Wednesday, May 8, 2019

"Meat" gives us needed Protein.

Tom's Journal.

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Hello Dear Friends and avid  Readers,
     Many older folks struggle with a weight reduction quest and younger people too.   Here in America, we are blessed with our hearts desires albeit we are led and moulded by the greedy 'Big Pharma and force-fed Media pushing sugar ladened foods, ie, "high Fructose corn syrup," etc.  And half of the USA doesn't have economical full generic, organic, foods, fruits and veggies.  So we must pick and choose our foods discriminately and with all serious wisdom, IMHO [In My Humble Opinion].   Too many of the 'inner city' non-working class just indulge themselves like the way they were brought up, perhaps by a single woman family arrangement with no 'father figure' who would have given the children fatherly, loving advice and firm direction.  The children 'feed themselves' with sugar-laden breakfast cereals, etc., and wonder why they are stricken with early signs of obesity and Diabetes, etc.  

I just happen to be the son of a hard-working ex-Navy man, also a farmer with a good job in Milwaukee, WI., as a crane operator and then foreman at a large corporation, until he retired after many years of hard work, cut down by a heart attack, etc., and died at age 74.  Right now I am age 70, and have noticed a nasty spurt of old age, with many aches and pains, but blessed by the God of my fathers--- Christian, but still very imperfect.   

Moving on to the diet, and there are SO MANY DIETS in the world.  Some have claimed that the Vegan style Diet is the way to go,  but please allow me to put in my 2 cents worth.  I claim the KJV Bible as my chief "TOOL" of choice, so let's look at a page at Genesis 9:3.  Our great God, Yahweh [or the Latinized term:  Jehovah] originally wanted to create a nice habitat for man and woman to enjoy, grow, prosper and propagate and eventually filling the entire Earth with perfect human beings.  Adam and Eve sinned by eating some "forbidden fruit" even as they had loads of fresh fruits, nuts, and veggies available.  So Father God never lost that original plan of a world filled with perfect humans to worship Him, but He took a detour that lasted about 6000 years, as all His angels in heaven looked on.  God had to give the world plenty of time trying out every type of 'Human Gov't' so there would never a lingering question, and also prove Satan the devil a LIAR from the get-go!   So, let's go to Genesis 9:3,  "Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat [food] for you;  even as the green herb have I given you all things."  Yes, our Father in heaven cared for Noah and his family were IMPERFECT at this point and needed more than 'Herbs,' fruits and vegetables, because they food they had thus far was NOT supplying enough protein for man to survive and be healthy enough for hard work!   Remember, this is not my idea, but from many years of serious study, we can all gain the Holy Spirit and come to the God-inspired correct conclusion.   Smile, it's not all the hard to study and read.   Read the whole chapter of Genesis 9, which is very interesting.  In chapter 9, verse 21, we have the first mention of Noah drinking too much wine and getting drunk... and that had dire consequences.  One smart man once said,  'If we had a shot of the pure, clean water in Adam's paradise and breathed in the pristine air back that, the shock of it all might kill us... LOL.'  Sure we can speculate and have fun, but many things in the Bible are straight "Black  and White."  
   So, we might find a great way to lose weight, but just don't be so pragmatic or judgmental of others who are still finding their way to live life happy and content.  Remember, this is just our 'FIRST LIFE' and there is another life waiting for after we die, or get Raptured, where the "streets will be paved with Gold!"  But the rebellious, wicked, proud humans will go to another place.

Christian Love and Hugs,
Thomas G Schuckman

...Don't we wish we still had our 'young bodies' from 30 years ago... LOL.