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"Not Heavenly Bound" -by Tony Rubolotta

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Tony Rubolotta

Not Heavenly Bound
October 11, 2008

I find it amusing when high-profile people on the left become so outspoken with feigned outrage when told they are going to hell. The typical protest contains the token “who are you to judge me”, as if judging a person by their behavior and beliefs is some breach of proper conduct. The irony of course is that most devout leftists are not only atheists but are also fanatic anti-religionists. Why are they concerned about a destination in which they don’t believe? Or maybe they do, and want to drag as many along with them as they can?

Most liberals (as distinguished from leftists) I know claim to be religious but worship some impotent god of “infinite love” with no capacity for justice. Their deity is not the God of the Bible, but the god of good intentions. My deity has been around for a long time and says otherwise. Why this concern about going to a place they either do not believe exists or will be spared based on their good intentions?

A people who believe in nothing will fall for anything. I don’t know who to attribute that to, but it should be recognized not only as a maxim, but as a stratagem. As long as America adhered to the Judeo-Christian ethics of our founders, we enjoyed God’s blessings and became the most powerful force for good on the planet. Believers understand that being human means we are fallible and will stray from those religious principles. But when we have strayed, we not only knew it but strove to return. That is not hypocrisy.

To weaken America from within, you must first destroy the source of its strength, its religious foundation, and substitute an alternative belief system. To complete the conquest from within, you must turn America against God. The day America loses its fear of God is the day the false-gods of the left will lead the country down any path of their choosing. Good and evil will become indistinguishable and standards of conduct and behavior will be dictated by those who lead. The Bible tells us the gate to heaven is narrow. The left offers the wider path. Their liberal consorts have taken the first steps.

As a believer, there are some things I know with certainty. Perhaps leftist and liberal sensitivities would be less offended if I said they are not heavenly bound rather than they are going to hell. Either way, there are certain behaviors, clearly identified by the God I worship, that do not lead to heaven.

You cannot murder 40 million innocent children and go to heaven. You cannot empower or support those who commit this crime and escape culpability. It would be better that you had a millstone hung about your neck and be dropped in the deepest sea than to harm a single hair on these innocent ones. That’s what my God says. A philosophy that kills the innocent while pleading for the life of murderers is not heavenly bound.

Envy of those who have more than you is clearly against my God’s laws. The leftist inspired class warfare is naked envy. Attempting to disguise that envy with slogans or pretenses of “being fair” when what you do and what you support are inherently unfair is self-deception. Those who practice the religion of envy are not heavenly bound.

The God I worship is very clear about theft and makes no allowances for good intentions in the transfers of stolen property. Appointing surrogates to steal on your behalf is not going to absolve you of guilt. Need we be reminded that the good thief acknowledged his crime, his guilt and the justice of his punishment? A person that steals or empowers others to steal on their behalf is not heavenly bound.

Sex, drugs and rock’n roll may be a formula for earth bound happiness, but the God I worship has quite a bit to say about adultery, homosexuality, incest and surrendering your senses to intoxication. The God I worship probably enjoys rock’n roll, depending on the lyrics of course. If you believe your sexual gratification outside the boundaries set by God is no one’s business, you may be correct under some circumstance, but you are also not heavenly bound.

Turning children against their parent’s authority by indoctrination or by surreptitious actions is against the laws established by the God I worship. Teachers subverting a child’s innocence or instilling beliefs contrary to the wishes of the child’s parents is not heavenly bound. Doctors, lawyers and judges enabling children to obtain an abortion are doubly guilty of depriving the child of parental counsel and conspiracy to commit murder. They are not heavenly bound.

Lying is a big problem the left has with the God I worship. Lies are justifiable to the left in pursuit of whatever end they are chasing. That’s in their bible. I fully expect someone on the left to claim that what I write here makes me no different than a Muslim extremist. It is not only a lie but a slander against the God I worship. I don’t worship the false moon-god and his prophet. Nor do I have instructions from my God to send nonbelievers to hell in return for an admission ticket to heaven. Those who lie and make this misrepresentation are not heavenly bound.

Those who set themselves equal to or above God are going to hell. Those who lead others down that path are going to hell. On this issue, “not heavenly bound” is not quite strong enough because of the gravity of the offense. This is not a judgment (that is God’s province) but a warning. If you don’t believe in any god, you should just ignore this. Why get upset over something you don’t believe.

Finally, you don’t have to be religious or Christian to be on the right, but you do have to believe in unchanging absolute moral standards that cannot be waived by government, false messiahs or personal convenience. Religion is the guardian of those moral standards. But if you don’t believe in hell but believe religion is just a superstition, why would you care what others believe about your final destination. Apparently, it is the left that has doubts, but this is one bet that cannot be hedged and as far as I know, the ACLU has been disbarred in the court of final judgment. There are no loop-holes.


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