Monday, October 27, 2008

More Welding today in chilly WI weather. Brrr.

Another full day of welding repair and good fellowship.

Since my close friend has entrusted me with some personal things today as a fellow Vietnam combat Vet and Christian brother-- I will only speak about the stuff that I consider OK... We took our time this morning getting started at 0900 at the church garage again, and today was very windy and cold, about 37 F., and we both should have dressed a bit warmer. We are both about the same age, I am age 59. Bro. Marvin [one of the many names I call him-- and we love to joke around and kid each other] seemed to have much on his mind so I MADE time for him-- and we ae both retired from Chrysler. Marv just felt the need to take a sit down break and talk to me and clear the air about the past, etc.
There was a lot on his mind about the past and his insight/ observations/ past fears/ nightmares and problems. I didn't know that he contracted Malaria over in 'Nam, and also used to be very heavy! Now he is skin and bones, about 6 ft tall, but malaria whittled him down, plus he suffers from Emphysema and COPD. His doctors say that he has already out lived their projected 5 years.. and he knows that he is living on borrowed time and looks forward to Heaven. Stuff like this has always bothered me and angered me-- that every time I finally get to meet and like another person, they either die, leave, move and I have lost them some how! Or perhaps, God is using me in a small way to walk into their lives and help, encourage and listen to their problems, pray for them/ with them and share the grand hopes of the Bible, God's Word. We biblical Christians and combat Vets seem to have a peaceful out look on Death and eternal life.
As we go on with life and Witness to others about God's salvation where ever our paths may take us, we recognize that this is the finest labor/ work that we can do for the Lord--- WITNESS! The 'fruitage of the Lips.'
I agreed to help Marvin with his new claim to the VA for another service-connected disability, PTSD [100%], and I believe that if he gets it, he will only pay off his bills to help his wife survive and gain a tiny bit of dignity before he goes to meet the Lord. We both prayed and confessed our many sins of the past to each other and expressed some guilt. But I kept reminding him that he [ we] are already forgiven and should NOT feel any more guilt-- but just try not to make the same mistakes [me too, of]. Both dodging bullets in Vietnam, and missiles from Satan afterward, we know the mercy of Jesus Christ, our personal Savior.
Actually, just writing this post is getting me too emotional and misty with some regret. I may have a way with words but it rough on the soul to be dredging up the proper words that best express my feelings and thoughts. I have a number of buddies like Marvin and they all tell me they love and pray for me too! God has blessed me-- and I see His purpose more clearly now.
It is my personal opinion that who ever wins this coming election in America will have inherited a wild tiger and a world mess, and NO HUMAN CAN CHANGE THIS FOR THE BETTER-- as it is too little/ too late. The world as a whole, generally speaking, has REJECTED Jesus Christ and are hell bent to continue their greed, corruption, God hating, selfish, prideful, wicked ways. They are steeped in gross immorality, abortions, the Gay agenda and violence. We are RIPE for the Lord's mighty sword of vindication and JUSTICE. My wife and I are voting for the McCain/ Palin ticket-- the lesser of 2 evils, but even if John does win-- he is pulling/ working against a loaded deck of far Lefty, Dems agenda with the majority in both houses! He would be a 'lame duck' from the get go.
Friends, in all this confusion and total mess, we can still TRUST in the promises of God's Word, the bible. We are not left alone in the 'Lion's Den' but we must continue to do the Lord's work and stay as close to Him as possible in these 'end times.' I guess that there are many other web sites like mine-- but if you ever want to just sit down and talk... I will be here for you. Bless all my feinds and believers!

Warm Regards,


krissy knox said...

Hi Tom. I would like to continue reading your blog, but I am having a real hard time making out what it says. You are going to have to set your font size too smaller, or we won't be able to read you! I bet you know how to do that. Sign into Blogger, then click on the customization button at the top right hand side of your blog. Under, I forget what section it is, but just use commom sense, LOL, it is what I try to do, find the FONT tab. it is actually the FONT and COLOR tab I believe. click on that. You will have several choices of things to edit. Choose to edit "text font". You can pick both which font works best (looks best), and also what size font you want. You will be able to make the font smaller this way. You can do other things to your blog also while in there. I hope that helps you some. Unless you wanted it that way, LOL. Then I am sorry for butting in.

Okay, I am glad I get to be your first commenter! I am also going to be your first follower, and check that so I can keep track of what is going on.

Okay, buddy, bye and God bless, thanks so much for stopping by my journal/blog.

krissy knox said...

Oh, Tom, I guess I can't be your follower, LOL. You didn't put the "My Followers" widget on your blog! Or else somebody removed it. If you get a chance, put it on there. That is how others can easily follower your blog! If you are confused, let me know, and maybe in a week I will be able to help you, as things are crazy right now, but I can help you fix up your blog more later. Email me if you need help.

God bless you, Krissy :)