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Good Day,  Dear Friends and Readers:
     Although too many of my personal relationships have not panned out,   I feel very blessed to have a good wife that I can talk to about some serious things....  but also to make her laugh, etc.   Never does a day go by that I don't praise and thank my Lord, Father God --Yahweh, for bringing her to me !   This relationship forced me to finally "see and understand" that I needed to clean up my act,  and  learn to 'give in more so.'   It's a tricky dance,  but all couples need to learn and practice those things laid out in the KJV Bible.   See:  2nd Timothy 3: 16, etc.   
       Unfortunately,  My past nasty, horrible injuries, accidents, and a life of super physical hard work [including over 30. 5 years at the Kenosha, WI., Chrysler plants, and many other endeavors...] have tortured my mortal body, and now the goofy VAMC/ Gov't have used a broad stroke paint brush to take away all of the Disabled Veterans' "PAIN  MEDICATION"  without even using a "case by case" method to see exactly what the patients need !!     Frankly,  I never abused drugs or meds, ever !     But I have been lied to, deceived,  and screwed over dozens of times ever since I got home from RVN.... in 1970.   I had to fight for every benefit that I got, and in most cases, had to wait a long time to get what was rightfully mine.   Many other Vet's have related similar stories to me.    ----Alright,  I know you all don't really want to hear that,  but we had so many sick, slow, lying Presidents and Staff members and doctors who never cared for us.   World War--2 returning Veterans got most of their "goodies" within ONE MONTH after they got home !!    Just think:   why are there so many suicides with Veterans who come home now days and with the Gulf War, etc.  ??

OK,  time to move on now and concentrate on today, in 2018, and what's happening now, especially talking about Bible Prophecy and the Middle East and the Muslim world, and illegal alien emigrants.   America has that challenge [problem] and also most of Europe.   Mr.  Trump has already helped US so much,  but the cannot do everything !   There are so many hidden enemies who are trying to take him down, even threats against his family these days.   

For those of us in the Know,  we have our work cut out for us, and we Christians also know that the time for Jesus' unannounced return will catch MOST of Earth's people when they least expect Him.   I pray for Justice, Love, Help, and the Holy Spirit almost every day,  and I still sin !   I know that all honest, Bible smart Christians are forgiven... past, present and future, sins,  but I sure would like to see more improvement in my own case.   I keep extra, small Bible Tracts in my Wallet, to pass out for free to people I meet all the time,  but my sore, messed up back is usually screaming at me-- and I know that my condition will only get worse in time.   Sorry to sound so negative, today.

At least I have almost daily Bible studies with my wife, as she continues to learn more all the time,  and that makes me happy.   Please try that for a half hour with you entire family, and try to make it fun.

I got a really great sun burn all over my body yesterday, working on some light carpentry with my wife, especially on my neck,  but that is what I wanted... LOL.   I am truly aching today and did too much,  but I managed to buy my wife and I an early breakfast at our fav. restaurant in I.M.  And we got the last of our shopping done, too.   PTL !   I'm just not used to any kind of heavy labor these days,   but I wish I still could tackle my fav. carpentry jobs, etc.   Don't waste your younger years,  friends,  because you never know if some accident might take everything away from you !

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

Fri, May 4, 2018 9:42 am
Hal Lindsey (

May 4th, 2018
15 months into the presidency of Donald J. Trump, events are unfolding faster and with greater intensity than ever. There's been hardly a moment to catch one's breath. Between the surrealistic developments on the Korean peninsula and the surrealistic -- and sinister -- machinations of the soft-coup unfolding in Washington, D.C., it's difficult to know where to focus our attention: Seoul? Damascus? Tehran? Moscow? Israel? The South China Sea? Western Europe? Eastern Europe? The U.S.-Mexican border? Silicon Valley? Hollywood? The Swamp?

One thing is certain, though, the end-times scenario is gaining a head of steam that makes every day exciting and possibly momentous.

So I decided to take a breather and recharge my batteries a bit before heading into the hot months ahead. I'm taking a couple of weeks off. In my absence, this week and next I will present encore presentations of "2017: The Prophetic Year in Review", parts one and two.

When Jesus was describing conditions just previous to the end of this Age, He said "you will hear of wars and rumors of war." (Matthew 24:6) In a broad sense, that's true of all years. But 2017 was different. It was rife with rumors of warfare at a level perhaps never seen on earth before.

Two nations figured prominently in those threats. One or both of them may one day make up part of an alliance known in Biblical prophecy as the "kings from the east." (Revelation 16:12)

Of course, I'm speaking of China and North Korea.

The Eurasia Group says that China leads all geopolitical risks in the coming year. To begin with, their war production is off-the-charts. Their state of the art factories are working round the clock producing futuristic weapons specifically designed to defeat the strengths of the United States military.

And some of them, such as the DF-17 missile that utilizes hypersonic glide technology, have western military leaders worried.

China is even working feverishly to engineer genetically-modified super-soldiers.

Just how serious is China? Recently, China's president Xi Jinping gave a three hour speech outlining China's plans for world domination within 30 years. And that was just what he was willing to reveal in public!

It goes without saying that 2017's poster boy for rumors and threats of war was North Korea's maniacal dictator Kim Jong-un. During the year, North Korea tested a series of ICBMs that eventually yielded a missile potentially capable of striking any target in the United States -- or the world, for that matter.

