Sunday, June 23, 2019

I have New Benefits and Blessings.

Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends,
   I am beginning to believe after a life time of study and fishing for all the important things in my life, that finding what ever the "Baby Boomers' need or want is key to at least a modicum of success in life.  But at the same time --- the 'study of TIME' and now the 'G-5' mentality that will catapult the world into a brave new picture will be so important.   I will try hard not to get everyone all messed up in the process, and to sort things out as I go.   And to boot, everything MUST fall into place even as the KJV Bible [and a few other good Bible translations...] speaks/ explains that things MUST happen this way!  
     When examining everything, sometimes it's wise to write down a series of questions that must be answered.  Maybe I will have time to get into that tonight.  And not some modern college B.S. trash from so-called 'false teachers' who don't know God and don't care to!  We humans waste so much precious time as it is every day.   For
… Eternity is a very long time to just play your hunch, or say you don't really care, one way or another.  Indeed, it's where we spend all that time!!   If a man or woman wants to learn for sure the questions of:  where, when, how, why, and the only Truth can be found... let me clue you all in:  THE KJV Bible.   And if we cannot read or write, there are low cost audio cossets,  also on-line places to listen to good, clean, well read entire Bible texts, etc.   Do NOT put off any longer, friends and readers.  Do not procrastinate any longer.   Make a note to yourself or circle a date on the calendar, now.   It's like some would say:  'I just can't afford to invest.'  A truer text should read,  "I can't afford NOT to invest,"  seeing that the odds are against us all on earth --- that pretty soon the price of Prime investments to just survive in life will soon be outlandish and impossible to survive without the correct, timely investments!   Be advised --- Be Aware.  
     Now... have some or many of you people been tricked, fed a pack of lies, been ripped off, and never learned the real Truth of the Bible?  I have, several times!  But after I found the one true Religion, more accurately stated, the 'True Way of Christian Life, Learning, and Character of following the Lord Jesus Christ,' it was all worth it.  And the "Truth shall set you Free!" 

Moving on, as I have hinted on the other day, I believe that I have found a "good nutritional drink" is doing me a lot of good, losing some weight with a bit better healing and recovery, plus more energy!   I am so thankful and also willing to share this product with you if you take the time to email me:    ---And I think that if someone runs out of food, that this powder mixed with clean, pure water might keep a person alive longer than not.   Just my humble opinion.
    Too, I think that I found out why my heels, knees, ankles, legs and back were so sore for so long !!  My dang shoes were worn out and I shall get new, sturdy shoes for my fine wife, Loretta and I, very soon!   At Chrysler Motors, we all learned that "it's better and wiser to swap out a new Oil Change -- instead of a new Engine!"  Ha!  I ought to know something after working there in Kenosha, Wisconsin for over 30. 5 long years, and then retiring with full benefits at age 54, and buying an old house and a new truck that year.   My health is not perfect at age 70, but I consider myself to be very blessed by Father God.   PTL.