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The Most Important KEY that unlock's Revelation.

Tom's Journal.

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Dear Friends,
    Just a quick point now...  I know that I probably talk too much about my good old Army days and all that I learned in those short three years.  There was also some nasty boredom and disappointment while serving with a few butt heads...LOL.  I did learn discipline and patience, of sorts and got out with a Honorable Discharge that served me well later in life and also got me good jobs in life!  So,  OK, we Veterans do have a sort of help and training to deal with life in general after the Armed Service, but there are also some 'demons' that might have to be beaten down and defeated... bad nightmares  and 'day-mares' and PTSD.
    So some guys who wanted to be a part of that but may have been injured or committed some crime when they were young and ignorant, I say, just go on about your life but join "God's Army !"  Soldiers of Jesus Christ are the finest and bravest I have ever seen or heard about, and that is my only GOAL in life and death!  If we have the Holy Spirit, we already made it !!  But we still have to walk with out "eyes wide open" and wary of Satan's devices, trip wires, snares and traps to mess us up.  Beware.   And so, some things are easy to learn, and others much harder.  Just like there are different subjects in high school and college, Christian soldiers must know all of their skill sets and also memorize a lot.  When people can't find their way around a Bible, what does that tell you?  If a young soldier needs to put his rifle or machine gun in good order with all parts in proper place --- a Christian out to learn the different 66 books of his/ her Bible and not take TOO LONG to get to a certain chapter and verse!   One way to do this is to simply memorize all 66 books!  What modern teenagers can't fully understand all the parts and places of his Cell Phone?  I have seen more than a few pre-teens know all parts of their Bible and what various scriptures means and say.  And we are still only using about 4-5% of our brains!!
    Per the BS that is now going on in our American Gov't, History is a valuable teacher and guide, because all those who either forgot or never knew their History are DOOMED to repeat it! 

Remember,  the tail end of the bottom LINK will deliver the interesting Bible Videos mentioned by Hal Lindsey in his message  you read right now, today. well, be safe, prosper, and learn.

I would bet any money that our national enemies--- and that includes many who call themselves "Americans" want to see the USA fail and crumble!  They have already been converted to the "One World Gov't" thing, with Satan in full command.  But even Satan knows that he only has a short time to kill and destroy everything that he touches.  America is the only nation powerful enough to really protect Israel, and that is why our enemies want us to fall, ASAP.  The evil ones will stop at nothing to render our country useless and defunct.  How can we prepare?  
      Actually, we cannot really STOP this Biblical scenario in progress, but we can try our hardest to TALK, SHARE the message of the Salvation thru Jesus Christ and help Save as many other humans are we can with the help of the Holy Spirit.  You just CAN NOT LEARN TOO MUCH, friends.  

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September 27th, 2019

Anyone who wants to understand the book of Revelation, needs to understand certain key passages in the Book of Daniel. On this week's Hal Lindsey Presents, I pause the study of Revelation 6, and go back to the book of Daniel. There, we will look at the greatest single prophecy in the Bible.

Chapters 6-19 of Revelation deal with a specific seven-year period - the tribulation. We learn about that seven-year period in Daniel. How do we know that Revelation is speaking of the same seven years that Daniel spoke of? I'll show you this week.

In Daniel 9, we learn about "seventy sevens." Some Bible translations say, "seventy weeks." The Bible is absolutely clear that these are weeks of years, not days. On this program, I'll show you how we know that. We will also look at how the historical record lines up with this prophecy. It shows that Jesus presented Himself to Israel as the Messiah on - not just the year - but the very day Daniel prophesied that He would!

Folks, the Bible is true! You can trust it with your whole life.

Daniel divides these 70 weeks of years into three parts with the third part being only one week of years. There was no pause between the first two parts. But the clock stopped at the end of the 69th week. How do we know that? Because the prophecy itself told us it would. It told us things that would happen between the 69th week and the 70th week. Then it tells us exactly what starts that clock rolling again and marks the beginning of the 70th week.

I'll explain all this and more on this week's program. You've heard that the Temple must be rebuilt. How do we know that? The prophecies we look at this week require a rebuilt Temple. We know it will happen because God says it will happen.

When C. I. Scofield first published his Study Bible in 1909, critics scoffed at his literal interpretation of prophecy. He showed that for the prophecies to be true, Israel must exist in the last days. The critics laughed. They pointed out that Israel had disappeared as a nation 1,800 years earlier.

Scofield said that he didn't know how it would happen, but he knew it would happen because that's what the Bible teaches. He stuck with the Bible, and God's word did not let him down. It won't let us down, either.

I think you'll be fascinated and thrilled by this week's Hal Lindsey Presents. Look for it on Daystar, Sunday at 11PM Eastern Time. Or watch the program online anytime at or If you missed any episodes in this study, you can catch up by visiting

The following week, Sunday October 6th, Daystar will be in the midst of its "Fall Heart for the World" campaign. That means there will be no new Hal Lindsey Presents on Sunday, October 6th. But don't worry. You won't miss a thing. We will start back into Revelation the following Sunday, right where we leave off this Sunday. Thank you again for your faithfulness in supporting this ministry.

God Bless,

Hal Lindsey

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