so you can stay out of prison!  If you don't have a copy yet, you can get the DVD for FREE right here... 

Remember... "A wise man learns from others mistakes - a fool learns from his own".

Prepare. Train. Survive.

Jeff Anderson   
MCS Magazine