Sunday, December 1, 2019

Beware Food/ Drink in Plastic Containers.

Tom's Journal.

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Hello Friends,
   I was just talking to my sister who was on a mission of mercy during a death in our family, and she told me about their sunny, warm day in Arizona, while we in the Upper Midwest in Michigan are getting dumped on with a huge Winter snowstorm [8 inches of snow so far].   My niece, Jacque G. [passed away at a young age of 37] left us for another life in another place-- for those of us who believe in what the KJV Bible teaches].  It's shocking for the rest of us who are still living because of her young age --- 'that death can come knocking at the door ANYTIME.'

Last night I just didn't feel right, and a little down in the dumps/ blue...  so I asked my wife to please reach for her KJV Bible and do a short reading/ study with me to get my mind off my own troubles and sorrows -- and it WORKED!   I somehow forgot where the Scriptures say that we 'must be Saved,' so we marked down [ and this should be written down and highlighted, for those who want to remember and share].  Acts 16: 30-31, and Romans 10: 9.  And when I say that I will memorize something --- I do it.  Please don't fall down and say that your memory is not so good anymore.  There are all sorts of tricks and mechanisms that can be found on-line to help us with our brains and memories.  Like I have said so many times before, just look at people who are heavy into sports and STATISTICS.   How they can rattle off all those numbers, dates, statistics and achievements, etc.  The Bible says:  "Where your heart is, there too will your treasure be."  ---Matthew 6: 21.all, soccer, golf, etc.  And then we have the 'sports heroes' who are lifted higher than Saints, movie stars and deities.

Just a friendly warning... That Commentaries are nice IF the right, Bible oriented person is writing them.  But anyone can write a commentary, and some folks have an ulterior motive to spread false information and false doctrine.  So how can you tell if the information is right/ correct?  Study the scriptures well yourself!  Always read the surrounding text or the entire book.  

Remember this little rhythm,  
     "When you read a bible text/ verse the first time and get the sense of it --- seek no other sense."   And that just happens to be the same when taking a big exam,. ie:  Securities or Real Estate exams by a proctor.  I took a Federal Securities [stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Investments] that lasted 5 hours, and used every minute of time!  Your FIRST choice is probably the RIGHT answer.  I have even paid $75., for a program teaching us how to take that same exam.  Go figure that the license is so important and needed to earn a good living with the company, PFS.  Ha!  People thought that I was so smart after I passed that exam... but I just know how to study hard and memorize things.  However, we do lose some brains as we grow older, and I can feel myself "slipping" at age 70, but it doesn't matter that much with me, as long as God knows I love and serve Him.   He NEVER forgets!  


Romans 10:9 - that if you confess... - Verse-by-Verse ...
Romans 10:9 - that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from... - Verse-by-Verse Commentary 

I regret that I didn't have the strength or will power to make a storm window for our kitchen window this Summer, and not I can feel the cold wind coming through that window right next to my chair by the table Computer!  My wife claims that I am too demanding when I draft her as my woodworking helper for various home projects.  I used to do a lot of home and also commercial carpentry and woodworking years ago, and now I miss it.  My back, knees and feet ache with pain nowadays.    Life goes on, and I take healing herbs and vitamins to keep what I already have.  
    Be careful of all the food and drink that we store in PLASTIC containers and don't store them in the sun!  So sayeth the article below.

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman

Did You Know Why Bottled Water Has An Expiration Date?


Bottled water is a popular item to store in case of an emergency; and for good reason. It is normally readily available and water should be able to be stored forever; right? So then why is there an expiration date on bottled water?
Of course; water doesn’t expire; but you should still check the expiration date on the bottle before you drink it. According to Live Science; there are two reasons why water bottles come with expiration dates; and the first one; you shouldn’t worry too much about; but the second one should make you think twice.
Since water is a consumable product; regulations and laws require bottles to be stamped with an expiration date even though water doesn’t ever “expire.” Rational people understand this; but the government feels the need to step in and protect us from ourselves anyway. The only reason they were put there in the first place was that a 1987 New Jersey state law required all food products to display an expiration date; including water; according to Mental Floss. Since it wasn’t very cost effective for companies to label and ship batches of expiration-dated water to one state alone; most bottled water producers simply started giving every bottle a two-year sell-by date—no matter where it was going. Because the law is rather arbitrary; don’t worry too much about drinking expired water just because a law demands a company stamp the bottle. However; the expiration date serves more of a warning about the bottle itself than the water contained inside.
Unlike the water itself; which has existed on Earth for 4.5 billion years; that manufactured plastic bottle only has so much time before it “goes bad.” The plastic bottles that water comes packaged in (usually polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for retail bottles and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for water cooler jugs). The bottle will eventually fail (expire) and begin to leach plastic chemicals into the water with an effect on the overall taste. So if you happen to find a water bottle well past its printed expiration date in your home; it’s probably safe to drink; if you don’t mind the chemical bits of bottle which have broken down and are now swirling around in it; but you should also be aware of the fact that it might not be super fresh tasting anymore either. But in a life and death situation; you could drink well-expired bottled water and probably be alright. But there are many options for storing water that could help you avoid drinking the plastic.
That said; storing water for a disaster or emergency should be done in only food grade containers. You can avoid plastics such as HDPE and PET to prevent the leaching of chemicals; but those are; technically “food grade” plastics (according to the FDA – so take that with a grain of salt) and you may not have a way around it. Also; choosing BPA-free containers will be safer as well. If water is not stored correctly; it can (and will) become toxic. You can minimize the chances of plastic chemicals leaching into your water if you store it in a cool dry place. Direct sunlight will break down the plastic more quickly. But if there is any doubt in your mind at all about the integrity of your container; trust your gut over the labels and do not store water in that container even if the FDA says its safe to do so.  There are plenty of other options.
One water storage suggestion is a 55-Gallon Rainwater Collection System. Some are made from FDA approved polyethylene resin (and are also BPA free). This particular one has a  plastic barrel and the capacity to hold enough water to supply a family of 4 with over 13 days worth of water; or 2 people nearly a 30 day supply of water. The dark blue color of this 55-gallon barrel restricts light and helps control the growth of harmful algae and bacteria.
You can also use glass containers to store water. There is no chance that the container will leach and if you’ve got some extra mason jars laying around after canning; it may be a good way to put those to some good use. Of course; the major disadvantage of glass is that it’s not only heavy; it is pretty easy to break. However; steps can be taken to minimize the chances of the glass breaking; such as wrapping the glass containers with newspaper or cardboard. Check out these highly-rated 18 oz leak-proof glass bottles for your water storage needs if you decide glass is right for you.
The best way to ensure you have enough water on hand and a replenishable supply of the water is to get a mechanized well. This is my family’s method of “storing” water. We don’t actually have to store any at all; though; and can focus on building our supply of ammunition and non-perishable foods because of it. Of course; we have the well on a pump that works with electricity; however; we also have devised a way to retrieve water from the well in the event of a crisis or disaster in which we have no power. It is important to keep in mind that this is more of a water generation system than “storage” system; but its the most effective for long-term disasters and therefore worth mentioning. Since wells both store and produce water; if you can build one on your property; you should have a good source of drinking water during an emergency. As the website Skilled Survival put it: this is highly dependent on how much of your well is mechanized. But the fact remains: someone with a working water well is going to survive a disaster far easier than the rest.