Saturday, August 31, 2019

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Tom's Journal.

Please drink cranberry juice ASAP  ! And raw ginger yes eat it raw will help with inflammation throughout the body. Cilantro / parsley pesto with fresh garlic is yummy and a powerhouse for ur organs to cleanse heavy metals. And prayers always Tom! Ur sister in Christ, Joy in nj.🙏😃

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Dear Friends:
   I had to go to the Iron Mountain, MI.,  E.R. again tonight, to get something extremely painful looked at.   It looks like I will be working harder than ever taking care of myself starting tomorrow.   And to think that I am a "moderate" man not given  to excesses or wild times!  Were it not for my firm, solid belief in Jesus Christ, I would be falling apart right now....  but the grand promises of the KJV Bible are believable and true... PTL. 
    Iron Mountain, MI., has a very good Civilian Hospital:  IM--Memorial Hospital seems to have more qualified doctors, nurses, equipment and facilities,  than the VAMC counterpart in town...  sorry.  Still, who really WANTS to spend a lot of time in any hospital.  Prayers for my health and cure, please, now.  

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

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