Saturday, June 26, 2021

Waiting to Exhale.

Dear Friends and Avid Readers,    If ALL OF THIS NEWS IS TRUE, WE might have MORE THAN JUST A SIMPLE SHAKEUP COMING DOWN THE PIKE.   we shall ALL THAT SPILLS OUT OF THE WAGON TOMORROW  MORNING,  SUNDAY.  iN the meantime I also invite all my friends to pray for me so I can get a better night's rest after all the horrible back aches.

Warm Regards,
Thomas Schuckman

 “Military Arrests James Comey” to “Comey Begs Military: ‘Please Don’t Kill Me!'”
Military Arrests James Comey:et

The U.S. military has arrested disgraced former FBI Director James Comey on charges of treason, sedition, obstruction of justice, and aiding and abetting persons actively involved in criminal behavior, Real Raw News has learned.

Donald J. Trump greenlit the Tuesday morning raid on Comey’s lavish, suburban home after speaking to Marine Corps Col. John Lynch, commanding officer of the Marine Raider regiment at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Col. Lynch committed at least two 4-man squads to the mission, said a confidential source involved in Trump’s quest to depose Joseph Biden and restore America to the people.

On Tuesday at about 3:00 a.m., U.S. Marines operating on Donald Trump’s authority stormed Comey’s seven-bedroom, 10,700-sqaure-foot mansion in McClean, Virginia. Although most operational details are classified, our source said Raiders surprised Comey, who was half-asleep in bed, and apprehended him after he reached for a pistol underneath a pillow. Before he could palm the weapon, a Marine charged forward and struck Comey’s forehead with the butt of his rifle, rendering Comey unconscious.

“Trump’s people had digital surveillance on the Comey residence for quite a long time. They knew Comey’s wife, Patrice, would be out of town on personal business, and none of the kids would be around visiting. Trump’s been anticipating this moment a long time; it’s a day of reckoning,” our source said.

Trump, our source added, had authored a sealed indictment on Comey shortly after firing him on May 9, 2017. He had obtained irrefutable evidence proving that Comey, an Obama holdover, had been on Clinton’s payroll and, on her authority, tried to slander the president by linking the Trump campaign to Russian interference in the 2016 election. Moreover, Trump had obtained a 2015 audio recording in which Comey told Hillary Clinton he would “do whatever it takes, no matter what” to scuttle Trump’s bid for the presidency. Additionally, Trump learned that Comey’s faux investigation into Clinton’s handling of confidential emails was merely for effect, optics to avoid the appearance of impropriety and bias.

“Comey is criminal scum. He doesn’t have a modicum of decency. Trump also has the goods on him for wiretapping Trump Tower. Comey’s been taken to a secure holding pending transportation to GITMO, where he’ll face a military tribunal. One thing that’ll come out is that when Comey got hold of Anthony Weiner’s laptop, he found videos of Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton doing some pretty terrible things to kids. Comey kept that info from the public, probably at Clinton’s request,” our source said.

In closing, we asked our source why, with so many arrests dropping, family and friends of the accused haven’t complained to CNN or MSNBC about their loved ones being abducted in the dead of night.

“The only explanation is the Deep State is keeping them silent,” our source said. “If it became officially known that people like Clinton, Podesta, Abedin, and now Comey have been nabbed by the military, it would weaken the Deep State’s hold on society—because it would show they are losing. And the Deep Staters always want to give the appearance of winning. They won’t be able to for much longer.”

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Trump Offers Comey Leniency to Testify Against Obama

The U.S. military has offered a recently incarcerated James Comey a plea deal: No death sentence in exchange for future testimony against the Deep State’s preeminent architect, Barack Hussein Obama.

As reported previously, U.S. Marines on April 20 raided Comey’s posh Mansion in McClean, Va., where they arrested the traitor and shipped him to Camp Lejeune, N.C. There, the military has been interrogating him in advance of his eventual trip to Guantanamo Bay to stand before a military tribunal.

A confidential source involved in Trump’s operation to invalidate the 2020 election and arrest the traitors told RRN that Trump agreed to remove capital punishment from the table if, and only if, Comey signs an attestation linking Obama to the tragic deaths of 16 patriots. According to the military, Barack Obama had on July 31, 2013 authorized an airstrike against a Colorado militia group after learning its members had obtained photographic evidence of guillotines being installed at FEMA camps in Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

The militia members, the military claims, had gathered at a secluded safehouse in northwest Colorado to discuss methods of disseminating their evidence without endangering themselves and their families. Unbeknownst to them, an Obama spy had, apparently, infiltrated their ranks and communicated knowledge of the meeting to the Obama hierarchy. As the meeting progressed, an F-16 receiving instructions from Cheyenne Mountain homed in on the safehouse and released a pair of Mark 83 1000-lb bombs. The resulting explosion laid waste the area and killed everyone in attendance, including women and one child.

