Wednesday, May 9, 2018

"Last Days," and Prepping Now.

Tom's Journal.

Hello  Friends and Readers:
     Reading thru the "All News PipeLine" post below my rant should really give most folks a start !    It is surely getting me into the correct 'Prepper' mindset right now, in May of 2018 ~!   But please allow me to explain my own situation....   that I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran:  68-70, with many other multiple injuries and goofy, wrong VA surgeries in the past, and totally messed up Dental VA clinic goof ups.....  sorry, but it's the truth.   Also old age and genetics added into the mix,  but that can work both ways,  for good and for evil...  LOL.   I had a super active life growing up and all my working years,  but Father God protected me, IMHO,  because He wanted to "use me in the witnessing, sharing the Gospel, work,  the way I see it.   
     OK,  there are different ways to see things and many different opinions.    Those of us who always had a good paying, steady job or trade,  might have been a bit spoiled,  and when the SHTF in the near future --- and they are not ready,  they will hurt and bleed hard,   especially if they don't have Jesus and the Holy Spirit in their hearts ! !    Studying the KJV Bible often and in depth,  is the best way to "prepare,"  dear friends.   I always tell people to start their Bible study at the 4 Gospel accounts:  Mathew, Mark, Luke and John,  followed by the book of Romans.   And then turn to Genesis, etc.   BTW,   my Email Address is:      
       So, now..... the reason for literal prepping is for the time period starting from NOW -----  to the time of the Rapture [and honestly,  that super Event could happen any time now !].    Please check out the timely articles below.... and that is really why I posted them !  

If we cannot afford to buy another house right now in these unstable times,  we shall just 'play the hand we were dealt."   However,  if we stay here another Winter,  I will personally calk, Winterize, and build my own Storm Windows,  out of my own pocket  !   I already got permission from Tim,  the young landlord.   We get along fine, and both Christians.   He helped me out, and now I help him out.    But the cold winds howl and seem to go right thru this old house and cost me a shivering high heating bill !    The new year will see us much better prepared.   
       The Middle  East situation could explode at ANY TIME and the Left, Socialist factions, and Iran are sure to finally attack Israel,  but first they might try to destroy,  Israel's "Big Brother,"  the USA.    I believe that is a distinct possibility.     But I am thinking that the Rapture should come before that time.    So..... would it make sense to buy a new house right now ?   I don't think so.

At the very bottom of this Blog post is a little tab that starts the 'actual reading OUT LOUD' of this post,   but it's more mechanical then human...   Enjoy.

Warm Regards,
 Thomas G Schuckman

[I must have been age 38 here, flexing my muscles.]



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