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Why we have weapons, and the 2nd Amendment..

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Galatians 4: 16,  "Am I now become your enemy for telling you the truth?"

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  For all of us who are or aspire to be World History buffs and KJV Bible students, we have a preview and a 'leg up' at being forewarned and therefore "Preppers," as it were.   And the Good Book says that we OUGHT to BE PREPARED and never fall asleep on guard [on watch].   In ancient O.T. days of Israel, the Temple guard who was caught sleeping was chased thru the streets naked the next day!  And so a few writers of the Bible would warn,  'stay awake and keep your clothes.'  And there have been so many "world empires" that have gone from slavery or submission to being great... only to eventually be conquered or assimilated by the next world power in line.  The Bible even names the march of world powers that have dealt with God's Kingdom.   The term Kingdom means:  "King's Domain," or Government/ Power.   The USA is no different... sorry to burst your bubble, friends.  And having been around the world, there is no other place/ country I would rather live than in AMERICA !!   However, dear friends, even a Democracy can become corrupted and oppressive.  
     In essence, Satan challenged Almighty God, that humans had the "right" to govern themselves, and so we have only been on earth for about 6000 years now.  So-called Experts will try to say not, but no carbon testing dates back longer than 6000 years, and the Bible record is very reliable.  There are two "absolute dates" in history, also.   See Matthew, chapter 1 for some of that history, and Luke 3.  I will get into more of that latter.

One smart man once told me to become a "Dick Tracy" to dig deep to open the doors of knowledge.  Sorry to say that MOST of our younger people who even graduate college can barely hold an intelligent conversation or write a short essay or letter!   It is that exact purpose of the left over 1960's radical Socialist oinks to "Dumb Down" the education of our children.  Actually, I takes an educated society to make Democracy work !!   So our form of Gov't simple will not work in some places in Africa and Middle Eastern countries.  It is not my intention to offend or insult any human on earth, and ALL real, Christians are my brothers and sisters, also in the love of Christ! 
   Seeing the big picture is something that Satan, the father of the lie, does NOT want us to see or understand.  Drugs also have a lot to do with a Society's demise and breakdown.   Ha!  Just take away the illegal drugs and cell phones... and most younger folks in America would go insane in one day, I'll bet.   Try it!   Like I said before, I love America and even fought for this country, so I get to have my say.   But for many folks in my country, the truth is toxic.

More latter.

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A simple point: When our Founding Fathers were searching for the right type of Constitution to create our self-governance, they knew any government will eventually become dictatorial, so we must have an ability to fight any dictatorship. That is why a right to bear arms shall NOT be infringed. As they are totalitarian thugs, it also clearly explains why Democrats would want to END that right.

"As civil rulers, not having their duty to the people before them, may attempt to tyrannize, and as the military forces which must be occasionally raised to defend our country, might pervert their power to the injury of their fellow citizens, the people are confirmed by the article in their right to keep and bear their private arms."
Tench Coxe Philadelphia Federal Gazette, June 18, 1789

Biden Calls for Government to Penalize Lawful Gun Owners

By Gabrielle Seunagal
October 3, 2019
If there’s one thing that Democrats love in America, it’s big government. Whenever an issue of any magnitude presents itself, the left-wing solution inevitably involves bringing government into the equation. What the Democrat Party fails to realize is that government is the problem, not the solution. Furthermore, leftists have, on multiple occasions, demonstrated their willingness to weaponize the government as a tool to carry out their political agendas.
Far too often, lawful Americans are on the receiving end of Democrats’ poor policies. Americans are seeing this during the 2020 presidential election as various left-wing candidates call for unconstitutional gun grabs; gun grabs have a documented track record of penalizing lawful gun owners, not criminals.
Fox News reports that 2020 Democrat Joe Biden is now calling for gun-owning Americans to either sell their “assault-style” weapons to the government or register their weapons with the government. Of course, history has proven that gun registration is merely a prerequisite to confiscation of guns, but more on that later.

Why Does Biden Want the Government to Penalize Gun Owners?

At the heart of all left-wing gun control proposals is a deeply flawed philosophy. Democrats truly believe that cracking down on Americans’ legal means to have and keep guns will stop criminals with no regard for the law. This logic is misguided and wrong, but it’s at the heart of Biden’s latest proposal.
Yesterday, the former vice president shared the extent of his gun grab plan with the country. Not only does Biden want Americans to either turn over or register their guns with the government, but he’s furthermore calling to disallow high capacity magazines, prohibit online gun sales, penalize gun manufacturers, and encourage “red flag” laws in states across the country.

The True Agenda of Gun Registrations

Gun registration is merely a pre-step to gun confiscation. Democrats know this and 2020 Democrat Beto O’Rourke said it best when he proudly declared, “hell yes, we’re gonna take your AR-15, your AK-47!” It’s not a coincidence that Biden now wants Americans to “register” the guns which O’Rourke proudly declared that the government will take from lawful Americans.
We’ve reached a point where the left-wing’s claims of “we’re not trying to take your guns” have been proven as irrevocably false. Penalizing lawful gun owners for the actions of rouge criminals does not save lives; it merely emboldens bad people who know that their targets will be defenseless thanks to the almighty government.