“Obama tried to destroy evidence of the attack, but seems he missed some. Trump and the military believe Comey knew about it an advance. So did Susan Rice and John Brennan, who’s already at GITMO. Comey’s not getting out of a tribunal, but Trump wants Obama. It’s possible Brennan has already spilled some info on this. Trump’s willing to spare some lives to get to Obama,” our source said.

After an exhaustive search, RRN was unable to find evidence of the aforementioned attack. There are no public records of explosions or forest fires in northwest Colorado that day. Nor have members of the three-percenters, the militia group named on military records, ever spoken publicly on the attack.

“The Deep State are masters of coverups and deception, and their reach is unlimited. They could have threatened people into silence. Look what’s happening now, even the Oath Keepers are flipping and ratting one another. Trump thinks it’s legit. And the military, it seems, has evidence. And they must think Comey can put the nail in Obama’s coffin,” our source said.

The question is, will Comey talk, or is his fear of his Deep State masters greater than his fear of the hangman’s noose.

Author’s note: We asked our source why Obama, a fan of drone strikes, didn’t use a drone, which would have been less conspicuous. He seemed sure it was an airstrike and that the pilot was told he was bombing an Islamic terrorist hideout.

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Comey Sings Like a Canary after Watching Clinton Hang

Disgraced former FBI Director and Deep State operative James Comey is singing like a canary to the military after being forced to watch Hillary Clinton’s neck snap at Guantanamo Bay on Monday night, Real Raw News has learned.

Confidential sources involved in Trump’s mission to eradicate Deep State traitors told RRN that James Comey, who had been temporarily detained at Camp Lejeune, was brought to GITMO the morning of Clinton’s execution. Up until Monday night, Comey had refused a plea deal to testify against Deep State architect Barack Hussein Obama in exchange for spending the rest of his natural life at GITMO, as opposed to sharing Clinton’s fate.

While detained at Camp Lejeune, Comey defiantly told jailors he would never betray Obama, who he heralded as a great man, and even invited them to torture him, saying he had been trained to withstand waterboarding, electric shock treatment, and even truth serum. Moreover, Comey told his captors he did not believe that the military had apprehended Clinton.

“You can’t touch Hillary Clinton,” Comey purportedly said. “And you won’t get anything from me.”

His tune changed late Monday night.

“With military guard, Comey was sitting in a Humvee a few meters from the scaffolding. He was made to watch Clinton being marched up the steps and the noose placed around her neck. He saw the door open underneath her feet. He was seeing his potential future fate, but even that wasn’t enough to break him. With the hummer motor running and windows up, he probably couldn’t hear Clinton’s final words or Trump’s witty reply,” our source said.

Comey, our source added, believed the military had manufactured a theatrical production to trick him into giving up the goods on Obama. He accused the military of using “freshman” scare tactics. He told his guard that U.S. intelligence agencies were well-versed in using lifelike mannequins to stage fake executions, often to wheedle confessions.

Two hours later, Comey was taken to the GITMO medical building where Clinton’s shell, ashen and rigid with onset rigor mortis, lay naked on a stainless-steel table.

“Comey was permitted to inspect the corpse and decide for himself if it was a dummy. Also, there were a pair of embalming machines in the room. Comey broke down almost immediately, dropping to his knees and crying out ‘what have you done,’ as the guard told him he’d be next unless he started talking,” our source said.

“Fuck this. I’ll talk. I’ll tell them whatever they want to know,” Comey reportedly said.

Our source said Comey started blabbing Tuesday morning, and that representatives of the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Office have spent the last 48 hours taking his deposition.

“I don’t know specifics on the deposition yet but hopefully soon. It’s likely he’s spilling the motherload on the Obamas. It’s only a matter of time now before Obama is brought before a military tribunal, the Biden puppet presidency collapses, and Donald J. Trump is reinaugurated,” our source said.

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Comey Begs Military: “Please Don’t Kill Me!”

Having viewed Hillary Clinton’s corpse and learned of John Podesta’s impending doom, a panicked James Comey, currently a guest at GITMO, has been begging the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps for mercy and claiming crimes he committed were always at the request of eminently more powerful Deep State figureheads.

