Friday, June 8, 2018


Tom's Journal.

Dear Readers and Friends:
      The body of this imported Blog post by Hal Lindsey struck a chord in my heart of hearts,   so that I realized [again] that I lack the maturity by depending on my own skills and inherent "gifts" and talents to get by ----  instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to make me right.    I need to work on my humility and give 100% praise and glory to the Father in Heaven,  thru Jesus Christ !   Yes,  That is so important.   I will start to direct my prayers and desires to the Father and ask for the Holy Spirit to set me right.          I tease my dear wife too much in claiming that I have superior intellect and breeding, and was raised the RIGHT way in a good, proper environment....  but that's all B.S.   I am no better than any other bloke,  but I have worked very hard to get what I have--- by the Grace of God !   Never fail to get the glory and credit to Father God !   Ha!   I feel better already !   My diet is shattered, so now I eat very little, just the bare minimum.    I am kind of spoiled,  by having the means to buy the good food I like, and eat out sometimes.    Indeed many of my fellow Americans are too fat and spoiled !   Half of Americans have also kicked God out of their lives, from the courts and school,  so no wonder we have calamity and violence in the great country that has helped so many other people in the world.   But it always this way in the world,  that certain nations have fought for Freedom and won,  but then they grow decadent, rich, and take the easy way out until they lose their Freedom.  Egypt, Assyria,  Babylon,  Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, and now the United States of America {According to the KJV Bible}.    

At this point in our lives,  2018,  we are vulnerable, and ripe for picking---  for destroying, and it could happen at any time.   As I haver posted many times,  The Survival stuff and tools that we save, are only to last from Now --- UP TO THE RAPTURE.   When we "translate" into Spirit Creatures in Heaven,  we won't care or worry for one second !!   Because Heaven is our new Home, where the Lord has promised us that we will be safe and sound.   Pity the folks who still won't or cannot BELIEVE and follow Jesus Christ,   as they are "Lost.'   Sorry that most of the world lacks the HUMILITY to bend knee to the Christ, confess our sins to Him, and verbally say the proper words and follow Him.    

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

Hal Lindsey (

June 8th, 2018
This week, I'll continue my special presentation on "The Many Facets of Faith."

As I mentioned in this space last week, few subjects in the Bible are more important for us to understand than faith. I think it would be safe to say that many believers have no idea how truly important real faith is to their walk with Christ. In fact, you cannot have a walk with Christ without faith!

The issue of faith pervades every aspect of our relationship with God and our service for Him. Genuine faith is the source of our strength, our provision, our courage, our guidance, and our victory over the world system, the flesh, and the Devil. Faith is the only thing that can sustain us in the trials and persecutions predicted for the last days. It's imperative that we understand exactly what faith is, how we get it, and how it grows.

As we continue this examination of the role of faith in the life of the believer, I think it's important to understand that we are like aliens at war in an enemy territory from the moment we are born again into God's eternal family. We don't have the option of being pacifists in this war. We have to fight. That's why it's important to learn God's provisions for fighting and winning the war. Once again, faith is the key to victory. It is the only acceptable means we have for appropriating our strength, weapons, and armor for the battle.

I refer to this as "combat faith."

We'll also discuss the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. Even the Lord Jesus depended upon the Holy Spirit to empower and to work through His human nature while He voluntarily lived on earth under the limitations of being a true man. He kept saying in various ways throughout the Gospel of John, "I can do nothing of Myself."

Even though His divine nature had the power to perform any of His miracles, He voluntarily laid aside its use. Instead, by FAITH, He depended upon the Holy Spirit, who dwelt within His human nature. And it's the same Holy Spirit, activated by the same faith, that Jesus promised will do even greater works through us.

I'll also discuss various aspects of the "indwelling ministry" of the Holy Spirit and how the believer achieves maturity in his or her walk with Christ.

I'm reminded of that old saying, "The Christian life is not difficult. It's impossible!" Only the Holy Spirit can produce it in us as we depend -- through faith -- upon Him. But we humans seem to always have the feeling that, given enough time and the right circumstances, we can handle anything ourselves. This is such a subtle trap that the Lord has provided a special kind of training to teach us how to depend only upon the Spirit, and not our human abilities. Both Moses and Paul had to be broken of self-confidence and taught God-confidence. I refer to that course of instruction as the "B. D. Degree." Which simply means the "Backside of the Desert Degree."

Finally, in order to help us understand the impossibility of living the truly Christian life, God gave us the Law. As the Apostle Paul wrote, "I would not have come to know sin except through the Law...." God gave us the Law to show us how impossible it is to become acceptable to God by our own efforts. It drives us to despair of self-effort, then leads us to see that God's provision of salvation is a gift through FAITH in Christ alone.

So the more we understand about the role of faith (and grace) in our lives as believers, the more we'll be thankful to God. Then, out of a responsive heart of love toward God, we will want to serve Him. And it's the motive of love, not fear or obligation, that God wants to see us use in serving and loving Him.

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
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