Tuesday, October 1, 2019

God Hates Abortion.

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Hello Friends, all over the World !

"Vår far som er i himmelen, bli helliget ditt navn." ---- Matteus 6: 9. Jeg vil bare takke alle de fine, folkene i Norge som leser min ydmyke blogg: TOM'S JOURNAL med jevne mellomrom. Du er jordens salt, og jeg er sikker på at Gud elsker og smiler mot deg. Jeg vil også gjerne høre, lese e-postene og brevene dine til meg og bli bedre kjent med deg og lære om landet ditt, tanker og ideer. Min e-post: tschuckman@aol.com Respektfullt, Thomas G Schuckman

   So, just why does Father God continue to keep folks like me, a sinner, on Earth and not dead already?  It's not because I am a "good man" or a "great man," LOL.   It's true that I pray often and try to better myself -- with the help of the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus Christ.   In fact, I envy folks who have learned the quality of self control, patience and balance.  Some days are better than others...
   I sent my wife, Lori, inside of a furniture store today to buy a sturdy, well made stand up lamp to help me see what I am reading while in my new EZ chair in the living room, and it sure helps me so much.  I think that we are frugal but still want good quality for our money.   And here it is October 1st, 2019, as Fall is well on it's way and the leaves are falling with cooler weather.  I didn't get done all that I wanted this Summer while getting sick a few times with new health challenges, etc.  Most of the older folks in my youth never complained about their old age pains, so I didn't understand what a bummer old age can be.  I slept well last night and felt better today which was a pleasant surprise and rare!  I fall asleep too often watching TV, but most of that stuff is repeats, anyway.  For the money we pay for cable TV  you would think that we get better, newer programing.  And the so-called "News" is so one-sided with so many back stabbers working to hurt our president with a bunch of lies.  Shame on them all ! 

One thing that really get's my goat is ABORTION of innocent babies by so-called 'Christians !'  Actually those abortionists and supporters are satanic, evil doers that God condemns and will surely punish, if they don't soon repent !!  But this is just part of the wicked programs and planned gross sins that 'Left Wing Socialists/ Communists have put into action.  They have taken away the moral teachings of the Bible and replaced them with heathen class room baloney in schools and even churches in America!    That's right, dumb down the schools, take away our guns and Bibles, and then push immorality until we have more bastards than honest marriages in the USA, and we all have to pay for this B.S. with our taxes!  
     Real Christians pray often for Father God and Jesus Christ to change things BEFORE humans ruin the entire earth with pollution and violence.  If we die in the meantime we are promised heaven after we are resurrected before the Rapture.   Personally,  I just want to accomplish some good, godly things before I die.   God is my Judge.  Jesus is my dear, personal Lord and  Savior. 

Tom Schuckman

Mat Staver, LC Action Chairman (no-reply@LCAction.org)To:you Details               

Planned Parenthood is dragging Sandra Merritt back into court tomorrow. My legal team will defend her once again. Please pray that as Planned Parenthood’s witnesses go back under oath, the truth they expose will wake up our nation!

Also, tomorrow Congressional members are back in their home districts to listen to YOU. We are confident that abortionists are continuing to harvest newborn baby organs. The only questions is, will you stand up and fight for these precious little babies? We have adjusted our fax numbers to reach legislators in their home offices. Can I count on you to send a targeted fax right now to stand up for these little ones? - Mat


Planned Parenthood seeks 16 million dollars from this whistleblower because Sandra Merritt dared to expose the truth: that abortionists are harvesting organs from living newborn babies without even providing Tylenol.

My legal team will be cross-examining more than 60 witnesses starting tomorrow. And we are expecting this case in a San Francisco courtroom could drag into December.

What frustrates me is that Sandra should not be sitting behind the defense table. Instead, she should be praised as one of the most powerful journalists of our decade. She exposed the brutal truth of what is happening inside one of the most politically powerful organizations in America.

But instead of abortionists facing punishment for murdering newborn babies, they walk free while Sandra spent the night in jail on bogus charges designed to intimidate others and silence the truth.

That truth is an explosive, sickening reality of the hell that is hidden behind the doors of an abortion clinic—one of mothers, doubled over in violent pain, and babies, being hacked to pieces while they are still alive ... and not a single abortionist has been held accountable.

In fact, hundreds of legislators on Capitol Hill are working hard to make sure that there will never be any accountability for these abortionists. Democrats are blocking and filibustering accountability for medical staff who murder a newborn baby. It’s just that simple.

Unfortunately, in D.C. even simple things are twisted by those who don’t want to face the truth. Now is a critical time to urge these legislators to change their mind and support the Born Alive Act. We need 15 votes in the House and 5 more in the Senate to make these horrific actions permanently illegal. Reach out to them with a fax today.

The reality is that Planned Parenthood brought no evidence to support its retaliatory lawsuit against Sandra. The flimsy law they are drawing on to bring their case has already been shot down in other attempts to use it against pro-life sidewalk counselors. There is no legal basis for the suit. It is designed to silence Merritt’s First Amendment freedoms and anyone else who wants to expose the truth.

This trial will reveal the truth that Sandra Merritt did nothing wrong. In fact, the evidence will show that Planned Parenthood is abusing the law in a desperate attempt to hide its hideous business of selling baby body parts. The Supreme Court has ruled that RICO cannot be used to silence free speech, and that is precisely what Planned Parenthood is seeking to accomplish. Will you help me turn this case, and what these abortionists intended for evil, into good? Help me demand that Congress stop the destruction of these precious newborn babies and make murder illegal again.

Liberty Counsel Action is launching a new webpage with resources to help make an impact. I hope you will visit LCAction.org/BornAlive. This is one place to get a list of which legislators are fighting against the Born Alive Act. And we are providing you with additional tools to help convince these legislators to change their minds.

We rely on the support of donors to partner with us to impact these battles. I ask you to consider becoming a monthly donor of 25, 50, 100 dollars or more so that we can focus on bringing this to the attention of legislators across American and demanding justice.

Even if you can give a one-time donation right now, that would be greatly appreciated as we are pushing hard on this bill.

Mat Staver
P.S. While the information from this case is still fresh, it is critical to take a stand for newborns’ right to life. Visit our new page at LCAction.org/BornAlive or send a fax today to urge Congress to immediately protect these newborns. If you are able to donate, your support allows us to continue fighting for life. Help us spread the word about the dangerous blockade against this bill by forwarding this email to your friends.

This message can be viewed on our homepage.
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