A source involved in Trump’s battle against the Deep State told Real Raw News that although Comey had agreed to cooperate with the military’s ongoing investigation on Barack Hussein Obama, he has not supplied details on a specific incident for which the military wants answers. As reported previously, JAG has evidence linking Comey, Obama, and Susan Rice to an illegal airstrike that killed 16 American patriots who in 2013 had gathered at a safehouse in the Colorado wilderness to protest Obama’s criminal regime.

“Comey has been dropping dimes on a bunch of people, but he isn’t talking about Obama. He’s the kind of guy who’d rat out his mother. Either Comey fears Obama more then he does his own execution, or he really is clueless,” our source said.

But military investigators, our source added, have ample evidence connecting Comey to Obama’s criminal conquests. Said evidence purportedly includes testimony of another GITMO resident and internal FBI documents the military had obtained from a computer server Comey had neglected to purge after the Colorado airstrike. Speculatively, the human testimony came from former CIA Director John Brennan, who arrived at GITMO on 25 March. As Obama’s spook-in-chief, Brennan aided Obama’s war of terror on the American citizenry.

Digital documents, our source said, included an FBI surveillance order authorizing two agents—names redacted—to infiltrate the Colorado chapter of the “Three Percenters,” the militia group which had acquired photographs of guillotines being erected at FEMA camps in 3 states. A week after Comey signed the order, 16 men, women, and children were incinerated or blown to bits in a bomb blast that cratered a densely wooded area in northwest Colorado. Moreover, an after-action document acknowledged the “valiant heroism” of an agent who died in the inferno “to protect and preserve national security.” He was posthumously awarded the FBI Medal for Meritorious achievement.

“When shown the evidence, Comey denied Obama’s involvement. He said he’d taken instruction from Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and Eric Holder, and he insisted Obama never gave him instructions directly,” our source said.

But military investigators said Comey’s statements were disingenuous. They told Comey he’d likely receive capital punishment unless he “came clean” and admitted that Obama had mandated the deaths of the Coloradons and countless other patriots during his time as president.

“I guess you want to go the way of Hillary Clinton,” military investigators reportedly told Comey.

“Oh, God, please don’t kill me. I’ve said everything I know,” Comey replied.

In closing, our source said Comey will face a military tribunal; however, the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps will not schedule his trial until after it has extracted all sensitive info from Comey’s addled mind.

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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Is the Blood Supply really all that Safe ?

To:you (Bcc) + 3 more Details

Tom's Logic Journal.

Here is the LINK to my 'New Blog' ---Tom's Logic Journal    ----->

Here is the LINK to my new Blog:

Hello Friends and Smart Readers,

      I know that I should err on the side of caution-- and hold my peace before I spill the beans.   And getting my Info 2nd hand is also a lame idea.... LOL.   So before I start putting proper names on this late night Blog:   TOM'S LOGIC JOURNAL,  I might just use some generalizations for the time being.   

It seems like I heard my VA- Nurse Practitioner  say something to the effect that just because they thought my low blood count was too dangerous -- that they ought to just zap me with a blood transfusion as soon as I arrived at one of the 2-- hospitals up where I live.    But I will just have to reserved judgment on all of this until something really shakes loose.  I have tremendous PAIN right now in my back, ribs, etc.  
    For a number of reasons that I have studied many years ago, I simply refuse to accept ANY blood transfusions!   And no one can truly guarantee the cleanliness and purity of our blood supply now days, especially with all the VD, Viruses, etc!!   And once a person in infected -- it's too late!   At my age, 72, there is just too much to go wrong to compromise my entire health system.  And now in my case the main issue is medical.  
    I don't have that much time to elaborate on these matters now, but will try hard to fill in the gaps later.  However, a Christian's Belief System is very important, too.

More later.

Warm Regards,
Thomas G Schuckman


Monday, June 21, 2021

Human-monkey Chimeras Experiments.

Tom's Logic Journal.

Here is the LINK to my 'New Blog' ---Tom's Logic Journal    ----->

Here is the LINK to my new Blog:

Good Day,  Friends !

At a certain point in "Modern America" the so-called, 'News-Media' just loves to saturate our minds --- If you let them!   This is where and when 'normal people' can 'charge up their memory,' while relaxing some where other than the crime filled cities. 

When I was stationed in beautiful Germany in early 1968, I tried to merge and mix into the population to learn their Culture, language, customs, and mind sets.  The Germans are good looking, smart, educated, and they love the open air down at any body of water, games and having fun.   I just had a great time in that part of the woods.   I would consider the Germans to be very civilized, and friendly... yet discerning.    Later on in my life I ended up working for AMC  [American Motors Corp], in Kenosha, Wisconsin, building quality autos, etc., as Daimler-Chrysler took over.    Indeed,  traveling abroad always enhances  our educational level.   

