Thursday, October 30, 2008

Great, cool, funny, Song attached on this Post.

Super fine song for the McCain' Palin ticket! Woo Hoo! You will LOVE it >>> turn on the sound!

This good, fine Fall type of paradise Wisconsin weather won't last forever! But we will take it.


A pic of Tom adjusting his Oxy-Acetylene torch... getting ready to cut some steel-- above >>>
I just don't know why I have been in a good, joyful, thankful state of mind lately-- but I'll take it. I don't know who is going to win the election on Nov. 4th -- but I will HAVE to take it too. I am doing my level best to spread a conservative combat Veteran's philosophy/ mind set concerning protecting America in it's greatest challenge for survival with so many enemies who want to crush us any way they can-- but if it's going to be God's Will --- I'll take it. I know that with most of the world they will vote for the bottom line-- MONEY $, and how much they can get from a certain candidate, [B. Hussein Obama] how many hand outs and entitlements if they are too darn lazy to educate themselves and WORK for a living.

Well, my type of hard work ethic, Christian warrior may becoming extinct-- and if that is so we might just conclude that the heavenly Father above has also had a 'belly full' of this immoral, baby killing, God-hating society that much resembles ancient Sodom and Gomorrah and the violent time just before the Noahian flood. For most worldly people, God is not even in the equation! You know that the God of the Bible can be worked out and banished from a country or region in just ONE GENERATION?? God is loving, merciful and Just-- but He is also a Jealous God with righteous indignation and Anger. He has PROMISED to vindicate His name and clean up the world by erasing the wickedness in one big sweep.. and soon! Yet, most humans don't care, but laugh in derision at that prospect.

So, now on the eve of the great election in the USA, what ever/ who ever the people elect, IMHO [in my humble opinion] -- my God is and will be in control. I figure that no matter who wins-- this gigantic, colossal mess of immorality and economic woe will just be too much for any human to "fix."

My wife and I, and most likely 99% of our church members will vote for the McCain/ Palin ticket, because they are the guardians of unborn life in the womb, one man - one woman marriage, respecters of the Constitution, the 1st and2nd Amendments and other good things that protect our way of life and freedom. They are far from perfect and I actually strongly disagree with some of McCain's past actions and ideas. But that is the way I see things, and perhaps his short time in office will provide a little more time to reach more people and share with them the wonderful promises of God, in the Bible. That is all I wish to say in this public forum today.

Have a wonderful day before the snow comes! Change the filter in your furnace. Pick up the back yard one more time. Get out your 'long johns' underwear. And send your wife to get a pedicure [about $30.] !
Enjoy that cool, funny song I inserted above.



garnett109 said...

My uncle died from cancer from agent orange last year

Carolyn said...

Excellent post Tom. I agree with everything you just said. Ditto and Amen! God Bless~ Carolyn