Monday, October 13, 2008

"Fair Weather Christians" will Vote with their "Pocket Book" mentality.

Heli-gunner Tom

Old Solder Tom's Journal--

Even is Christian circles, some folks get mixed up as to how they will vote. I believe that I voted the wrong way and for the wrong person a few times years ago... The pastor and I feel [ I believe] that 'young, new' Christians who don't yet have 'Christian maturity-- tend to "vote with their pocket books" in mind-- as we all suffer from of the intense financial melt down lately... and I really believe that things will get much worse. But we should NOT be
"Fair Weather Christians !" Do we follow what God and His Word [the Bible] say when it's convenient? Does a Soldier or Marine serve only when there is PEACE?? A soldier trains hard in case war and battle come--so that he/ she give a good account of themselves and don't let each other down when the bullets fly. They also take a serious OATH to the sitting president and the U.S. CONSTITUTION that is BINDING--with severe penalties. Actually, I am glad of these requirements as they "separate the men from the boys" and not all that sign up will make the grade.
It is NOT a badge of honor to brag about --but a quiet inner pride to know that I did my duty and served with the best! The same with college and my good work record.
It should be the ISSUES of the platform we are voting for-- NOT THE MAN, his GOOD LOOKS OR HOW MUCH CAN HE PUT IN OUR POCKETS!! So if a person stands on the rotten planks of 'Pro-Murder of the Un -Born' or taking away our precious 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights and Freedoms, and the Pro-Gay agenda, etc --- the rest of his platform isn't worth talking about! This is the ONLY CHRISTIAN MENTALITY WE CAN AND SHOULD HAVE! If in fact this country has sunk so far down in the gutter as the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and God has warned us for many years-- then I would guess that it's time for us to crumble and FALL. Just like Abraham's nephew, Lot, in Genesis, if he could not get at least 5 righteous men out of Sodom-- God will and must destroy them. There doesn't seem to be any gray area here, is there??
I would not want to be in some one's shoes who 'supported' Satan's agenda [or something contrary to God's Will/ the Bible] when the Lord finally comes back [in the near future]. NOT THAT THE OTHER PERSON IS SO MUCH BETTER -- in fact he [and his/ her Party] will fail too in the long end. Only God can make straight what is crooked. Have you known any 'straight' people in Washington D.C. lately?? [Not a]
If we are on God's side-- no matter what happens down the pike-- we will be in GOOD HANDS.
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Tom Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Veteran and retired Chrysler worker.

Heli-gunner Tom


Sue said...

Thank you Tom for standing against the atrocities of abortion and a Chicago man's (if I can call him that) willingness to support partial birth murder. Sue

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom just signed up to follow and keep track of your blog. Very nice layout and as always a very interesting read.