Wise King David wrote the 14th Psalm,   "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.   They are corrupt, they have done abominable works,  there is none that doth good."  ALL OF OUR SINS WILL EVENTUALLY HAVE THE LIGHT OF DAY SHINE UPON US AND OUR LIVES!   It only takes a generation of people to trash the sound basic fundamental construction of our Infrastructure, also Morals!  I don't even like my taxes going for all the secret, nefarious underground experiments on humans and monkeys!   But we MUST pay our taxes.  God promises to reverse all this wickedness and mayhem, and perhaps soon.   And that is what so many ignorant people pray for when they REPEAT the 'Lord's Prayer.'   Actually, those people are praying for their own destruction!

     On the other hand, I marvel at how the Lord Saved Me later in life, and showed me the Way!  The people who knew me back in 1970 would say that my Salvation was a miracle.  

Have a great day.

Thomas G Schuckman

Tom's Logic Journal.

------ Here is my son, Andy [now deceased] dancing with my dog-- the Rotty.   I miss both of them so much.

Sign Your Protest Against Human-Monkey Embryo Experiments

  • June 17, 2021

According to a BBC report, scientists at Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California helped create human-monkey embryos.

“When we observed human cells were alive in monkey embryos, that was amazing,” said Tao Tan, a Chinese scientist involved with the experiments.

As part of the culture of death, human-monkey chimeras are a direct attack against the human person created in the image and likeness of God. And the barbaric practice must be opposed.

So please:

Sign your urgent protest against human-monkey chimera “research”

Our neo-pagan culture already attacks God’s plan...

  • through abortion, which kills the innocent person in the womb;
  • through euthanasia, which kills the elderly and infirm;
  • with transgenderism, which destroys human nature;
  • and now with human-animal experimentation, which defiles the reflection of God in humanity.

What will the consequences be?  

Our Lady of Fatima’s message to a sinful world in 1917 predicted the coming of World War II and future chastisements if mankind did not repent. Will God remain silent much longer?  Doesn’t the culture of death call down a new chastisement?

Thank you for fighting the good fight for moral values.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Coming to Grips with our Mortality.

Hello  Dear Friends and  Readers,
     I have been having trouble with my PC... Personal desktop Computer, which sets on the kitchen table all the time.  I spend so much time on the 'puter' just trying to 'align it all up' to get things ready for the fun part --- and then I just cut loose and go as fast as I can to leave all the 'proof reading and clean up' for later.  

In many ways, and I have to admit that my Dad did the right thing with hard, strict, up-bringing and discipline as I was growing up in Milwaukee, WI., and then buying the 80 acre farm in Racine County, WI.  Dad always set the correct, mature example when dealing with older Americans, being cordial, generous, and kind, especially when we made the long 1000 mile trip to visit all of our family and relatives in Kansas, where he was born and raised.   Dad was not a man of many words, but he got the job done.  We all have different "gifts."  

