Wednesday, March 20, 2019

'Trust no Stranger.'

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends,
    I can only imagine how hurt and destroyed other folks are when somehow the Post Office people lose a special, important piece of mail or a package is ripped up, stolen or destroyed while in their Federal hands.    We almost hate those disgusting animals who know the system and STEAL!  Same with airport "security" theft and robbery!   Well,  I had my wife mail a package to a relative a few days ago but it arrived EMPTY!   It was very valuable and sentimental with many old pictures of my family and children!   I am beside myself with anger and despair, and we only put $500 of shipping insurance on it when it should have been much more [Confidential].   And to rub salt into injury we now have to go thru a long difficult procedure to just get our money back....  of course.    Now days I trust very few humans!  And we need to be a computer nerd just to work the field work of the P.O.  

Throughout my life, I memorized so many slogan, proverbs, and truths.   "One man's gold is another man's garbage."   But the KJV Bible has the sayings of everlasting life.   You know, if someone stole my Bible and learned from it,  I could almost count it a blessing!!  Ha!
   Sorry to say,  I already know how corrupt and greedy people who work in the Gov't can be and they will steal anything that is not nailed or bolted down.  But it's been that way for the past 6000 years since Adam and Eve were created somewhere between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers long ago.   Just start reading at Luke 3: 22, to find out Jesus' lineage.  

I guess I am just venting this fine evening.   I am thinking now to never send anything costly or important in the mail from now on.  Period.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman