Monday, December 9, 2019

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Hello Friends,
     I just want to introduce you to a new, different kind of writing and opinion web site that I also visit sometimes.  I think it has merit, also an objective commentary that kind of levels the playing field on the Conservative side... the tack that I see.  

My wife and I had planned to see and visit an old friend coming to the local VAMC today, but he had to cancel because of the wild, perhaps a violent prediction of inclement weather U.P. North here, plus icy, slippery road conditions on his 100-mile trek.  We were all going to enjoy some spicy, tasty Mexican food today, too.  What a nice, great treat!   
     I look to my special friend, JJ, also a Vietnam helicopter door gunner who was decorated for battle heroism a few times or more, for camaraderie, wisdom, constructive criticism and Christian brotherly friendship, etc.  He would have been the "best man" at our wedding except he came late, getting lost in our one-horse town that day, and I had to pick a 'stand-in' guy, now, also a friend, too.  But life is full of disappointments, and JJ never allows minor distractions to get in the way of true friendship.   
     Well,  at 10 AM,  I don't see any snow coming down outside the kitchen window, but I heard that the weather is supposed to be much worse up North of us where JJ lives.  Better to be safe -- than sorry, we always say.  

Let me say a few words about the phenomenon called being a "News Junkie" -- someone who is addicted to listening to the morbid TV or InterNet News day and night and then getting obsessed and overcome by that 'News' that is geared to making the world fearful and constantly nervous so that even many pill makers and marketeers push the sale of baloney/ bullsh**  to make a profit from other peoples' misery and fears!   People need the wisdom to know when is enough already.  It may be wise to stock up and also have the necessary tools to stay alive during most disasters and emergencies,  but foolish to buy every toy that comes down the pike.  And just think, a well made, leather-bound, Giant Print,  KJV Bible is not only bulletproof but full of godly wisdom and good cheer, and divine truth that can and will 'set you free!'  Buy one extra for your wife, sweetheart or a close friend!   

I love to spend time visiting with positive, happy people.  But I also recognize the need to help sad, depressed people with legit reason for being blue with the idea of helping them out with their fears and challenges, as I have said on this column so many times.  I never liked FaceBook too much, but now I am seeking out other guys and gals like me who just want to have a good time and visit, share ideas, jokes, and fun.   Just so you know.
   More later.

Warm Thoughts and Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman 

A New Commentary that I am following:
Good morning from Washington, where too many liberals seem to hold everyone else to a higher standard. That looks like the case with House impeachment guru Adam Schiff, knowledgeable observers say. How best to reform food stamps? One of the nation’s leading experts on poverty and welfare programs weighs in. Plus: what mountain climbing and war fighting have in common, how the “Fairness for All” bill isn’t fair, the mishandling of a Navy SEAL’s trial, and the ongoing impeachment charade. Forty years ago today, a commission of scientists officially declares that smallpox, an infectious disease, has been eradicated.

By Robert Rector

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweets, “My family relied on food stamps … when my dad died at 48. I was a student. If this happened then, we might’ve just starved.” Here are the facts.
By Fred Lucas

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., faces ethics and legal hurdles for obtaining and exposing phone records of political enemies, knowledgeable observers say.
By Ryan T. Anderson

The "Fairness for All" legislation would treat reasonable disagreement as if it were discrimination, impose sexual and gender ideology, and penalize those who dissent.
By Virginia Allen

Josh McMullen, interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Regent University in Virginia Beach, delves into when and how America became the consumer giant that it is today.
By Thomas Spoehr

The case of Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer Eddie Gallagher, which ultimately resulted in the firing of Navy Secretary Richard Spencer, should have been handled differently.
By Tucker Carlson

One witness at the Democrats’ latest impeachment hearing, for example, is not some apolitical academic. She is a political activist who has donated thousands of dollars to Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.