Thursday, June 20, 2019

Shock Suicide National News.

Tom's Journal.

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BREAKING: Shock SUICIDE News - Nation Stunned
Oh no.

Dear Friends and Readers all over the World:
    The subject I chose for today was in the 'News' again with new records smashed, etc.   First of all I am not a doctor or Ph.,D, nor trained in those arts.  But I have read many books, articles, and talked with counselors at great length.   Unfortunately,  Combat PTSD, low esteem, depression, intense repeated Combat experience have imbedded itself in many of our Veterans, past and present, and so suicide becomes a very serious main issue that hurts so many families. 
    OK,  I understand that many Mom's and Dad's are forced to work longer, harder, under stress, abuse and harassment while earning less than their father's, and spend less time with their children.   Your parents were imperfect and so are YOU!    I was taught and trained to:  adapt, improvise and overcome the challenge or problem to solve it !   We go to school to learn how to "BUILD upon things we have already LEARNED in the past !"   We are also made with brains that automatically "figure things out... so that we need not experience the same loss, hurt,  and trauma situations.  For instant, I have come upon some bad traffic scenes with death, hurt, blood all over because some fool thought he/ she could drink and drive... or TEXT/ talk on the cell phone, do drugs and drive... duh.   And just think:  being in a Combat area where you must get up early every day to do your specific job ALMOST EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR [In Vietnam as a helicopter door gunner:  68-70].  Go figure, from those days of War, you are bound to see and experience SOMETHING fearsome, that enters your mind ---that might affect you later in life-- perhaps changing your life.   It did, in my case.
    If you paid your dues to the Army/ Marines, Navy, etc., you have the right to use those PAID FOR benefits and services.   Here is my personal email address:    If you need to talk about these things, maybe I can help you... for free.  But there are trained professionals you can tap at the various VA hospitals and clinics all over the USA, etc. 
     Too, the KJV Bible [or the NASB version] can and will help you [big time] but only if you are a HUMBLE person enough to bend knee to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Do that Now! 
     And now I am here to tell you that our great country and the rest of the world will finally keep rolling down hill and getting worse --- just as the scriptures say, ending in a frightening, scary, horrible place of fear and disaster,  but true, REAL Christians need not worry too much, because our Lord and King has made promises and arraignments for every single Christian, weather we die of old age, accident, sickness or get RAPTURED UP TO HEAVEN to be with Christ forever !