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AntiChrist and False Prophet.

Tom's Journal.

Hi  Friends and Readers,
   Well,  Springtime is barely starting to melt some of the snow and ice U.P. where I live.    And we are very happy with that long waited event,  as the ice is deadly slippery.   And huge clumps of it suddenly slide down the roof of our humble hovel at the air temps grow higher these days.   It has been a nasty Winter this year!  And I shall never complain about any Summer's heat.  

It's a bad, dangerous policy to publically announce anything pertaining to my private finance and personal money,  but I intend to pay OFF our Dodge Ram Truck in the month of April!!   It's a sturdy red 4 by 4, 2015 model, and still in very good shape!   We are happy about this event and will, of course use that same money to make double payments on another bill.   Unless the Gov't springs some new money changing idea on the American people.  We older Americans grow so set in our ways so that any change is hard.   And the American dollar $$ is worth less all the time.  Who really knows exactly what will happen and when?   

     Personally,  I think that sound investments are a great "safety net" for the future,  perhaps P.M.'s [Precious Metals] or land, real estate, farm land, like I always wanted but was too busy paying off/ down the bills.   It seems like every time I saved some money --- something else broke down and needed to be fixed.        But then,  I guess that we will be judged by "Knowing the Lord Jesus Christ" and how we treat our fellow man.   So too, alot of responsibility falls on the shoulders of parents who teach us right and wrong.... albeit studying the KJV Bible every week or day.   My wife, Lori, and I are now reading from the books of Psalms and Proverbs... after I heard that Jesus often quoted lines from those two books.     After all:  'A Christian is a follower or imatator of Christ.'   And we are the most persecuted religion on Earth!   

Enjoy the read.

Warm Regards, and Army Hugs,
Tom Schuckman

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Above:  Tom pumping iron-- Tricepts.   Feels so good!

Hal Lindsey ( Details

March 15th, 2019
If a Bible scholar considers a prophecy to be symbolic it is usually because he or she can't imagine how the prophecy could be fulfilled literally.

For instance, many Bible scholars and teachers in the past couldn't conceive of Israel ever becoming an actual nation again. So they allegorized hundreds of Bible prophecies that require a revived Israel. Some still hold to old misinterpretations even after God has literally done what He promised to do.

Some teachers have scoffed at the idea that the coming Antichrist and False Prophet could be literal figures who literally rule the world. One of the reasons they found the Bible's prediction of such characters to be fantastical is because they couldn't imagine how any government could monitor the retail activities of the world. The prophets predicted that no one will be able to buy or sell without pledging allegiance to the Antichrist.

Also, how could the False Prophet make certain that everyone in the world always remains reverential toward the Antichrist. The prophets said that he will cause anyone who refuses to worship the Antichrist to be executed.

A lot of people dismissed these prophecies as impossible to fulfill because they couldn't imagine how they could be accomplished.

Some of us suspected it would be done it with technology, but until recently, we didn't know how powerful technology could be or how completely it could control our lives.

Now we are beginning to see it implemented and it is stunning.

To see what's coming and what's possible, just look at China.

China is a hybrid. It has a market-driven economy, but it is run by a communist oligarchy. By itself, capitalism cannot guarantee human rights.

Since I reported last year on China's new "social credit score" system, we've learned more about it. What we're learning is jaw-dropping.

Chinese officials say the system is necessary to stop terrorism, tax fraud, identity theft, voter fraud, child addiction to video games, and hundreds of other problems. And who wouldn't want to stop those things?

But power grabs rarely begin with brute force. Political or economic problems usually pave the way. That makes the need for a solution seem reasonable and logical.

The problems are real, but China's solution is a pretext. It is an excuse to consolidate the regime's control over Chinese citizens.

It is two evils rolled into one. First, it is a vast surveillance system that receives and coordinates data from all government agencies and many businesses.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation says China already has more than 200 million high-definition surveillance cameras in use with many more to come. They are connected to facial recognition software. The system also uses satellites and drones.

The government monitors supermarket checkouts to know who buys what. The system knows who pays their bills on time and who doesn't. It monitors how well they sort their garbage for recycling. It monitors all online chats, no matter how innocuous.

In the future, the government will monitor what kinds of books the Chinese buy and which internet articles they read. Medical and dental records will be part of the system. Obviously, any kind of information about everyone will be fair game for use in the system.

Second, it is a system of coercion and control. Using all of the information the government has gathered through its surveillance, every person is assigned a "social credit score."

Those with high scores (more favorable to the government) receive various perks. They get cheaper public transportation and shorter wait times. Since the government controls access to health care, a citizen's social credit score may mean the difference between life and death. Bureaucrats may seek to reduce healthcare costs by eliminating less cooperative or desirable citizens.

The social credit score decides what kind of job is available to each person. A score can get one hired or fired, promoted or demoted.

Last year, 17.5 million Chinese citizens with low social credit scores were denied the ability to purchase airline tickets. The system blocked 5.5 million citizens from buying train tickets.

And the complete system hasn't even been fully implemented yet!

China's Communist Party (which rules the country) says the social credit system will "allow the trustworthy to roam freely under heaven while making it harder for the discredited to take a single step."

The problem is, the Chinese government trusts no one.

Fortunately, most western nations have publicly condemned China's social credit system. But that's only a public posture since most of those nations are also struggling to solve problems like terrorism, tax evasion, voter fraud, and crime. And many of them are quietly considering systems similar to China's.

Canada's law enforcement agencies have instituted something called the "Risk-driven Tracking Database." They are busily collecting all kinds of information, ostensibly to locate "at-risk" young people.

But, they are also using Artificial Intelligence to predict who is "likely" to commit a crime.

If you're a Christian in Canada, you should take note of this system. The Bible says many things that the Canadian government considers hate-speech. Will we reach a point where Christians will be arrested as a preemptive measure?

It certainly seems we're headed in that direction, and we're headed there fast.

Finally, with everything hurtling toward the apocalyptic climax of the end of the Age of Grace, this could be a time of terrible despair. But it doesn't have to be.

Our despair turns to joy when we come to know God's greatest promise of all -- Jesus Christ.

More than two thousand years ago, Jesus stepped out of the Judean hills claiming to be God's long-promised Messiah. Thousands believed Him. Others rejected Him as a fraud.

For twenty centuries, Jesus has been the most controversial figure in the pages of literature and history. Great good and colossal evil have been done in His name. Wars have been fought over this gentle, Jewish prophet.

On this week's program, I am going to examine some of the reasons why I am firmly convinced that Jesus Christ is precisely who He claimed to be -- the Messiah.

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