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John 15:20 -- NASB.

Tom's Journal.

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Dear Friends and Readers,
   Today's topic, from Hal Linsey, is just the 'pick me up' encouragement that I need so desperately!   Like honeyed Mana from heaven, folks.   I was down in the dumps-- had the blues and heartsick for a while.  But this encouragement has finally got me back on my feet, and happy again.   PTL--Praise the Lord.

And how do you all like the 'cryptic title' I chose for today's Blog Post?   Too,  I believe you will find my posts more smooth and with better grammar as I am employing a special, free  grammar "tool."  Ask me if you want to use that same tool, also.   You all know my email address by now.
       But after I publish my posts [lately] and go to the special area that tells me who is reading and hitting on my blog posts,  that Info is acting 'squirrelly' and strange, and I would not doubt one bit that wicked agents are messing with my blog dissemination.    But the fine, country of Norway is always on top as the most popular blog reading, the most interested country on Earth.   Thank you, NORWAY!   God bless you good people in every way.   
       I have memorized a few "sayings," etc., and Bible verses in my long life, and it makes me feel good that I invested that precious time --- storying up my 'treasures in heaven.'   Also, wise things to say and help others, asGod has used me in a marvelous way to reach out and be bold enough to contact other every time I step out the door to do my business and tell people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and true Salvation through Christ.  Remember, the first step is to confess your sins to the Lord, and then ask Him to be with you, along with the Holy Spirit, always.  Then immerse yourselves in His Word, the KJV Bible [or perhaps the NASB-- easier to read, for the non-educated folks out there].   We humans were created a little bit lower than the angels, will never be perfect on Earth --yet we will someday 'judge angels' after we get to heaven.  Just don't 'jump ship' or give up, as just a little time and this planet will start to "Rock and Roll!"

And talk about, "Handy Tools..."  Check this out, good German people.   >>>>

1.Korinther 6:3
Parallel Verse
Lutherbibel 1912
Wisset ihr nicht, daß wir über die Engel richten werden? Wie viel mehr über die zeitlichen Güter.
Textbibel 1899
Wisset ihr nicht, daß wir über Engel richten sollen? geschweige über mein und dein.
Modernisiert Text
Wisset ihr nicht, daß wir über die Engel richten werden? wieviel mehr über die zeitlichen Güter!
De Bibl auf Bairisch
Wisstß n nit, däß mir über Engln richtn gaand? Also eerst recht in Alltagsstritt!
King James Bible
Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?
English Revised Version
Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more, things that pertain to this life?
Biblische Schatzkammer
Matthaeus 25:41
Dann wird er auch sagen zu denen zur Linken: Gehet hin von mir, ihr Verfluchten, in das ewige Feuer, das bereitet ist dem Teufel und seinen Engeln!
2.Petrus 2:4
Denn Gott hat die Engel, die gesündigt haben, nicht verschont, sondern hat sie mit Ketten der Finsternis zur Hölle verstoßen und übergeben, daß sie zum Gericht behalten werden;
Judas 1:6
Auch die Engel, die ihr Fürstentum nicht bewahrten, sondern verließen ihre Behausung, hat er behalten zum Gericht des großen Tages mit ewigen Banden in der Finsternis.
1.Korinther 6:4
Ihr aber, wenn ihr über zeitlichen Gütern Sachen habt, so nehmt ihr die, so bei der Gemeinde verachtet sind, und setzet sie zu Richtern.
Psalm 17:14
von den Leuten mit deiner Hand, HERR, von den Leuten dieser Welt, welche ihr Teil haben in ihrem Leben, welchen du den Bauch füllst mit deinem Schatz, die da Söhne die Fülle haben und lassen ihr übriges ihren Kindern.
Lukas 8:14
Das aber unter die Dornen fiel, sind die, so es hören und gehen hin unter den Sorgen, Reichtum und Wollust dieses Lebens und ersticken und bringen keine Frucht.
Lukas 21:34
Hütet euch aber, daß eure Herzen nicht beschwert werden mit Fressen und Saufen und mit Sorgen der Nahrung und komme dieser Tag schnell über euch;
2.Timotheus 2:4
Kein Kriegsmann flicht sich in Händel der Nahrung, auf daß er gefalle dem, der ihn angenommen hat.
2.Timotheus 4:10
Denn Demas hat mich verlassen und hat diese Welt liebgewonnen und ist gen Thessalonich gezogen, Kreszens nach Galatien, Titus nach Dalmatien.
1.Korinther 6:3 Interlinear1.Korinther 6:3 Mehrsprachig1 Corintios 6:3 Spanisch1 Corinthiens 6:3 Französisch1 Korinther 6:3 Deutsch1.Korinther 6:3 Chinesisch1 Corinthians 6:3 EnglischBible AppsBible Hub
Lutherbibel 1912
Textbibel des Alten und Neuen Testaments, Emil Kautzsch, Karl Heinrich Weizäcker - 1899
Modernized Text courtesy of, made available in electronic format by Michael Bolsinger.
De Bibl auf Bairisch · Sturmibund · Salzburg · Bairn · Pfingstn 1998 · Hell Sepp
1.Korinther 6
2Wißt ihr nicht, daß die Heiligen die Welt richten werden? So nun die Welt von euch soll gerichtet werden, seid ihr denn nicht gut genug, geringe Sachen zu richten? 3Wisset ihr nicht, daß wir über die Engel richten werden? Wie viel mehr über die zeitlichen Güter. 4Ihr aber, wenn ihr über zeitlichen Gütern Sachen habt, so nehmt ihr die, so bei der Gemeinde verachtet sind, und setzet sie zu Richt