Kim also boasted that North Korea had tested its first hydrogen bomb. Seismic data from that region suggests that he may have been telling the truth.

What's more worrisome is that in December, Kim's regime announced that it will continue preparing "pre-emptive attacks with nuclear force." "Pre-emptive" means they're getting ready to fire the first shot.

As a result, nations across the Pacific region began seriously preparing their responses to a nuclear conflict.

And just as 2017 was fading into the sunset, reports came from Japan that North Korea is already loading anthrax into ICBMs. The presence of anthrax in the blood of a recent defector seems to confirm that North Korea is engaged in a serious bioweapons program.

How's that for "rumors of war?"

In 2017, European leaders may have finally begun to see how vulnerable they are to the Muslim migrants they have been welcoming for decades.

Turkey's Foreign Minister warned his counterparts that they "...have begun to collapse Europe... Holy wars will soon begin in Europe."

In the Netherlands, in order to get re-elected, the liberal Prime Minister had to sound like an ultra-nationalist! He took out a full-page newspaper ad telling migrants, "Act normal or go away... go back to Turkey." That's a complete U-turn!

Sweden still appears to be living in denial. That nation began accepting large numbers of Muslim in 1975. Since then, violent crime has risen 300%. Rapes have increased 1,472% through 2014. We receive e-mails from older Swedish citizens dejectedly telling us that they no longer recognize their nation -- and that they are afraid to go out at night. Many of them will only leave home in groups.

The bottom line is this. No matter what Angela Merkel, the mayor of London, or the leaders of the EU say, most European Muslims are NOT assimilating!

In April of 2017, the citizens of Turkey narrowly voted for constitutional amendments that removed all the checks and balances from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's power. And for a man who has long held delusions of a worldwide Islamic caliphate with himself in charge, that promises to be a dangerous thing.

Already, Erdogan has taken steps to establish a Turkish military presence in the Persian Gulf. The Jerusalem Post reports that his next goal is the Red Sea: "While Iran has taken the world's attention, Turkey is stealthily pursuing its goal of developing a military and intelligence infrastructure on the Red Sea."

What makes developments in Turkey even more interesting is that perhaps the biggest prophetic story of 2017 was the historic alignment of Turkey with Russia and Iran. Ezekiel 38 gives a list of nations that will one day launch a massive assault on Israel. Two of the nations are Russia and Persia, or modern Iran. Several of the smaller nations listed correspond to places now within the boundaries of modern Turkey.

How could Ezekiel have seen this alliance of unlikely nations 2,600 years ago when even 10 years ago it would have seemed absurd? (That's a rhetorical question, of course. We all know how!)

Russia and Iran are traditional enemies. Two years ago, Russia and Turkey were at each others' throats. But with stunning speed, Turkey has joined an active alliance with Russia and Iran.

From a secular standpoint, it is unbelievable. From a prophetic perspective, it is inevitable.

2017 closed with the people of Iran once more in the streets protesting their despotic government. What started as demonstrations against the mullahs' economic oppression has morphed into a revolt against their involvement in Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon. People in the streets have been chanting, "Death to Hezbollah!"

Why? Because that's where their money's going. After President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran removed the sanctions and allowed them to go full-bore selling their oil and gas, money has been flowing into Iran. Their coffers should be overflowing. But they're not.

As fast as it comes in, Iran is spending the money to build up its own military, arm Hamas in Israel, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the Houthis in Yemen. Now, they want to build missile factories in Syria. In other words, the money from Iran's oil and gas sales has not helped the Iranian people. (Did ANY sane person really believe it would?) Instead, it has funded foreign adventures for the power-hungry mullahs who rule Iran. (And EVERY sane person knew that it would!)

In 2017, America was still fighting in Afghanistan. Why? Because we are at war with the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and ISIS, all of whom are still fighting in Afghanistan. And as 9/11 proved, Afghanistan is important to American security at home.

Speaking of ISIS, in 2017 it was largely defeated on the traditional battlefield. Most of its strongholds in Iraq and Syria were retaken. But the ghosts of ISIS remain. And they haunt the world.

In 2017, what ISIS called "officially endorsed operations" included actions in Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Egypt, France, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

ISIS lost a lot in 2017, but they have not gone away.

Finally, 2017 brought more of the same turmoil and world condemnation that has characterized Israel's history. From the Palestinian rioting over the metal detectors placed at the Temple Mount entrances to its condemnation as an "apartheid regime" by a United Nations agency.

When Donald Trump became President, PA president Mahmoud Abbas journeyed to the White House. He was effusive in his praise of the new President. He applauded his "leadership... courage... wisdom." He tried to flatter Mr. Trump with talk of "your great negotiating ability." In English, he added, "Now, Mr. President, with you we have hope."

By the end of the year, things had changed. On December 6, President Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital. At that point, Abbas decided to cut the United States out of any peace process.

Though Abbas tried desperately to form a united government with Hamas, those efforts seem to be failing. A scholar at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism, Dr. Ely Karmon, said, "Hamas is just waiting for Abbas to die." Meanwhile, Hamas remains committed to terrorism and they have increasingly close ties with Iran and Hezbollah.

Folks, things are definitely heating up! If you've not been serious about getting ready to leave this world when Jesus comes back for us, don't waste another moment!

I'll continue "2017: The Prophetic Year in Review" next week with Part Two.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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