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Good News, and Bad.

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Hi Friends,
   I suppose that most of us have experienced stress, tension, and hard feelings when we are forced to live in harsh circumstances anywhere in the world.  People think that we in America have it made $$$ with modern society, autos, nice houses and all of our guaranteed freedoms.  But when the wrong people get into power and change good laws into BAD laws, the quality of life goes down.  Riots seem to go unchecked [as they did in Prez Obama's tenure] and criminals seem to get away with murder and theft.  
    Unfortunately,  all it takes is a few wrong, stupid moves for any government, president or Congress to reverse many years of good times and careful management.  Really, how stupid can people be to say that we should ALL have free college education, or we don't have to work if we don't want to, or minimum age earning $15/ hour.... duh?  Work is just another 4 letter, dirty word for many young people in college, who never did much real work.  Actually, a hard 8 hours of honest work and a cold glass of water would KILL many Americans... Ha!  And that is not far from being more than a joke.  "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."  --John 8: 32.  
     In the continued study of Revelation, the point is made that most of the people on Earth will be "willfully ignorant" and they will have already taken the 'Mark of the Beast' and not sorry at all.  Sounds like Democrats for sure [ha!], but there is no monopoly on that account and no limit between party lines, or national groups.  What makes things even more real is that now, we have nations capable and ready to start or join in a nuclear war !  North Korea could explode at any time, given what mood their immature leader is in one any appointed day!  Who really knows whee the dice will fall or who instigates things.  Hollywood is good at spinning a yarn or fable, but in fact any number of circumstances could precipitate a shooting war, and for any lame reason.
   So what is the 'safe bet?'  Read, Study and just Do what Father God of the KJV Bible want --- to survive.  We might not be guaranteed much in THIS LIFE,  but the full promise of everlasting life in Heaven is a sure promise.
      We can and should take all this to heart and rest easy on God's promises to have true peace of mind.  In fact, many people who have contact with true Christians wonder why we are usually so HAPPY in life, no matter if we are rich or poor.  And there is that one book entitled:  "DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF."  

However, my wife and I had to keep 2--appointments at the local VAMC at Iron Mountain, MI., hospital and the first one being an "Oxygen study."  Most of the VA worke3rs, staff and doctors are good, caring people who love their work and the Veterans they serve.  But I got a cranky, arrogant, belligerent oaf, named Gar Bennet, who insisted that I just stand up and walk an unlimited distance to measure the amount of oxygen in my blood, and I said that I could only walk a short distance, and if I pushed myself too far, too much, and fainted, who in the hell could/ would pick me up after I broke some bones, or worse ??  They didn't much care, but that lame turkey threated to cut off my monthly oxygen delivery supply, and so he did the next morning with a phone call!  So i have to fight them now and rally the Gov't --VA forces to fight for my life and health.   There, you see,  we combat Veterans have a never-ending fight for LIFE itself, and if WE don't stick up for each other -- who will ?    I realize that many other good Veterans have it worse than I,  but this all creates MORE STRESS for our everyday life.  No,  it never ends.  And that's why having a close relationship with Jesus Christ is so important.   I rest my case.  
    At least we found out that I did lose some serious weight again and things look a bit better thus far.  Praise the Lord.  And if I can somehow help other people -- other Veterans, that would make me happy.  It makes me feel good to help others if I can.  I have a great PCP [Primary Care Provider--- a NP-- Nurse Practitioner,  or a Doctor], named Julie Christesen, and so far, happy with her.  I am setting a goal for losing 20 pounds at a time, eating fewer carbs, fewer sugars, no alcohol more fish and fresh veggies and lots of fresh country water from upper Michigan in the U.P.    I am happy for a ray of a little progress, and my fine wife is happy too.
   I intend to get back into the VA exercise program next week to burn off more fat and create more muscle.

Pray for all the starving, homeless Christians in other lands and those of us under stress and persecution!  

Warm Regards,
Tommy Schuckman

Fri, Nov 1, 2019 11:41 am
Hal Lindsey ( Details

November 1st, 2019

On Hal Lindsey Presents this week, we move into Revelation 7. This chapter is set up by chapter 6, but it is not a chronological chapter. It is one of the interlude chapters I spoke to you about several weeks ago. That means it is not the story of the next thing up in Revelation's timeline, but an interlude that gives us special information about important events or people.

At the end of chapter 6 after the sixth seal has been broken, people of earth cower in fear. The Bible says they know what is happening to them and why. Revelation 6:16-17 says that they cry out to the mountains and rocks, "Fall on us and hide us from the presence of Him who sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb; for the great day of their wrath has come; and who is able to stand?"

That's right. They recoil in fear of the Lamb's wrath. That's an amazing paradox. John the Baptist called Jesus "the Lamb of God." Revelation again and again calls Him "the Lamb." We're right to think of Jesus as gentle and loving. He is slow to wrath, but there will come a time when He reveals His wrath on a wicked world.

And the amazing thing is that the people of the world will know it. Those who received the mark of the beast will realize exactly Who's wrath they face. But they will not repent.

In chapter seven, we learn about four angels who control the earth's atmosphere and ecology. This is not poetic language. These are real beings with power assigned to them by God. Then another angel shows up. He tells the four angels not to harm the earth or the sea or the trees until a group of 144,000 Israelis have been sealed.

It's an amazing picture that begins a teaching on one of the most widely misunderstood sections of Revelation. I'll tell how this works and the context of when it happens on this week's Hal Lindsey Presents.

Look for it on Daystar, Sunday at 11PM Eastern Time. Or watch the program online anytime at or If you missed any episodes in this study, you can catch up by visiting

God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
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