Read the meaningful text for today, please,  from Hal Lindsey:

It's been a hard, hot summer in Israel and the Gaza Strip.

The "March of Return" has rumbled on for more than 20 weeks. During that time, 160 Palestinians have been killed in clashes with Israeli forces at the Gaza/Israel border.

Israel has taken a beating from the world press for its defense of its border. But most of those media outlets don't tell the full story.

One day last week, more than 9,000 Palestinian rioters stormed the Israeli border. They carried Molotov cocktails and other explosives. Grenades were hurled at Israeli soldiers.

Hamas operatives fly kites and balloons into Israel. They carry payloads of firebombs. Gazans have used such devices to cause hundreds of fires since the "March of Return" began. These fires have burned more than 7,000 acres.

Last week alone, Hamas fired over 200 rockets, missiles, and mortar rounds at Israeli civilians. Some of those missiles struck near playgrounds filled with Israeli children.

Hamas snipers have killed and injured Israeli soldiers.

The mainstream media also downplays the fact that most of the Palestinians killed by the IDF are Hamas soldiers or members of other Palestinian militias.

There have been about a dozen Palestinian children killed in these clashes, but the media never demands to know why the Palestinians are deliberately bringing their small children into live firefights. The answer is simple. Hamas has always hidden themselves, their arsenals, and their rocket launchers among civilians, especially children. That way, when the Israelis respond to attacks, civilians and children are certain to be collateral damage.

It makes for effective propaganda, especially when the complicit mainstream media swallows it hook, line, and sinker.

But Israel is a miracle nation. God promised that in the last days of this age, He will bring His people back into their own land. And though those days will be difficult, in the end He will personally defend them and they will never be dispersed again.

So those who fight against this miracle nation are fighting a losing battle. The Book of Revelation speaks of a massive revival among Jews after the Rapture. And Romans 11:26 promises that, "All Israel will be saved."

The media insists that we are in the throes of a massive trade war. The numbers say otherwise, but when has that mattered to the mainstream media in the last few years?

The truth is, after years of grossly unfair trade agreements with other nations, the United States has begun to fight back.

President Trump has surprised the world by placing tariffs on nations with whom we have consistent, lopsided trade balances. Though he has received withering criticism, the strategy is bearing fruit.

China has responded on a tit-for-tat basis, but has been threatening to retaliate massively. Of course, the media is predicting the economic collapse of the US as a result.

However, China appears to be buckling. They announced that they are sending a high-ranking minister and a team of negotiators to Washington this week to resume talks toward a resolution.

Likewise, the European Union has suddenly seen the light and a few days ago reached a preliminary agreement with the US to dramatically alter our trading arrangements. This includes buying much of the soybean crop that China is threatening to increase taxes on! That got China's attention.

