Saturday, December 1, 2018

Serious Information about our Own Gov't Agencies.

Tom's Journal.


24-year old Charles Clarke had $11,000 in physical cash on him when he was traveling through Cincinnati airport.
Clarke didn’t have a bank account; he had been saving money for his entire life, including his disabled mother’s VA pension from her time in the military.
He ordinarily kept the cash at home but was traveling with it because he and his mother were moving apartments.
Local officials at the airport saw the money, and, despite it being perfectly legal to carry physical cash, they thought it was suspicious and confiscated it.
His entire life’s savings was stolen by the government in an instant. And he hadn’t done anything wrong or charged with a crime.
There are countless more stories like Clarke’s.
But it turns out that was all just Phase 1 when Civil Asset Forfeiture was a type of ‘passive’ theft.
Law enforcement agencies would seize funds and assets as a target of opportunity, like Clarke’s money at the airport, or a cop who spots a few thousand dollars in cash at a routine traffic stop.
These are normal stories.
But now we find out that federal agencies, led by the DEA, are now actively stalking Americans to figure out what they can seize.
Like sophisticated thieves who case a jewelry store before robbing it, the DEA has been trolling Americans’ travel records looking for ‘suspicious’ activity.
I’m not talking about past travel. I’m talking about upcoming travel.
Anytime you book a flight, airlines create a code called a PNR, or Passenger Name Record, with all of your travel details and personal information.
And what a surprise– the federal government has gotten its hands on this data.
So now it seems the DEA is combing through PNRs looking for suspicious activity like last minute, one-way tickets.
Because apparently only slimy low-lifes who carry treasure troves of illicitly acquired cash buy last minute one-way tickets.
This is amazing: you’d think that, with the obvious public backlash against Civil Asset Forfeiture over the past two years that the government would tone down the practice.
On the contrary, they’re taking it to the next level.
So now instead of passively waiting to steal from citizens as the opportunities arise, they’re actively casing our travel itineraries looking for potential targets.
This is truly banana republic stuff.
This trend serves as an obvious reminder: when you live in a place with such a corrupt system of justice, does it really make sense to keep 100% of your wealth and life’s savings within their easy reach?
The fact is that any court, police department, or government agency can seize your assets in an instant: your cash, car, bank account, business, and even your home.
And with the data this obvious, it’s simply not worth the risk.
There are so many legal steps you can take to insulate yourself from this growing, ominous trend.
You can move some funds offshore to a safe, stable foreign bank. Or even hold some gold and silver abroad in a non-reportable safety deposit box.
But doing nothing in light of this trend is practically an invitation to get robbed.

To your success,
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P.S. It doesn’t matter whether you vote Republican or Democrat; your candidate will not be able to change a thing.
What I'm saying is no matter if you vote Republican or Democrat is utterly irrelevant because the Deep State won't let the person elected get anything done.
Think I'm joking?