Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Jeff Sessions cleaned up Obama's Mess.

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     IMHO,  B.H. Obama, ex- US President was full of the devil, and he will be judged,  like the rest of us.   I know that America's sins and injustice has risen sky high in view of the KJV Bible, with many lies, and abortion, etc., and if only we consider weak human logic --- our entire planet is dying right now, as we all polluted the air, water, fish, ingested GMO Frankenstein foods and poisonous insecticide crap made by DOW, Corning, Round-Up, etc. , also Agent Orange !   
     God is surely watching and He is angry that humans are ruining His Earth !   The KJV Bible says that God Almighty--Yahweh, WILL SOON CHANGE THINGS and start all over,  but first He has promised to "translate" the good humans to a special place in Heaven that His Son, Jesus has been creating/ building for those who are "Saved."   Many humans scoff at His promise to "Rapture" His Saints and Servants/ true Christians --- but don't be fooled by cheap human 'wisdom.'   God and His Son have NEVER dropped the ball, not even once !    Beware,  there are so many 'plastic, fake, Christians' and few fit the real nature of pure, real Bible smart, Christians.  OK,  you don't have to be a Bible scholar to get to Heaven before all hell breaks loose on Earth, but we ought to at least know the basics !   Read the 4 Gospel accounts and the book of Romans for a start, and pray for forgiveness, and get your life in line with Christ via the Holy Spirit...… now !    And that will be the BEST INVESTMENT in your whole life !   

Have a great happy day,  friends.    Smile,  God loves you.

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Thomas G Schuckman
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Jeff Sessions just cleaned up Barack Obama’s worst mess

Under Barack Obama’s open border policies illegal aliens flooded America.
Allowing illegal aliens to invade America to force Congress to accept amnesty was a central pillar of Obama’s scheme to “fundamentally” transform America.
But that all changed when Jeff Sessions cleaned up this big mess.
Under Obama, the government allowed illegal aliens to use flimsy excuses to claim credible fear of harm in their home countries in order to gain asylum.

Obama loosened the rules so gang and domestic violence would be grounds for granting asylum.
This led to 80 percent of asylum seekers winning their case and being allowed to remain in America.
Jeff Sessions closed the loopholes and began enforcing immigration law.
And this led to one immigration lawyer claiming this has led nearly double the amount of illegal aliens being turned away.
The Associated Press reports:
Immigration lawyers say that’s meant more asylum seekers failing interviews with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to establish credible fear of harm in their home countries. They also say that immigration judges, who work for the Justice Department, are overwhelmingly signing off on those recommendations during appeals, effectively ending what could have been a yearslong asylum process almost before it’s begun.
“This is a direct, manipulated attack on the asylum process,” said Sofia Casini of the Austin nonprofit Grassroots Leadership, which has been working with immigrant women held at the nearby T. Don Hutto detention center who were separated from their kids under a widely condemned policy that President Donald Trump ended on June 20.
Casini said that of the roughly 35 separated mothers her group worked with, more than a third failed their credible fear interviews, which she said is about twice the failure rate of before the new restrictions took effect. Nationally, more than 2,000 immigrant children and parents have yet to be reunited, including Aragon and her daughter, who is being held at a New York children’s shelter and whose future is as unclear as her mother’s.

Donald Trump was elected to put America First and that started with his promise to secure the borders.
Trump has stated America will not be refugee camp and ending Obama’s open border policies is a big down payment on fulfilling his promise.