President Trump points out that this is not just a matter of economics, but national security.

Take steel, for instance. The US steel industry once led the world. But it couldn't compete when other nations subsidized their steel industries and dumped steel into the US at prices lower than market value.

Meanwhile, many of those nations placed huge tariffs on steel imported from the United States. The US steel industry began to die, with the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

But steel is essential to national security. A nation that imports most of its steel -- like most of its energy -- puts itself at risk. It places its national security in the hands of foreign powers.

Likewise, the United States has begun to more effectively use its sanctioning power to influence the behavior of belligerent nations like Turkey, Russia, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, and North Korea.

We don't know yet how all of this will play out. The world isn't accustomed to the United States standing up for itself and demanding a fair deal. But the Bible tells us that in the last days the world will experience great economic upheaval.

This has been the case for several years now. The world has teetered on the edge of economic disaster. Nations are desperately trying all kinds of emergency measures like zero or even negative interest rates to keep their economies afloat. And what used to be "emergency measures" are now normal.

The Bible gives us a good picture of how the world's economy will function in the last days. At times, things will go well. At other times, they will go well for the rich, but not for everyone else. And then there will be a point when it all falls apart for everyone.

The scare will bring the Antichrist to power. We know this because Revelation 13 describes the world turning its entire economic system over to the Antichrist and the False Prophet.

It's getting easier and easier to see how everything could fall apart and fall apart quickly. The fact that the world is so close to economic collapse means that it is being set up for these things to happen very soon.

I speak often on this program about the dramatic rise of Christian persecution around the world. One of the most pronounced examples of this is China. Even members of the mainstream media are finally beginning to report on it.

But attacks on Christianity are not limited to China and the Middle East. The New York Times is fully capable of anti-Christian bigotry, too. (I know that doesn't surprise you.)

Recently, Frank Bruni, one of the Times' editorial writers warned that the best case against impeaching President Trump "is the much greater danger of Pence."

Bruni is implying that Vice President Mike Pence is "dangerous" because he believes in Jesus and the Bible. But that's not just an attack on the Vice President, it's an attack on millions of Americans who, like Vice President Pence, actually believe the Bible. He paints us as evil and dangerous.

Folks, this is the beginning. As I've warned for years, persecution is coming to the western Church. It is already brutally oppressing our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world. The Bible says it will happen.

Jesus Himself told us, "A slave is not greater than his master. If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you." (John 15:20 NASB) But don't be afraid or discouraged. In the time of persecution, His Holy Spirit will strengthen us and guide us. And Jesus promised that He will never forsake us.

And one more thing. Because we can now clearly see persecution on the horizon, just as the Bible foretold, that means we can also believe everything else the Bible tells us. And it tells us that Jesus is coming soon.

Believe it! Get ready!

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On a personal note, Jay Jones, my long-time and dear friend from Trinity Broadcasting Network, went to be with the Lord on Thursday. Jay had suffered for several years with heart problems, but he never stopped working and he never stopped smiling and being an inspiration to everyone around him.

Jay started with TBN as a prayer partner in the very earliest days. He was a dedicated member of the TBN family for almost 45 years. He would sometimes host the flagship program, "Praise the Lord." But he was best known for the popular show he hosted for many years. It was called, "Joy in the Morning!"

We will all miss Jay, but I take comfort in the knowledge that his suffering is over and he will be forever in the happy presence of his Lord and Savior.

Jay has found the real "Joy in the Morning!" Goodbye, my friend.

God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
mail: HLMM, P.O. Box 470470, Tulsa, OK 74147

-----So are we above the Lord, and somehow think that we shall NOT suffer to at least some extent, before the Rapture.   Like good, well-trained Soldiers,  we don't relish a war or battle, death of torture?   But then we shall never shrink back from battle with the Devil and his Earthly agents.   Heck, we are all in this battle right now -- even in America-- the USA!   Millions of our earthly Christians in China are suffering much worse right now, and yet they pray for US!    BTW--By the way,  how many of us are really "trained for battle?"  We sit in front of the goofy TV for most of the night or day, and are still Bible illiterate and totally ignorant!   Time to rise and shine,  friends.   Let us at least email and pray for each other,  please.

Warm Regards,
Thomas G. Schuckman

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