Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I bought a new guitar.

Hi Friends, Readers and Believers!
I bought a new guitar!
Some one recently asked why I set the size of my text so large-- and I said it's because some of my friends' eyesight is getting worse with age-- and mine too.. lol.
But the last post was WAY TOO BIG.. and I apologize for that. Here is a good idea for those who can't see that well, from Yasmin:
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I had a great day again and had a few short chores to do, then I went to visit a friend of mine to see his guitar. He said it was a beginner's, starter guitar [cheap] and when he told me the cost, i said, 'let's go and check them out at the music store.' So we did and I got that nervous feeling in my stomach-- when I am about to lay out some money, more then I really want to spend... lol. I ended up buying a nice solid body, electric GUITAR and Fender Amp. I thought, 'how am I going to explain this to my wife?' I make 90% of the income in our house hold-- but I still feel guilty... and I preach about saving money for hard times, etc... Ha!

But Sharon was excited and happy I bought the instrument! So I am 'off the hook' --and it wasn't too much money, relatively speaking. My buddy and I intend to learn a few Christian Hymns and perhaps play at church in the future if the pastor agrees. When I called my mom and told her about my new guitar she said it was a wonderful idea that would be much better than watching TV in the Winter months ahead. Actually,she bought a nice guitar for my dad about 50 some years ago and they used to play and sing as we kids would listen in awe and wonder. Dad even taught me guitar cords and some country and 'Old German Songs, etc.' Well, when I got to be a high school Junior, my parents bought me a small guitar for Christmas and latter I bought better equipment and played rhythm guitar and sang in 2 small, unknown rock 'n roll bands before I joined the Army in 1967 and made a few bucks. My youngest daughter, Sarah, studied the Viola as a child in grade school and we even played a a few tunes together. I love music anyway-- and my mom says that I should "make my own kind of music." Well, it's nice to see that mom is in good humor today... and that made me feel good too.

The guitar and Amp will be my Christmas present-- and I pleaded with my wife NOT to buy me anything more. I just don't put a lot of stock in all the Christmas material, commercial going's on and every year they start a few weeks earlier! And IMHO, I think that the majority of people now days could care less about the Lord Jesus Christ and His birth. It just gives them another excuse to party down, get drunk and immoral... like everything else. Not to be negative, but I get sick watching the early commercial aspect to the Holidays and buy, buy, buy.. and get into debt over something that they don't even believe in! I call them hypocrites and liars with the Santa Claus thing, instead of telling them the TRUTH by reading the Bible to their kids. And then their kids are "conditioned" to think that their parents must not love them if they don't get their fav. presents--even though their parents maynot be able to afford them. I just think the TRUTH would go a long way.

I am going to go to bed for a GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP in our cozy warm bed... Woo Woo! Sharon is upstairs sewing on a few Veteran patches on my new chamois shirts that just came in the mail. I think that I will take her out for a late super of Spaghetti at a great Italian restaurant after church tomorrow evening to thank her for her hard, kind work. She loves that!

I know that my fingers will take a while to limber up and grow callouses so the hard steel strings won't hurt and cut my pea pickin' finger tips. But I know how to focus and practice often to get back to speed. I feel like a kid again!
Now my wife got the bug and is being more serious about her own keyboard practice [I bought her a nice piano/ organ key board last Christmas], but she was depressed when her teacher left for another state, and Sharon is kind of lost now and looking for a new instructor.
We are very blessed in our 'humble hovel' in small town, Wisconsin, America... amid all the lay-offs and hard times. The Spancrete company in IL where my brother and his 2 sons work at that concrete factory is closing it's doors permanently very soon. My brother, Albert, has over 34 years and will retire, but his sons probably will never earn the big paychecks that they used to in Chrystal Lake, Illinois. Been there-- done that. Not fun at all to be unemployed. And the beat goes on.
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Sue said...

Hi Tom! We're so excited here that you bought a guitar. Ben just bought one for himself, he's been playing all the time. Trying out for the jazz band in a few weeks, BUT a couple of days ago his amp broke. He's so upset by this because I just CANNOT afford to buy him an amp, even if it's a used one. One of his friends is selling a real good one for $50 and I just can't do it. :( I feel so bad about it.

Hope you have fun with it. Ben's hoping to play in the church band. He's quite good at since he's been playing the flute Just with I could afford the amp for him.

All my best, and play that there geeeetar my friend. But you gotta wing along with it.


Yasmin said...

Looks like your going to have some fun with your new Guitar, and enjoy your spaghetti dinner.

Take care


krissy knox said...

Good for you for buying the guitar, Tom! The Lord asks us to be a good steward with our money. You know what? I believe buying something to make music with, to glorify the Lord, IS being a good steward! It will draw others to the Lord. Music is a powerful thing. You can use it to praise the Lord, as well as help others worship and draw them to the Lord... It will also give you something to do to keep your mind active and to learn. An all around excellent purchase! Do not feel guilty. Often when we do something for ourselves we feel guilty. I wonder why that is? The Lord does not say to never do anything for ourselves that will help us grow. Besides, when we grow we ultimately help others and glorify the Lord...

Oh, as far as the print in the blog goes, you are correct. I forgot. You can set the text as standard inside of customization, but if you change the font while you are posting, it will change. I forgot about that. Each entry will stay at whatever you posted it on. Unless you want to edit each individual entry! I have actually done that. You can change your large entries if you want to. I will tell you how. But do this ONLY if you want to. You of course don't have to. Go into where you post entries through customization. There should be an edit posts button or something. I forget exactly what it is called. Select the post you want to edit. Click on edit by the post you want to edit. The post will pop up. Highlight what you would like to change. Switch the font size to the size you would like it to be (in this case a smaller size). At this point it should pop smaller. Or at least after you ave it. Hit save or save changes or whatever, I can't remember, LOL. Exit properly. Maybe through View Blog. I can't remember. Just exit all the way properly. now look at your blog. Do you like it better? You can always change it back through the editing process...

One more thing to consider, Tom. and you definitely don't have to do this, it is merely a suggestion! You may want to consider a stretch template. It would be harder to read. do you see mine? It is at http://sometimesithink-krissy.blogspot.com
Check it out. Isn't it easier to read stretched out? It is called Lefty Minimalist I think. I am trying to remember, I checked so many templates, LOL. What I would do if I were you is check Templates, or Switch Templates or whatever your blog will allow you to do. Then choose another template. This will allow your text to stretch out some, and make it much easier to read, because your words will scroll out. I am having a little trouble reading you, LOL. I am so sorry, I hope I am not insulting you, I am just trying to help. I hope I am helping and not insulting. You of course don't have to do this, I am only making a suggestion... Sometimes the words may pop up "if you change your template, you may lose some things on your blog", but I have never lost anything, not comments, not sidebar words, nothing. So it is up to you...

Having said that, I am thoroughly and IMMENSELY enjoying your blog!

God bless you, Tom, Krissy Knox :)

Heli gunner Tom said...

Thank you ALL for your comments! And let me say that I am a mature big boy now and accept any and all 'constructive criticism' -- as I offer mine to you too. It is in the spirit of helping someone improve, be more professional and get more out of writing and life-- and by adding their own expertise on a set subject that they know and understand well, or better. After all, we all have our strong points and 'gifts' in diverse areas of life and work, sharing these things is an act of Christian love, and I respect that immensely!