Some would say that talking about a person's last days on planet Earth and Death is very hard to do.  Some might even fear that they might "disrespect the dead, or say the wrong thing."  So, unless that dead human was Mussolini, Hitler or Stalin, perhaps we should just keep things light and respectful.  Yet,  I prefer the TRUTH to any thing else, and maybe we can all learn from others' mistakes that lead them down the wrong road or their death.   I am dying.   I have talked to my favorite friend U.P. here where I live, Pastor Kevin Sullivan, who is super smart with the KJV Bible, plus we also have a lot in common.   He is married to a lovely, multi-talented wife, an accomplished musician and beloved lady in their congregation.   But Kevin helped me in a large way -- getting my mind ready to accept the fact that the local VAMC- Hospital and staff told me that there is a large chance that I might not live too much longer.... and that's OK with many if not most Christians.   Most every day we wake up we are visited with bad, mean, vicious PAIN !   All the B.S. medicine they push on us only complicates our lives and dulls our senses, although some of it is important and valuable.  
       Not to cut down or defame a very nice, younger Nurse Practitioner,  Julie C, who works at the locale VA- facility in Iron Mtn., MI., but she has called me on my cell phone many times to somehow get me to another local Hosp. in our locale to get a TRANSFUSION !!   I know that all the current American Medical staff, docs, nurses, are brain washed in Medical school to PUSH the cash cows $$$ of 'Big Pharm' to make them and their investors super rich, fat and happy.   Smart people in other top rated countries in Europe just scratch their heads and wonder about our strange, illogical procedures.   Now really, a BLOOD TRANSFUSION ??  And after that one blood transfusion --- then what?  I honestly do NOT trust Big Pharm, doctors and other medical staff, unless they can prove to me some medicine or procedure is viable, safe and works, without poisoning my weak, frail, dying body!   They can respect MY beliefs just like I do to theirs ---- except that I can usually prove everything I say.   I am well read and educated --- and BTW, this is not a religious issue, just logic and common sense.   The "Blood pool/ reserves" in the USA is dirty and POLLUTED, AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE A CHANCE--- even if it means prolonging my super painful life on Earth.   Besides, the Bible tells us that the 'next world' will be so fine, wonderful, filled with tears of joy, being with our Lord Jesus, forever !!  Who can argue with that ?   Respect MY learned views just as people bow down to the heathen beliefs, please.     Besides,  they need to respect my wishes!   People join the Army and Marines all the time because they BELIEVE in something greater than themselves.   Please let this all sink in, brothers and sisters.
      And since I can no longer walk to climb into my tall Ram 4 by 4 truck and the VA refuses to come pick me up in a suitable vehicle that will hold my VA--power scooter, I am really stranded, only hoping that a visiting RN will come over to check me out and take some blood for analysis, etc.   I don't believe in luck --- I believe in Hard work and God's undeserved Kindness and mercy.   Yet, most of us humans will still die.   I wish the Rapture would come first.... but let God's Kingdom come.
    More later.   God bless all the other real Christians who read and study the Bible.  My email:

Christian  Love and Hugs,
Thomas G Schuckman

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Drought Collapsing Food Supply.

Good Morning, Friends!

     We hate to be the barer of somber tidings/ news, sorry.   At least I try my hardest to bring the TRUTH to you.   

     The KJV Bible also tells us the truth 'will make you free.'  -- John 8:32.   And we could talk for hours on the many facets of this powerful scripture !  But for one thing, once we learn the absolute TRUTH from God... we have also disarmed the sly old devil --Satan.  But that same truth also sets us free from the 'curse of hell.'  So then many might say,  I am now free and can do what I want!  OK,  but there is a serious responsibility  that replaces the curse of death and hell.  Some folks refer to it as the 'fruit of the lips,' which means that after a people becomes a Christian and gains some maturity, we should be motivated to do something important for our new Lord and Savior,  Jesus, who also had a "pre-human existence in heaven with His Father, God Almighty."   Please don't confuse true Christians with the JW-cult folks, friends, and there are many ways to figure them out.   I don't ever want to hurt anyone nor talk evil about them --- but I will tell the truth.  They also have a high suicide rate, especially among their youth.  I try to reach out and HELP all people struggling with Combat PTSD Depression and Suicide matters.  I am sure that many misguided people want to see me dead... and indeed, I am closer to death the way it is.   I also have some closer observations with the VA org., especially the way Prez. Biden is running the show, or lack there of.   My own Mom used to tell me, 'not to make waves or get myself into trouble,'  but real Christians must not be cowards.  My email address:  

But now it's always about the various Bible explanations found in the Bible, like Psalms and Proverbs that even talk about insects and animals that store up food for the Winter months compared to ignorant critters who party down all year and then find out that they don't have enough to get thru the hard Winter!   The right kinds of Investments are also wise, and I used to study and explain these things too.  I just love to teach and share what I have!  

Warm Regards,

Thomas G Schuckman

Tom's Journal.

Here is the LINK to my 'New Blog' ---Tom's Logic Journal    ----->

Here is the LINK to my new Blog:

Drought collapsing the food supply while lawlessness in blue cities plunges America toward chaos

We are rapidly approaching the end of America and the end of the world as we know it. Every institution of sustainable civilization is being torn to shreds by the anti-human globalists and their obedient Democrat operatives: The money supply, the food supply, science and medicine, the rule of law, parental rights, medical ethics and even national sovereignty.

We are likely just months away from a total collapse of society as we know it, at least in the high population density cities run by disastrous, suicidal Democrats who seem to despise every pillar of human civilization (families, parents, babies, health, rationality, religion, the rule of law, etc.). Most of America's largest cities will soon be transformed into inescapable death traps with mass violence, disease, starvation and destitution. Those who can will flee to the rural areas in search of food, shelter and sanity.

In today's podcast, I discuss the accelerating collapse and offer some solutions and hope for how we survive the "great culling" that's now under way.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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