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Beware, the "Mark of the Beast."

Tom's Journal.

Hello Friends and Gentle Readers,
   Although we all must/ will carry our individual "crosses" we can also know for SURE that we can and should be happy and content to a large extent right now.  Yes!  No matter what our individual circumstance, we have a certain 'spiritual freedom.'  We have 'the truth that will set us free!'  But please read chapters 12 and 13 of the book of John to round this thought out.    I am so pleased to also share the fine tidings of Hal Lindsey, to flesh things out, so you all can incorporate all these special thoughts... as we can now be in what might be called a "spiritual paradise."  Yes,  even right now as things on earth are heating up with all sorts of nasty, daily news and revelations.   Do not think this to be strange --- but it's 'all written in the BOOK' and here for each of us in almost every language!  I wish I had the power to translate, but I know that most of you smart people already have that means on the InterNet.  But this 'Good News of the Gospel' is so valuable that it would surely be WORTH IT to learn another language.  
    Fact is, in America, the socialist, corrupt educational system has purposely "dumbed down" the school curriculum so that our kids have trouble with the English language, and because they are highly addicted to constant cell phone and play toy/games use they have lost the art of COMMUNICATION !!  Shame!  They don't even know how to formulate simple sentences and questions!  When you walk into a store and ask a simple question of a younger person, they usually have trouble directing you to the place you need to visit.  They have to physically take you by the hand to get/ find your desired merchandise.   So much is left up to the customer these days, and no wonder people prefer shopping over the InterNet.   Ha!  We must 'grow' patience like Job, in the Bible.  

And so, I freely admit that I am a 'trumpet' --- a mouthpiece having the Holy Spirit and full of understanding [although the KJV Bible is written on a 5th-grade reading level, as I have said so often on my Blog posts...], and perhaps one of the few reasons God in His abundant mercy, has allowed me to continue living.   I always wanted to be a teacher, and I have been a teacher and servant of the Lord Jesus, taking on the responsibility of sharing life-saving information... Intel.   So, friends,  are you game enough... are you BRAVE enough to share my humble blog with all the many friends and relatives that you know of in your email address book?   Search your hearts, now.  
    I have tried to adopt a style of writing that is understandable for even younger people and also people who are new at reading my 'Mid-Western, North Central American English.'  I am happy and grateful to have a good education, having attended two Tech Colleges in the past, and loved every minute of it.  Smile.  

Beware of the "Mark" that all Governments will eventually demand all of their world citizens to wear permanently, on their Right hand or on their forehead!  This is not a fairy tale nor fantasy, dear friends and readers!  Beware.  Fact is, there is an on-going struggle on earth right now to come together with that exact idea!   Many believe that our imperfect, but patriotic, President Donald Trump may be the last free Democratic, Constitution loving leader who is HOLDING BACK THE WORLD DOGS OF WAR!  Yes, he has many faults and flaws, but people like me VOTED HIM IN OFFICE, hoping to break the chains of Socialist slavery, poverty, and deep crime/ corruption.  Half of our USA population hates him because he is not on the corrupt money's payroll, so he owes no one his allegiance except the rule of the land.   He may not be a student of the Bible, but he knows the difference between right and wrong, lies and truth.   Or we may call him a "New Christian."   Whatever our personal opinion, right now, still, we have freedom of religion in the USA, and many other countries.  So 'strike while the branding iron is hot!'  Pick up the Book and READ it, but pray to the Father... thru the Son, first, and ask for that free gift, the Holy Spirit, to aid in full understanding.   I do the same thing every day.  
    Who knows that someday, dark powers will take over and control the InterNet and TV News, as wicked people are trying hard to do right now.  Yes,  I do see an emergency here, and one soon coming election or an ILLEGAL taking down of our president --what some call an impeachment, might come.  
   After they take away our 2nd Amendment Rights, all the other "Rights" will soon disappear.  When the radical Islamic hordes invade the good places like Austria, Germany, France and Scandinavia, etc., who will physically stop them from raping, robbing, sucking up all the taxes and welfare benefits taxed from the hard-working people.  Is that what you all want?  In America, we wonder just how all that harm happened to SMART, educated, people across the pond... duh.  I was in Europe and Asia before my 20th birthday and always loved the Northern Central European culture!   Where do you think my forefathers came from?  They all came to America to be free of religious persecution to seek out a better place to raise families and gain a piece of the American dream.  But as we read,  such 'dreams only last about 200 years, and the USA is well past that point.  Pray for us, too.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Above is my old blue painted house with my best friend, Steve Brulport, and my only son, Andy Schuckman [how asleep in death...].  I am still hurting from his tragic loss of life on earth and departure, but he is in Heaven.  But actually, that is really between him and God.  Where will we be in a few years?

Sun, Oct 27, 2019 9:38 am
Hal Lindsey ( Details

October 27th, 2019

I hope you can join me for this week's Hal Lindsey Presents as our journey into Revelation continues.

I said last week that the opening of sixth seal in Revelation, unleashes the first global ICBM nuclear exchange. This week, I will explain that. John's description fits the nuclear scenario like the workings of a fine watch. Right now, tens of thousands of nuclear warheads are in storage on the earth. They're spread across much of the planet. And one day they will be launched in a terrible war.

This massive nuclear exchange will shake the ground. When a nuclear weapon explodes it compresses the air outwards and upwards. We will look at how perfectly the Bible describes that action when it says the sky is split like a scroll.

Revelation 6 ends with the leaders of earth hiding in underground bunkers crying out in fear and anguish. At this point they will recognize the hand of God and the Person of Christ at work. But instead of running to God, they will run away from Him. That's because by this point, they will have already sworn allegiance to Antichrist. They will have received the mark of the beast. They will be doomed, and they will know it.

These are grim thoughts, yet God admonishes us to read and study them. Revelation is the only book in the Bible where God gives a special promise of blessing to those who read it.

In all this terror and destruction, there is also happy news. Many people will have refused the mark of the beast. In fact, the Bible describes vast numbers who will instead turn to Christ. Most of them will be martyred. But after that, they will join those of us already in heaven.

Why will they refuse the mark knowing they will pay a terrible price? It will be much harder to turn to Christ then than it is now. But enormous numbers of them will. In many cases, they will do it because they will remember what you and I tell them now. They will see for themselves the truth of it. They will then spread that word to all the world. And there will be a turning to Christ - a great awakening like no other awakening in history!

Join me this week on Hal Lindsey Presents as we continue our study of Revelation. Look for it on Daystar, Sunday at 11PM Eastern Time. Or watch the program online anytime at or If you missed any episodes in this study, you can catch up by visiting

God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
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