Thursday, October 23, 2008

Apocalype Now-- still playing for some Vets.

Heli-gunner Tom.

Great Song/ Video from a Vietnam Movie >>>> Apocalypse Now - Helicopter Attack- Kilgore

Yes, there was a lot of 'Hollywood' embellishments in that flick, but the root core/ base line action was pretty much true, and people from most Aviation outfits in 'Nam can tell you many true stories that were just as real.
Perhaps there are more than a few reasons why many combat Vets still carry a grudge to some extent against inaccurate movies, the VA, the Gov't, Hanoi Jane Fonda, etc because [and I have tons of documentation...] we were doomed by the lying "News Media" and Gov't 35 years ago much like our young troops in Iraq, etc are getting dumped on today by all TV "News" stations -- except for Fox News. I also know that there are plenty of Vietnam Vets who still fear reprisals andmaybe death from our own Gov't if they were to talk "too freely.' Heck, the truth of the matter is that our Gov't is just waiting for us to croak so they don't have to pay or answer to more benefits for disability-- Agent Orange and PTSD, etc. I have personally known guys who were shot, stabbed and had Agent Orange, filed for disability and were turned down. My own VA 'head' doctor didn't believe that the VA staff who oversee VA disability claims actually get a $ BONUS every time they find some excuse to deny a Vet's claim! People at the VA Pharmacy have lied to cover up their numerous mistakes when they screwed something up-- my medication. And years ago in the 60's- 70's many of the VA 'doctors' were not even BOARD CERTIFIED! The beat goes on... and the new, next generation of soldiers and Marines are still getting the shaft-- with TBI [traumatic brain injury], PTSD, severe depression, and poor hospital living conditions and "care".
But wait-- maybe B. Hussein Obama will get elected! He promises to cut more out of the military even when we don't have enough boots on the ground now and just TALK TO THE TERRORISTS...LOL! Ha! He will open the door for more Gays to join the Army, etc., and break the soldiers' morale, and let more tanks and helicopters rust, unrepaired in long rows... History experts and Bible students/ pastors say that Europe is already under Muslim rule and America may be the 'last man standing.' Is this the right time to cut our military and wounded warriors benefits even more? Be careful what you wish and vote for--- you just may get it.
Well, I bet you that most Veterans are some sort of logical minded survivors and well trained-- so when America falls down hard [from within] -- they just might get the last laugh when we are over run by liberals and fanatical Muslims here as our Freedoms are eroded. We Vets don't want any glory or free hand outs -- just our little, self paid PLACE IN THE SUN.
I just may get back into playing guitar again as my buddy Marvin is --and he wants me to teach him some cords. It will have to be a cheap guitar. I played in 2 small rock 'n roll bands before the Army. My fingers will cry from non-use... lol.
Early to bed tonight--to drive to some friends house in the morning for dinner.


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Sue said...

This entry really has me worried about our veterans.

Requires prayer on our part and keep the prayers loud and strong.

I steer clear of anyone who says they are non-believers in the Bible. When the chips were down for you the Bible was kept safely in your pocket as a source of strength. I thank you for including that in the email to Ben. Those are the kind of things I knew you would write to him about and he needs to hear it from someone other that Mom or Dad.