Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Death of a Christian Missionary.

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Hi  Friends,
   I just got an email via some old friends on FaceBook that contained a sorrowful note concerning a Baptist Missionary and his family in parts of Africa where there is a senseless war, and that Christian missionary was recently shot and killed after they'd been there for only 2--weeks!   What a terrible shame and tragedy!   We are all very sure that the man is with our Savior, Jesus Christ, right now,  but he left behind a large family and many friends.  Below is an excerpt from his wife, Stephanie.   
    And before we condemn other parts of the Earth for violence we can just look at our own land, America that is divided with hate and murder.     

My Precious husband, Charles, is now with the Savior he adored and faithfully served for many years. His life focus was seeking to cause others to love Jesus and serve him. My prayer is that somehow someway Jesus will be glorified through my Precious Charles'death and that God will not let his death have been in vain. He is receiving the Martyrs crown from his Lord. My heart is broken. I want to wake up from a horrific nightmare. Please pray for us.
Please pray for this missionary family!!!
PLEASE pray for Charles Wesco! The Wesco family just arrived in Cameroon, Africa (not even two weeks ago). He was shot this morning as a result of ongoing, violent civil war in Cameroon, and has passed away.

Let us all pray for the family of this Christian Hero,  please.

Warm Regareds,
Tom  Schuckman
Email:   tschuckman@aol.com