Monday, January 27, 2020

Faith and Grace.

Tom's Journal.

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Hello Friends,
    Ha!  Most folks in the world and even in the USA don't even know what the metal, "Rhodium" is!  And now just one oz. of this rare metal is worth over $10K !  And I remember when I could have bought some for under $1000/ troy ounce about 6 years ago.  The price of gold is almost $1600/ troy ounce right now, today and silver has moved  up too so that after taxes, insurance, shipping, etc., you can expect to pay over $21 per troy oz.  If course Metals are like any other thing in the Market, going up and down all the time, just like the price of rice, wheat, hogs, cattle, chickens, oil, etc., and everything else. 

My friends and family know that I used to be "Security Licensed" with PFS Investments years ago and able to market quality Mutual Funds [Stocks, Bonds, etc.] helping to educate many families to start investing in great accounts, IRA's, 401K's, UGMA's [college savings accounts] and more.  Nowadays, who really knows what will happen to the Stock Market but you have got to plan ahead for the future one way or another, no matter what you think the economy is like, or will do in the future.  'And people don't plan to fail -- but they fail to plan...'  Not to worry -- I am not selling anything... Ha!

I believe, after a lifetime of Bible study, that God wants us to prosper but also to live within our means, also teach our children well.  BTW, the bankruptcy courts are filled with people who have had accidents, sickness, etc., who are forced to start over after some tragedy, death, or what ever, and that includes doctors, attorneys and rich people.  Some folks go on expensive vacations to far away countries and max out their credit cards, come home and go bankrupt.  And we never learned in school about the "Rule of 72" and the 'magic of compound interest.  I was just in the right place at the right time when someone called and offered me a job in Finance, when I was a skilled welder most of my life and wanted to try something new.  But then I had to go back to Chrysler Motors in Kenosha, Wisconsin after being laid off and on the street for 6 long years of pain and hardship, and so I retired at the age of 54 with full benefits... Praise the Lord!  I am not rich but blessed enough to pay all my bills on time, and married to a nice lady who takes care of me these days.  I am trying to teach her as much as I know in many different areas before I die, or get Raptured, but I hope she comes with me to heaven when the Lord comes back. 
    BTW, I continue to learn a lot about, "Faith and Grace" and 'we already have it,' and it's free.  But there are some 'simple concepts' in the Bible, however it's important to really search, study and absorb even the simple, smaller terms/ words while there is yet time. 
      The great basketball star Kobe Brynt and daughter, etc., were just killed in a helicopter accident/ crash, and we can only HOPE that they were Saved before that horrible tragedy happened.  Because after one dies/ get killed, other peoples' prayers cannot/ will not help us one bit.  It is WE who need to be "Saved" BEFORE WE DIE!!  And it not about all the so-called "good things" we did on earth that will get us to heaven, but our relationship and Faith in God plus Grace.  People may cry and wail, even worship a great sports figure when something tragic happens unexpectedly, but what about eternity?  Frankly, I would rather be a poor slob that went to heaven instead of a great, skilled, beloved man going to the 'wrong place' for all eternity.   Do we really want to take a chance right now after reading my humble blog post, or do we want to do the road work-- the research to find out for sure what God has in store for us??   All of us waste too much time in our lives.   Do you really want to procrastinate-- to put things off even one more day?  If I die in my sleep tonight, I would hope that at least I might reach some folks in the world to do exactly what I say/ ask.  After all, I am doing this out of love but also duty as I see it.  None of us can earn, buy, or work our way to get  this Grace... or "unmerited love/ kindness" from God, but we must have Faith to accept it.  I am just trying to offer some of my hard won knowledge, learning and wisdom, for free to all that read my blog.  John 8: 32 is a key scripture that we all need to memorize, IMHO:  "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."   Ha!  I have been pestering my wife all day long today, trying to get her to memorize it, but I forgot it for a moment too and asked her to help me just now.  But then,  "Iron sharpens iron."  -- Proverbs 27: 17.  That means, one guy like me can help another Christian 'get sharp' by talking to him/ her about spiritual things...  from the Bible, and visa versa.  And it can be a fun game, too.  Again, a good man, Andrew Wommack, wrote this book that explains a lot of Bible concepts that we all need to know in one of his books:  "You've already got it. -- so quit trying to get it."  He is also a Vietnam Veteran.  And just how many people know what an M134 "mini-gun" is -- that fires 7.62 mm ammo? 

I have such a full week left for me that I feel so tired just thinking about it.  If I could just remember to drink my special 'Super Beets" drink in the morning to perk me up.  Or, are old men who are age 70 supposed to feel tired and achy all the time.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

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1 Oz Rhodium Bars
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