Monday, September 24, 2018

Brutal Winter Coming.

Tom's Journal.

Tom's tomahawk and throwing knife target made from a cross cut tree truck, about 10 years ago in Union Grove, Wisconsin.   I taught other good people how to accurately throw "Hawks and knives" for many years as a skill and a defense technique.   I also am a professional knife sharpener, among other things.   I set out to learn and teach as many skill sets as possible in early life so I could coast when I grew older, to also set a good example for my kids.  'Do all you can do."  
     My Dad, a U.S. Navy SeaBee was wounded in Saipan -- WW-2, told me and gave me some good, wise advice.... He said:  " Tom,  I went to as many different places that I could in my young life to experience the bad and the good,  because I knew that I would never make it back to those places again.   He was strict with me, but I thought, fair.   No one is ever going to be perfect and bearing kids never came with an instruction book.... LOL, unless they were blessed to have and use the Bible.   We never read or discussed the Bible in our home on the farm, etc.,  but I made it my life's ambition to study the KJV Bible to the point of much memorization and now know it backwards and forwards.   God gave me His Grace and the Holy Spirit -- as I can do NOTHING on my own behalf.   I am 'dust in the wind.'  
    I am always looking for more level headed email friends all over the world, but I am only a master of English.... sorry.   I studied academically,  German, French and Latin and still learning.  
--Tommy Schuckman   9-30-18

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Good afternoon Thomas,

The farmer's almanac is saying that this winter is likely to be unusually cold, wet and brutal.  Here in Tennessee it's still miserably hot (93F today), and miserably humid (85% today), so it seems like thinking about winter is premature.

However, my recent experience of dancing with Florence in North Carolina reminded me of how we can become complacent.  It's the old "boiling frogs" phenomenon.  We can change our behavior or learn something new, but then we get used to that new level of the status quo. 

So for the last nine months I've been thinking about gardens, heat, floods and (whenever I watch the nightly news), preparing for looters and thugs.  But it's September now and it's time to start thinking about winter.

I'm always intrigued when I read about survival and prepping strategies from old timers, like the 10 things that cowboys carried with them when they went out on the range for a long time.

Another one I think is valuable is all the different ways of storing fresh food for as long as two years at a time before there was refrigeration.  Yeah, I know, in some places it will be super cold for months at a time, but your meat could still go bad, so this remains relevant today.

I thought it was also cool to learn about how other cultures harvest food and medicinals from natureIf you've traveled outside of the country, you know that things are pretty different in Africa and Asia.  They just do things differently-but the ways they use some plants for food or medicine work as well as anything discovered in Tennessee or WI.

Anyway, I thought I'd tell you what's on my mind.  What are you doing to get ready for a nasty winter?

Have a good day!

Survival Dad

P.S.  I almost forgot an important resource for finding antibiotics and pain relievers in nature is here.

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman